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Hecarim Build Guide by APikachu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author APikachu

Hecarim - Suffering is Magic

APikachu Last updated on June 27, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Pros / Cons

You will dish out lots of damage
Makes the other team QQ alot
The other team will know what it is like to have a big black horse **** in their anus
Excellent Mobility
Easy Farming
Watching enemys run in fear

As with all builds, if your team sucks or doesn't support... your screwed.
You will be focused very hard by entire enemy teams
If your team does not support you or at least work with you, you will die... alot.
Cooldowns are pretty high and expensive.
Very weak against multiple ranged harass.

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For the ruins i chose:

Greater Mark of Desolation x 9 - Standard armor pen ruins for AD Champs

Greater Seal of Resilience x 9 - These help quite a bit! I find that hecarim is taking too much damage early game, not only from minions but also from champs that like to harass with the occasional auto attack. So I threw these on and it has kept my hecarim alive alot longer.

Greater Glyph of Alacrity x 9 - I found that early game my Hecarim was having too many blow for blow battles where an enemy would last hit me right as i was swinging my auto attack. I figured that the small boost in attack speed would tip the scales in my favor and i have been very happy with the results.

Greater Quintessence of Alacrity x 1 - Again attack speed good!

Greater Quintessence of Fortitude x 2 - Lastly, I found that even with Duran's Blade hec was still a bit short of HP early game so I chose 2 of these and have again liked the results.

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Skill Sequence


In this build it is very important to max out your Q first. At max LV your Q will do 190(+60% of your bonus attack damage) This move will be spammed more that any other move. It gets a cooldown reduction for hitting and enemy unit(Minions, jungle creeps, enemy champs) The cooldown reduction is 1 second and can stack 2 times. that makes this move 2 seconds to cooldown before it can be used again. And with its incredibly low cost, this move will be your game winner.

Tips and tricks

This move does not appear to be affected by thronmail

Using this attack does not interupt Devestating Charge.

Be careful of using Rampage after Devastating Charge has hit, most times Hec will knock an enemy just out of range and the move will be waisted. Instead try to time it to just as hec is jumping on the enemy to hit the Q.

Hit Q like your Tiger Wood's wife with a golf club!

Hecarim will almost always land a auto attack after this move has been activated. plan accordingly.

Spirit of Dread
his move is maxed out second because of the obvious advantage an AOE life steal gives you.
Though there is a cap on the amount of HP that can be recovers from minions, there is no such cap for enemy champs. This can easily be the differance between life and death in team fights. I point out my earlier comments regarding barely making it out of tough fights this has helped to save me more times than i can count. The cooldown is pretty high but the effects are well worth the wait.

Tips and tricks

Try your best not to go into a team fight without this one, it helps too much to leave out.

Early game harass from enemy team can be countered with this move. it will restore enough HP to make medium LV harass do nothing.

Be careful of over using this move early game. It takes up alot of mana and you can easily find yourself vulnerable to ganks if your mana is used up.

Devastating Charge

This ability would have to be the most versatile move at your disposal. It can be used for persuit or retreat mainly, but a skilled player will be able to maximize damage output with this move, position yourself in lane better, change lanes quicker, knock opponents fleeing team fights back toward your team and lots of other uses. This move takes practice to use properly but with practice this is easily your most useful move.

Tips and tricks

At full build this move can easily deal upward of 600 damage.

None of hecs moves interupt Devastating Charge. For instance, If you activate Devastating Charge and mid charge you activate Onslaught of Shadows, hec will still have the movement speed boost from the charge and be able to strike an opponent knocking them in the direction you are facing.

This move makes it much easier to catch pesky ranged champs that like to harass and run.

This move makes your movements predictable and opponents that have skillshot slows and stuns will try to take advantage of that. plan ahead and try to predict when an opponent is going to fire one of these.

Try to land your Rampage just as hecarim is leaping at your opponent to maximize damage out put.

Onslaught of Shadows

This ult lets your opponents know that they are in prison and you own them. Onslaught of Shadows not only does massive damage as you pass through enemies, but on completion of your charge It does additional damage to everyone in your immediate area. As if that was op enough, lets have all enemies in the area of your ult get feared! At full build i can easily land 600 damage to an entire team with this move.

Tips and tricks

Onslaught of Shadows takes a moment for your champ to move to the location you designate. if an enemy is running from you and you place the cursor right on top of them you will not hit them and end up waisting your ult. try to aim ahead of where they are heading. if done properly you will land directly in front of them, maximizing damage and fearing them away from their projected path.

I will usually have Devastating Charge activated when using my ult so that not only are they feared away from cover but they are knocked back even further. Then start tapping Q like your a sugared up kid tapping someone's doorbell on halloween.

This ult allows you to pass through walls. I have been hearing reports of people getting stuck in walls because of misusing this, I have yet to get stuck once so i can not confirm it actually happens. But just in case be careful and make sure you are far enough away from the edge of a wall when you come out of the move.

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Duran's Blade

Basic starting weapon. Your Q uses this alot. Starting attack and lifesteal as well as a large boost to your HP. this is an invaluable item to start off with.

Boots of Speed

Basic boots give hec more attack power through his passive as well as better movement around the field.

Berserker's Greaves

I really enjoy using these for the attack speed boost. Great item for an auto attack champ like hec. But this item is not finite. If you see the enemy team is heavy for CC do not hesitate to switch this item out for Mercury Treads. Hec is very weak against slows and stuns so plan accordingly.

Long Sword

Attack damage item helps your Q and E for damage as well as it builds into your next item.

Madred's Razor

Ultimate early game minion farm tool. Boosts attack and armor both of which help greatly early game. you will notice a differance in damage dealt to enemy champs after buying this item.

Wriggle's Lantern

Staple item for early game. Lifesteal + Attack damage + Armor + Minion raping passive! And you thought that was all?! NO! For a limited time only we are throwing in a special passive! Thats right! Free vision wards! DO NOT FORGET TO PLACE THESE! It would be like teemo forgeting to place mushrooms...


This is the first piece of Trinity Force. You can generally buy the pieces in any order you want, but i prefer to buy the pieces in order. With Zeal you can jungle dragon and other jungle creeps at will(I mainly play 3's, so dragon at 8 minutes is usually great), The increase to attack speed further advances your ability to shove your big black horse **** into your opponents virgin anuses! THERE WILL BE BLOOD!


This item puts Hecarim on steriods. Your Q will be the main triger for sheen's effect considering that sheen's effect can be triggered ever 2 seconds and your Q's cooldown can easily be at 2 seconds that makes sheen invaluable for your build. Though your Q does not hit turrets the bonus for sheen is stiill applied and the additional damage from auto attack will be dealt to any turret or inhibiter you are attacking. After getting this item i am often asked by the enemy team, "How do you do so much damage?!)


Last item for Trinity Force. Health up and attack up with the added bonus of slowing enemies. this is extremely useful for those enemies that like to run away when you start to rape them.

Trinity Force

This item gives you a little bit of everything. after this point the build is very flexable but this is a core item and should be gotten as soon as possible. everything this item gives you feeds Hecarim alot. Congrats! you are now a tanky SOB that dishes out alot of damage.

B. F. Sword

Nothing says over compensation like a Big Freakin Sword!

Infinity Edge

Do you remember that wet dream you had and all the things you did to those cute girls... ya this item is that dream given life. This item makes the enemy team scream, "Theres blood when I wipe!" Ok lets break this down. Your Q is op and should be dishing out somewhere around 300 at this point. activating your Q means Trinity Force's sheen ability will activate. Your auto attack will now do 150% additional damage. Not only that but your Infinity edge says that if its a crit you do 250% critical hit damage instead of the normal 200%.that basically says i can 3 hit a squishy with no problems.


Attack speed and movement speed with better crit percentage. nuf said.

Phantom Dancer

Now i crit 70% of the time and Trinity force's effect has made me a god. Your opponents should have surrendered by this point. movement speed boost triggers your passive, attack speed = you deal more damage, Crit chance increase = you deal more damage... i'm starting to see a pattern here.


This item I usually get next because if your enemy team is holding out till now that means that are waiting for some last ditch item for a caster than can probably spam the **** out of you. magic resist, and attack power and mana shield. Op Hecarim is OP.

Maw of Malmortius

Larger attack damage, more magic res, bigger mana shield, and it gets stronger the lower your HP gets. Perfect counter to those late game caster holdouts.

The Bloodthirster

I like to wait until i have about 1900 gold at this point. when i have the gold i sell wriggles for the bloodthirster. 40 minions later you've maxed it out and have more damage and life steal that with wriggles. Never fails me.


After the build is completed purchase all available consumables. 1150 gold is what you need to purchase them all. at this point in my build on 5's i can solo Barren with no problem. The oracles elixer helps to see if the enemy has warded before you start the fight. takes about 10 to 15 seconds to wipe out barren and if done right you should have about 2/3 your hp remaining if not more.

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I've been hearing alot of people who play Hecarim say that he needs to be buffed. I do not agree. If built correctly and used with skill he is far too powerful to ignore. But he is very weak by himself during early game. Proper team work and callouts are key to an early victory. One of the major problems i have with league is that often times they will pair noobs with your that will end up feeding or trolling their own team. This makes teamwork impossible and thus victory is out the window.

Practice as much as you can! I do most of my training against beginner bots in private matches. You may be asking how that qualifies as training. I do 1v5's against enemy teams that like to slow and stun as well as heal frequently. This way you know what your weaknesses are and what your capable of doing. You can last longer in lane knowing exactly what you can take and how and when to use moves. I also vs my friends often to see how they counter my champs.

If anyone knows how to put the code in this so i can make it look more presentable please let me know. As soon as i know how i'll update it.

All feedback is welcome.

Remember this build is not finite. After trinity it is flexable to your needs. If a master yi is too fed and doing too much damage to you a thornmail right after trinity evens the odds. Or instead of a hex drinker you want a black cleaver thats fine as well.but the core items are what helps you the most. Wriggle's Lantern, Boots, Trinity Force.