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Hecarim Build Guide by Scarve

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scarve

Hecarim In-Depth Guide Q&A and Tips/Tricks

Scarve Last updated on April 19, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This guide is set up to understand in-depth how the abilities, runes, masteries, skill sequence, and summoner spells breakdown.

1. As my first guide I will be updating consistently as more and more builds are tested.

2. Plaease leave comments of any Q&A you have and/or constructive criticism.

3. These builds are ment to utilize all aspects of Hecarim's abilities active and passive.

1. Great Farming Ability can easily takeout hordes of minions
2. Not mana dependent can easily spam abilities over and over
3. Naturally Tanky and can withstand alot of punishment before being forced to recall
4. Great Sustained Damage!!
5. Huge Mobility!!
6. Has the feel of a carry, the strength of a pusher, and the survivablity of a tank!!

1. Situational Ultimate some say to start your combo with Hecarim's Ultimate, however, its should be saved for the correct moment. If over shot or under shot you will fear the enemy champion in the wrong direction leaveing you with a bad "E" push.
2. Not designed for sustained auto attack damage leaveing lifesteal a secondary stat so 1v1 fights with a bad combo can easily not go your way.
3. Looking closely at what other cons can be described here. I am not just going to label oh his bad here and there.

Note* Hecarim is a very fun champion, but if played without understanding an situational awareness he can have the same cons as everyone else.

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The runes I have selected are as follows...

1. Marks = 9x Greater Mark of Destruction (+1 armor penetration, +0.57 magic penetration)

Note* I have it set to Greater Mark of Desolation and Penetration, however, Greater Mark of Destruction was not a choice in the build options.

The reason for this choice in runes is to maximize Q's/E's AD damage output, as well as, W's/R's AP damage output.

25% of the damage output of W's ability is a heal and with the magic penetration it is considerable better.

2. Glyphs = 9x Greater Gylph of Shielding +0.15 magic resist per level (2.7 at champion level 18)

A common glyph in tanking builds or survivability for melee carrys/pushers/fighters

3. Seals = 9x Greater Seal of Resilience +1.41 Armor

Again another common defensive rune.

4.Quintessences = 3x Greater Quintessence of Destruction +2 armor penetration, +1.13 magic penetration

These are ment to just continue to enhance damage output in conjunction with the Greater Mark of Destructions.

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Closely looking at the +damage movement speed gives Hecarim it seems to cap out around +40 attack damage = about 487 movement speed. Therefore, I decided 21/9/0 is a better build over 12/9/9 or 9/12/9.

21/9/0 gives you the damage output required to maintain a tanky build but max the amount of AD required to be powerful adversary.

The reason I take cooldown reduction with magic penetration is because I have found cooldown reduction accutally causes Q to become much faster. Also, W's heal is greater than the amount gained from pure lifesteal. Thus, cooldown reduction helps maintain greater damage output and health regen.

While Jungling I take on a 9/12/9 build giving him greater sustanability against minions and counter jungling.

The extra speed provide in the 9/12/9 build gives Hecarim one of the fastest counter jungling abilities when compared to other champions.

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The Items I have selected starting with boots of speed and three health pots already gives as much damage output as a dorain's blade, but with more hp return overall.

Building straight into Boots of Swiftness and Wriggle's Lantern gives great lane advantage and ganking ability with extremely high mobility. Starting around 420 movement speed right out of the gate.

Moving to Trinity Force and Maw of Malmortus mid/early late game gives high damage output giving "Q" an advantage constantly procing shen. With Maw of Malmortus you continue building your attack damage, but gives you the first purchase toward your tanky build.

Now to building Guardian Angel this tops of the armor giving by Wriggle's Lantern and Maw of Malmortus. Reaching 100+ Armor and Magic Resist in both stats plus a second chance with Guardian Angel's res.

Finally, we finish off with Youmuu's Ghostblade this item is ment to increase crit chane, armor pen, pure damage, and its proc is perfect for Hecarim. Even though you can cap out your basic movement speed abilities will always increase it further. Thus, Youmuu's Ghostblade's proc mixed with a timed Ghost or Devastating Charge will exponentially increase your damage output to takedown anyone especially with a shen proc.

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Will continue to update runes/masteries/items/skill sequence as more data is collected. Please test this build for yourslef, and comeback here for Q&A and comments. I want to build this guide into the most in-depth guide out there for Hecarim. I have been personally waiting for a champion built like Hecarim. So I will be keeping this guide up to date day to day to let everyone who plays Hecarim get the best results and enjoy his playstyle like I do.