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Hecarim Build Guide by s3bb3

Hecarim - Heroic Hero ! (Solotop)

Hecarim - Heroic Hero ! (Solotop)

Updated on April 19, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author s3bb3 Build Guide By s3bb3 10,081 Views 4 Comments
10,081 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author s3bb3 Hecarim Build Guide By s3bb3 Updated on April 19, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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More Hecarim Runes

Some start words...

Hello. I would like to present my build for Hecarim at solotop.

I am kinda new at LoL and surely at MobaFire ! :) I would like to sorry already at the start for my english skills, I hope everyone will get what am I saying about !

This is my first guide aswell, so it might look strange ! =D! Anyway, enjoy it :)

I hope you boys and girls won't judge me so bad and will find some pros in that guide!
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So, few words about that mighty, new champion Hecarim.
That champion is perfect to get solo top with (atleast for me!). I would like to get you in touch with it, and play with my suggestions.
Hecarim is a champion that can carry the game. You won't need any help at the top (unless you'll get ganked by 5 players :P) and it can get kills easy with good sequence with skills.
As I've already said, this is my first guide, I will probably make many changes during the time :) I think you will be able to get some advices during reading and looking at that guide :)
Enjoy !
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I prefer an off-tank build on such a strong champions. That build will allow you to survive almost all of the teamfights, according to your W skill which heals you during you and your teammates are attacking enemies. I did not add Guardian Angel because you simply won't die with such an equipment ! :D I think that Frozen Malet, Warmog's Armor and Trinity Force guarantees you alot of health points and survive that you will be able to handle your enemies and keep yourself alive.
Atma's Impaler is just simply added to get you some damage. It won't be much, but it always be better than nothing. Mercury's Treads are for the Tanacity. That shoes allows you to survive stuns, slows, taunts and all of the shiet that you enemy will try to kill you with. In my opinion, these are the best shoes, and they look so smooth ;) Now we go to the last item that you will need to buy, I speak about mighty Thornmail. This item is sort of a shield, that sends 30% of enemy phisical attack to themselves. It allows you to survive and also, your enemies are beeing killed by themselves what is not so good for them, I think ;)
That items build is quite good for me, I played against many enemies with that build on Hecarim already (I'ts 1st day that this champion was realesed, but I have to admit I am a LoL geek :P) and it did work perfectly against many different champs.
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And now we go to the Runes... I know that not everyone will have such a Rune Build, but still you can use the other ones. These are the ones that I use, and I think it's the best Rune Pack for solotoper. Hecarim can handle the lane longer with that Magic Resist and Armor, aswell you're hitting a bit more with that Quintesences for Magic Penetration. Basicly, you can use the other runes aswell, Hecarim won't be mad at you at this point :D
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Summoner Spells

Summoner's spell's.. This is a bit uncomftible. You can use Flash, Ghost, Ignite, Exhaust or Teleport I guess. Heal is not needed at all, atleast for me. Your W skill, Spirit of Dread allows you to be healed (maybe it's not fewer than a heal, but it's still something).
Ignite allows you to get some kills and get your opponents heal down by 50%. Teleport is a spell that allows you to teleport to towers, wards, minions or champions all over the map and get kills, farm or a simply escape (which doesn't work sometimes!:D). Exhaust is good to get ur enemy down with. You can just slow him down and easily use your abilities to pop him to the dead! Ghost is a good escape option, but your "E" skill (Devastating Charge) allows you to run faster for a short duration which makes Ghost useless. Flash is the thing I like the most in Summoner's Spells. You can escape through the trees, stones and other shiets, and hope that your enemies Flash is at cooldown ;D
This is a short (?) presentation of Summoners Spells.
Now, I prefer you to take Teleport and Flash. I think these are the best spells for a solo top.
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Skill Sequence

A quick demonstration of your skills.
Passive - Warpath - This is one of the best passives in the game. You're able to walk through enemies, minions and jungle monsters. It also truns a percentage of your bonus movement speed into attack damage (FREE DAMAGE FOR YOU MY DEAR!)

Q - Rampage - Costs 25 mana. It cleaves nearby enemies and is based on attack damage. That skill is magnificent to kill minions or get a strong headache to your enemy ;) if you did actually hit atleast one target with it, you're getting a stack of this ability, it stacks up to two times and the cooldown is lowered by 1 second.

W - Spirit of Dread - This is an AOE attack. You're dealing damage over time on quite big area around you. You're also getting healing up to 30% of the damage you or YOUR teammates are dealing to enemies. A great option to survive during the fights !

E - Devastating Charge - During it's on You're allow to run faster, if you'll target the enemy it will knock him back and deal damage. Also, the longer you're running more damage is dealt. Great 1vs1 when you're ablue to pull an enemy towards your turet tower ;)

R (Ultimate) - Onslaught of Shadows - Hecarim summons spectral riders and dives on the nearby location. Great to initiat the fights. It deals damage twice. Once while Hecarim is runing, and second time when he reaches the target area, also it fears all the enemies that were standing at the target location of your ultimate. This riders are going through the full ultimate's range. Hecarim doesn't need to go so far if you don't want to :)

Now we will get some real words about Hecarim's position in the team. Hecarim is a champion that is able to initiate and end the fight at the same time. Good to start a fight with is his ultimate Onslaught of Shadows. That ability deals TONS OF DAMAGE and also fears all the enemies that it hits. It also hits twice, once while you're running and second time when you're reaching the target location. This ultimate is terrible, and it also looks like that. Hecarim calls for his "Undead Friends" which are helping him during the Ultimate is on. You can also initiate fight using Devastating Charge, but it won't be so good as starting it with Onslaught of Shadows. Also, the good shiet about using ultimate at the beggining is you can run through the trees, upcasts or downcasts. It will suprise the enemy team and will get some time for your teammates to get ur enemies killed.
So, now lets speak about real skill sequence ;)
If you're on solo top having 1 vs. 1 fight, you should remember that you can run through minions ! You won't get slowed by minions, or run around ! REMEMBER IT! First of all, it would be good if you would use "E" - Devastating Charge - to push your enemy towards your turet so he gets some extra damage from it, if not it's still okay ! Never push him towards his turet with it, it's pointless. After pushing your enemy with previous ability, you use "Q" - Rampage - trying to hit him next to his minions or enemy champions, cause than your cooldown will be reduced by 1 second. Than you cast "W" - Spirit of Dread - which deals damage over time, actually over 4 seconds. It's an AOE spell, so it's good 1vs1 and in teamfights. After using this. And now you're spamming "Q" - Rampage - again. If that is still not enough, your enemy flashed, used ghost, dashed ot brang himself to his friends or minions, you're using your strongest ability, yes I am talking about your breaking bones ultimate - Onslaught of Shadows - and I hope he's dead now ! :D

The simply skill sequence is E->Q->w>Q->Q->Q->R
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Masteries, masteries... I won't speak much about them. I am using them for all of my solotop champions. I think it's good pack of masteries ^^ And I guess it's all about that :)
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Farming is something that every champion needs, except supports. Last hitting is a good option, but you can get minions to low hp and use Q - Rampage - which deals damage all around you. At the solotop you need farm to get your items fast, you're alone there so, it's not so hard to get a good farm.
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Pros / Cons

* Great fight initiator
* Q - Rampage - allows Hecarim to farm well
* Good in survival with his healing "W" - Spirit of Dread - and movement speed bonus skill "E" - Devastating Charge -

* Meele fighter
* Mana dependent
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I hope you all didn't fall asleep and did find some advices during reading. I hope you guys will enjoy my build, and will get me some advices how to make it better ! :) I am waiting for your comments and opinions, I also hope you did understand my english ! :D

I do not know how to make many things in that "build maker" so, please send me some advices and point the things I did make wrong ! :)

Enjoy, and play fair people !

Yours, s3bb3.
League of Legends Build Guide Author s3bb3
s3bb3 Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim - Heroic Hero ! (Solotop)

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