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Hecarim Build Guide by Akudram

Hecarim, Solo Top/Off-Carry

Hecarim, Solo Top/Off-Carry

Updated on April 22, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Akudram Build Guide By Akudram 14,471 Views 6 Comments
14,471 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Akudram Hecarim Build Guide By Akudram Updated on April 22, 2012
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This is my very first guide I have made on y own account and I will do my best to give explanations for why I chose specific things in this build (I can tell you are saying "Oh, almost everything in that build has or gives some sort of movement speed and since it's Hecarim the creator is obviously just trying to get ony movement speed items! Thumbs down!" Although this is one of the factors I do have other reasons to get the items. I only get these items becuase Hecarims passive works SO well with these items and in my "Items" section I will give a full explanation. :D And another thing I just want to point out... you will prob loose for the first few levels so don't be afraid to turret hug for maybe 3 or 4 levels. Also I'm am sorry if there are typos, It's 1:30 in the morning where I live and I am very tired :3 i was jsut bored so I dwecided to share my build on hecarim
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For the runes I have chosen, I chose "Greater Quintet of Swiftness" and all this is really for is that the small amount of bonus movement speed hekps with running away from ganks and it give Heca more AD. Greater Mark of Desolation will give the armor pen you need to do extreme damamge with your Q to harass the enemy while actually doing damage with it (Starts off at a lone 25 damamge then scales up to 50, 75, 120, 190 im pretty sure) and for the early levels say 1-4 maybe 5 this will become really handy, also later game when you get your Youmuu's the added armor pen helps a lot. Greater Seal of Resilience and the Greater glyph's of Vitality will give you that early game durability and will help you dominate your lane, like i said the armor pen will help you do massive dmaamge, this helps you block a majority of the dammage. Some of you maybe be asking "Why not magic resist?" well with my build you get a lot of magic resist anyways that you don't need any runes for it, also as everyone should know, it's almost someone AD orientated thats top. Overall these runes have great synergy with hecarim to help him dominate his early game.
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With your masteries on Hecarim I try to get as fast as possible and as durable as possible. As you can see I go al the way down the defence tree, and I go into the utility tree just until the movement speed. I grab summoners wrath in the offence tree to boost the movement speed of Ghost to 35% therefor increasing your AD by even more then you use Ghost. Besides ghost, I'd say you have a choice between Exhaust or Ignite (All depends who you are going against) and In the defence tree I pick up all the masteries I can which give you reduced dammage and increased health... again, the health being mainly for early game xD
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First off I'd like to get out of the way YES all but one item there gives movement speed, and yes this build isnt what you would normally see a Solo top/Off-carry do but the one thing I have to say TRY IT! through ,out of all my games as Hecarim (Him only being out for a day) i've figured out that all the items that give movement speed ARE actually really strong items for him, The movement speed is just the Cherry on top for his passive. Let's begin... Obviously you are going to start off with your boots and 3 pots but lets fast forward a little, the zeal being your first snowball item is actually what changes your lane as Hecarim. All the stats it gives is just amazing for offence in your lane sicne you already have those defencive runes and masteries, the zeal is probobly one of the best and cheapest early game items you can get as Hecarim and have it change your lane. You will be changing this into a tri force later. next item phage for more durability, AD, and the slow to chase, again not much too say and this will also be going into the tri force (You get tri force on Hecarim becuase of allthe stats on Tri force complement hecarim, whether it be the chance to slow and his alreayd insane movement speed or the small amopunt of ap it give for your r and w) . By your next trip back you will have your tri force and you will be building your youmuus First step is to start building your Brutaliser after your tri force you normally either go bakc and pick up the 2 long swords or go straight for the brutalizer. Then straight into youmuus. the reason you get youmuus is again because of all the stats it gives you, more armor pen, ad , crit chance the MUCH needed cooldown reduction for hecarims w,e and r and the active is AMAZING because it give Hecarim even more Movement speed therefor Boosting his ad and give his some attack speed. After youmuus you will get a Vamp scepter, about now is when you might fall behind do to no lifesteal or no regen (That is why the next item is FoN but as a backup you get vamp scepter) FoN is nect for durability and I get FoN because I noticed that hecarim doesn't have relaly any trouble versin other AD in teamfights, its the AP Nukes that destroy him, thats why you get merc treads (IDK why you'd get anythiung else on heca unless trying something new on norml or bots) but, sicne it is an extremely cheap item to build and it gives absolutely unquestionalbe health regen and magic resist it wouldve been a choiuce for me even if it didnt have the movement speed, again the mvoement speed is just a little present conviniently placed there for mroe AD. Start off by getting a regrowth pendant, then a negatron cloak, then finish your FoN! after your FoN I liek building a phantom Dancer, only becuase it seems appropriate since Hecarim is kindof a ghostly character and does rely on alot of speed. Anyways back on the phantom dancer, I get the phantom dancer becaus the attack speed it gives is great because now you are an utterly farming and tower destroying machine, yes others can break towers faster but with your resistance and damamge it will be very hard to take you down wether there is a tower there or not, the crit chacne helps with farming and when a confrontation ahppensand when you finish your phandom dancer I believe you get a whopping 60% crit chacne even though you are not carry. movement speed again, its jsut conveniant its there :D. Now about that Vamp scepter earlier, build that into a Bloodthirster this will finish your build with getting you above 500 movement speed without your buffs active, 1,5 attakc speed, over 300 attack damamge, 60% crit chance, about 100 magic resist, about 100 armor, around 2700-2800 health. The lifesteal is just what you need to complete hecarim as your off carry:D I realise this was an especially long few paragraphs about the items but if youread up top I said I was tired and bored so I tried to make it as long as possible to pass the time. if you've read this congratulations. Since I know the community on mobafire is pretty bad Like LoL GIVE THIS BUILD A TRY BEFORE YOU THUMBS DOWN! anways I hope you have enjoyed and have some fun with your hecarim!
League of Legends Build Guide Author Akudram
Akudram Hecarim Guide
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Hecarim, Solo Top/Off-Carry

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