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Hecarim Build Guide by trollseptic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author trollseptic

Hecarim, New Lord Of The Solo Top

trollseptic Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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For the start:

Hello guys, this is my first guide here, after noticing people with fail builds, i thought maybe this build can help them to enjoy Hecarim, i think he is one of the best tanky dps of the game.

please notice english is not my main lang. so dont mind some mistakes about that lang.

this build is based on early gold grind, becouse our champ hecarim is a very late time champ. dont push your lane and make last hits to your minions calm down and farm.

we are going to make 2 early gold per secand items as you will see at the items section. this will help you to feel strong at late game when you are starting to push your team to victory.

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i have tried tanky runes, ad runes for to test him, and i decided to use ad runes becouse i dont make much ad item during game so my ad runes will help to keep my damage enough.

so as mark, i use mark of strenght.
as seal, seal of warding
as glyph, glyph of fortitude
as quintessence, quintessence of fortitude

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default 9-21-0 as all tanky dps should do imo.

there comes the question? should i use the movement speed masteries?

- no, dont use them, only when you are attacking you have %70+ hp when combat starts you lose that 3 mastery directly. so it is useless. cdr masteries are much better then it.

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here comes the item section. we are going to start game with the amulet for life regen and with a health potion.

farm as much as you can farm, and while your turret is save go back to build your gold per secand items with one boot.

so you wont lose time for them and your farm will be easier with them. and both items are usefull at end game build so you dont sell them too.

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Skill Sequence

you are solo top, so start with your spirit of dread for to heal when you get harras, then max your rampage at lvl 9, max your spirit of dread at lvl 13 and max your devastating charge at last.

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Summoner Spells

ghost!! ghost is a must for your summoner spell, and teleport for the other spell, no you dont need ignite maybe cleance but not others.

after taking ghost as the first spell lets look the rest for the secand summoner spell.
+ what we ganna get?

teleport: it is good for solo top, to buy items without losing much cs. also to go ganks to mid and bot.

ignite: it is good against champs with heal like fiddle or sion&mundo.

exhaust: this is good for to gank and to get kill from a better geared ( fed ) enemy. slow also item debuff could work fine.

cleance: this is good becouse an exhaust can ruin your all dmg burst from speed. saving from ignite saving from fears stuns. this spell is good.

clairvoyance dont, you are not a support you are solo top, so dont use it.

heal well i dont like it on tanky dps, yes works fine with vayne but you dont need it.

surge you dont need it. maybe if you could pick 3 summoner spells but for 2, nah you dont need it.

clarity i think, they will report you if you use clarity with hecarim.

flash this is good for to excape for to land a better place for ulti, can be useful. but i wont pick flash with ghost. if you are a flash addict then take it.

revive dont, okey it can save a game from ace but still i think it is useless

promote you can last hit minions, i trust your abilities. dont take it.

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Pros / Cons

+ very hard to get ganked with enemy jungler becouse of ghost and devastating charge
+ can start a gank from behind and get the enemy killed by a friendly mid or can get the kill.
+ a centour with a smile.
+ with using this build, ghost, ghost blade, shurelya and his devastating charge will make your attack dmg so much for like 4 secands, if the target is not a tank he will die in that 4 secand.

- weak at early lvl, while enemy builds his dmg or hp items you are building gold per secand items.
- pretty sad against range stuns or incapacitate spells, lux or morgana can be nightmare.
- when you dont have ignite sion makes you sad.

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Unique Skills

yes you have a pretty cool knock called devastating charge. dont rush to enemy with it if you are close to them, click your e stand put before it reachs its best speed for to hit them. if you are going to gank instead of directly fight, use it reach him knock him, toggle your ghostblade shurelya, ghost.. he is death.

dont forget to use your ulti if your enemy is able to excape from you after this combo, you are a fast champ you can kill him.

if you can use your speed burst active items before hitting with devastating charge, your enemy can lose his 3/4 hp directly. for example you want to kill enemy cait, and coming from some brush like a wild garen. toggle your ''e'' use shurelya use ghost blade, use ghost bam you hit her, now she will try to use her slow for to excape you, use your ulti, hit q. she is death.

this one is important use your spirit of dread when enemy turret dives for to kill you. it heals you when turret hits them. dont forget, any source of dmg to your enemies are returning you as heal. any source. any source i love it.

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this is my guide, i dont have youtube videos but i will add them when i have time, i know there are lots of cool guides in the site as with lots of videos and screenshots, i will work on them and update the guide soon.
thanks for reading it, good luck and have fun with your hecarim.