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Hecarim Build Guide by rafino132

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author rafino132

HECARIM ---> Best Ganker equals Great Jungler

rafino132 Last updated on April 22, 2012
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Late Crits - Late Life steal

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 0

Honor Guard

Defense: 21

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 9

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At the beginning of this buid, i'd like to say, that i'm not form England or USA, so i can make some language mistakes. But In my opinion the most important is the essence :)

After Riot make jungle so much easier, it's no longer important how a champ is getting through the jungle, but how is he ganking. Hecarim becouse of his "monsters-nerfed' skills isn't the easier jungle like Warwick, but He is definitely one of the best gankers ever(fear + knock + movement).

It's my first guide, so please be understanding, and rate it gently :)
I'll edit it, so it's not the final version :)

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What about runes... My proposition of runes isn't really diffrent from this on the spotlight:

brown-Armor penetration
blue-M. resist. per level or attack speed.
Quints-Movment speed.
In my opinion he's a bit squishy, and thats a reason we're building armor + M. resist., but we wanna have some dmg, and that's explain rest of it. Of course Movement in this case mean a bit damage too. :)

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Masteries. We're giving 21 in def. because as i said he's a bit squishy + at first it would be too hard in jungle without it.

Of course we have to take the "iniciator" because it gives as a bit of movement, and just to be clear - We like movement :)

Why utility? 1-st for movment 2-nd for neutral monsers buffs... etc.

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Why this items... We have to start with the armor, thats the easiest way to have a nice jungle. Some of u might start with boots, but it will be too hard to handle it and we would be too low on live to gank on low lvl's. Instead of boots in ganks you will use ghost.

Second item are boots of speed - I think I don't have to explain that :)
Switness - why? Some of u might play with def. boots. I don't pay suite to this. We need more speed! For passive and better ganks. Remember, that these percents of movement speed, that's you are taking from Trinity or Phantom will be higher with this boots.

Aegis can provide you some armor and magic resistance, that you will need to survive. If you have a good begining u can even buy it before improving boots. This is really important item. Some of you might say it is more suitable for late game - team-fights etc. But i won't agree. It's really good defensive item + while ganks it gives aura to your teammate, importnat as well.

I choose sunfire cape as my defensive item. If in your enemy team there are more magic damage, u should be of course something with magic resistance, like Banshee's veil.


These items u can change into those:

which are very useful to. Can't you change just phantom? Yes, that's possible, but then, u will get lower chance on critics and in my opinion building infinity then doesn't make a lot of sence.

In this point, you're setting on life steal instead of critics. It's more defensive way. Other pluses of doing it is the active of gunblade. Which can easily allow you to chase enemies even more successful. With your speed(boots + ghost + devastating charge + Trinity) + slow from gunblade nobody will run away from you.

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Optional items

25 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2 Tenacity: 35

Nice defensive boots. I don't recommend it, but they aren't the worst choise. You can handle preatty godd with them.

Did you know that in numbers on Hecarim between Enhanced Movement 2 and Enhanced Movement 3 there's only about 20 Movment difference?

25 Armor. UNIQUE Passive: Enhanced Movement 2 , Reduces the damage taken from non-turret basic attacks by 10%

Defensive boots as well. Works great against Tryndamere :) Then it's just "must have".
Or just against 4/5 5/5 Ad team.

Spirit Visage - 250 Health, 30 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Passive: Cooldowns are reduced by 10% and increases health gained yourself by healing, regeneration, lifesteal and spell vamp by 15%

Well, niceitem, esspecially with its passive. Nice cooperation with gunblade and maxing Spirit of Dread. Well, even it isn't in the build It's not a baditem tu purchuase.

40 Health Regeneration, 76 Magic Resistance, 8 Movement Speed Multiplier. UNIQUE Passive: Restores 0.35% of your champion's maximum health every second.

Good as well, to defensive build, it's really good item. Checked, and it's working.

75 Armor, 350 Health, 25 Health Regeneration. UNIQUE Passive: 5% Cooldown Reduction and 20% chance on being hit to slow the attacker's movement and attack speed by 35% for 3 seconds. UNIQUE Active: Slows movement speeds and attack speeds of surrounding units by 35% for 2 seconds + 0.5 seconds for each 100 Armor and Magic Resist. 60 second cooldown. (500 Range)

Good item, works :) Its active work sometimes even beter than gunblade's. Another prop of this thing is You are starting to build it with heart of gold, which brings you some gold on early-middle game.

56 Magic Resistance. UNIQUE Active: Removes all debuffs from your champion. 90 second cooldown.

I don't know why people so seldom buy it. It's really good item, that works perfect on Hecarim. I always buy it as def. item, when there are a lot of slows in another team, like Teemo's, sejuani etc.

30 Attack Damage, 15 Critical Strike Chance. UNIQUE Passive: 15% Cooldown Reduction and +20 Armor Penetration. UNIQUE Active: Gives 20% movement speed and +50% attack speed for 4 seconds. Attacking enemies with melee attacks increases the duration by 2 seconds to a maximum of 8 seconds. (60 second cooldown)

Good offensive item. Nice active,thats improving attack speed mov. speed, an damage thanks to your passive. Like it :)


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Skill Sequence

Why are We starting with Spirit of Dread? It's more defensive, it will let us jungle with the higher level of helth, and without this you couldn't gank.

Next. We are maxing Spirit of Dread at first because of it's both defensive and offensive meaning of this skill. In team fights it can really heal you up.

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Length of Devastating Charge

Green line is the length of devastating charge without any boots, black with boots of speed, and red with switnesses.

Other words without any boots, its from first step just to the tower, with boots of speed to half way from tower to bushes, and with Switnesses almost to bushes.

And Next! Yellow is without any boots but on ghost - just like without ghost but with boots on speed; purple line is the distance of Devastating Charge with boots of speed and on ghost - almost to the bushes, and last "blue" - with switness and ghost of course - easily to the bushes.

I'll upload more:

  • With enhanced mov. 2
  • With full build

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Summoner Spells

I think, that in this case there's only one proper bundle of spells

It will make our ganks possible on low levels; it is suitable in many situations like running, chasing; by our passive it'll increase our DMG.

For jungling, but not only... It will provide you baron and dragon control, u can easily steal other monsters like enemies golem or lizard.
I think every team need one smite to play properly.

I think, that with this build you can only play properly with this spells, and every other spell, won't really fit to him.

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About the jungle.
I'm starting on blue. At the begging you will have enough mana so it's not necessary, but after about 10 - 20 matches with him I would rather propose to start on blue :)

And then:

  • Wolfs
  • Wraths
  • Lizard
  • Golems(not necceserly)

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Well, here the whole fun starts. While you're doing ganks remember to take it from behind. Start with Devastating Charge, then instantly or even just before hitting "e" turn on spirit of dread, then fight using Rampage and auto-attack :D

For ganks from front use ult first - to fear and jump behind them, then "e" , "w","q" etc.

But the most fun with ult you will get in teamfights, or just for example jumping in the bushes, knowing, that someone's there :) You can easily fear all the enemies, with Devastating Charge take one of them "out" and with your teammates help kill even all of them.

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  • While fighting dragon, golem or other monster use smite wisely. In order not only to last hit it, but to heal yourself with Spirit of Dread.
  • Try to gank only from behind. Knocking + fear can give really nice effects.

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Screenshots, Pictures, Gameplays

First stats screenshot:

More game screenshots & gameplays soon :)

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To sum up.

As I wrote it's my first build, so don't shout at me ;)

I hope it will let you win some matches.
I'll edit this guide to have some more pictures etc.
Please comment, write all yours observations :)