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Hecarim Build Guide by Lukasaur

Hecarim: "Here, hold my damage" Jungle Guide

Hecarim: "Here, hold my damage" Jungle Guide

Updated on April 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lukasaur Build Guide By Lukasaur 43,855 Views 2 Comments
43,855 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Lukasaur Hecarim Build Guide By Lukasaur Updated on April 26, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


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Welcome to my jungle Hecarim guide!

Some people build Hecarim with AP, some Tanky, Me? I go movement Speed/AP. I gank fast, and get out of situations easily, not to mention i passively dodge skill shots like a boss!

My build works off of the assumption that you play an aggressive jungle style, since my build assumes you can get fed early. It also assumes that you won't use your E and R to be counter-productive. I go into that later.
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Greater Quintessence of Desolation(x3) for Armor Penetration, your Q and E work from Attack Damage, this is very important for early game ganks.

Greater Mark of Desolation(x9) for Armor Penetration, your Q and E both work from Attack Damage, this is very important for early game ganks.

Greater Seal of Resilience(x9) for armor. This is very important for your early jungle clears, since you won't have any life steal until level 2.

Greater Glyph of Strength(x9) for strength. This scales really well early game with your Q and E, which is very important for early game ganks.
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Going deep into the defense mastery tree helps with your sustain in the jungle. With getting armor where you can, damage reduction, and "Initiator" gives you some nice bonus damage.

This early defense armor is VERY important while tanking your first Blue, and Red side golems. Their physical damage hurts.

After that, go 1 point into Smite, since using it on Cooldown means a lot of extra gold (you'll notice after the game).

Then getting the bonus movement speed that you can in the Utility tree, since this, again, help with early game ganks.
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Movement speed, Movement speed, Movement speed.

Due to your passive, you get AD for your bonus movement speed. So take advantage of this, you'll run fast, and hit hard. Try not to go much over 450 movement speed, since you suffer diminishing returns from it, and the bonus you get from addition items is reduced by half.

Starting Boots with 3 health potions helps with your damage, and early ganks. And potions heal you, help with your sustain.

I also went with attack speed, since it helps hitting while on the run, and picking up a little but of AP so your R can hit for more, and your life steal from your W will actually heal you a fair amount in team fights. Remember: Your W heals your for all damage done, this includes damage your team mates do to other players.

I normally keep my wriggles just so that you'll always have a free ward somewhere (like Baron, even end game). And early game it helps with protecting a hard lane, or even warding their jungle to perfect your counter jungle.

End game, you do have the option to sell your Berserker Boots, and buying another item to help with surviving in team fights. ie Thornmail, or Wit's End, these would be my top choices.
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Skill Sequence

Max your Q for more spam AoE damage, since in team fights, you'll be using this move every second with your rampage stacks.

Max your W next, for more healing, obviously.

Maxing your E is of little importance, since you should only use it to chase down enemies, or to knock them towards/away your team.

ALWAYS skill up R when you can. Just like any champ, a good R can decide a team fight.
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Summoner Spells

I get angry every time I play a Hecarim that doesn't get Ghost.


Get smite for extra gold.
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Get fed early game. Play aggressive. Use smite on Cooldown. Get the items i said. Make sure your team isn't stupid. Use your Ult to CC the team in a good team fight, remember not to knock people away from your team.

NOTE: One play that I've done is Ult'ing in past their AD carry, and E'ing them towards my team, for a quick kill. GG.

Play aggressive, play smart.
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Pros / Cons

Super strong early game.
Once fed, Super strong late game.
Super fast!!
Ult can win team fights
lots of good CC
W has good sustain for a high damage team

If you play too passive, you'll be useless.
A bad Ult can lose a team fight, and aid the team
Same with you E ^^
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Creeping / Jungling

If you have a good mid or top, they'll help you clear wolves (you should get gold) and then Leash blue(doing a bit of damage), so you have a quick blue clear, and you'll have a fast level 2.
Move to Wraiths, to red, to golems. If you can gank bottom, do so now. If not, go for Mid.
If Bot and Mid are both pushing, hear back to wraiths, to Blue wolves. If you can, Gank top now.
If you can't, back, get items, and head back in the jungle.

REMEMBER: With your start to take damage, use one of your potions.

Remember, if your in the north jungle, and bottom needs a gank, you can make it there pretty fast with your E. This helps in counter ganking.

You can also use your E to save a teammate.
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Team Work

Like I said before. Using your Ult to CC a team, and E'ing the AD carry(or anyone) towards your team while he is CC'd is a great play to make it an easy 5v4.
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Who do I not want to see in my jungle?

Olaf. He'll destroy you 1v1 early game.

Lee Sin. His slow will hurt your damage output.

Dr. Mundo. Because Mundo does what Mundo wants. This would be a close fight, with one of you fleeing for your life.

Udyr. This would be a tough fight, it would depend how far he went into his turtle stance.
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Who should I try to counter jungle?

Anyone not listed above.

It would be wise to test the waters with a lot of enemy junglers. See if they are any good. If they aren't as good as you are, and you are comfortable wit it. Constantly piss them off by steam and ganking them in their own jungle. This is an easy way to feed yourself and to force their jungle to stay in their jungle. This very thing will help win lanes.
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Feel free to ask a any questions that you have, or comment on something you do/don't like.

If you have something that might improve this build, let me know! This is my first one, hope you liked it!

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