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Hecarim Build Guide by NoFear1994

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NoFear1994

Hecarim the laning rampager

NoFear1994 Last updated on April 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi summoners,

First off I'd like to say that i am from The Netherlands so English is not my 1st language.
if you spot any grammar mistakes and so on, just tell me and I'll fix :D
this is just my 3th guide and the other 2 failed badly (hope this 1 is better and plz! play b4 judge)

Why did i make this build? well, i bought Heracim at the moment he came out. and right from the start i was impressed when i made him a bit tanky. I started fooling around with the items, and with reading some other guides i came to the conclusion that, 1 he NEEDS sheen/ trinity.
2 he needs HP/armor and 3 he needs some mana to keep him spamming his Q and W.

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Pros / Cons

-really good at ganks
-has nice CC (a singe target E and of course his AoE Ulti)
-great escaping/chasing abilities
-using Ghost improves damage to your E (E damage improves on distance made)
-nice AoE

-Squishy early game
-need some feeding to do well

(know any more? tell me I'll add)

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I actually just guessed a bit because I lack runes myself! if you guys have any tips on what works best, ill adjust them :)

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Well kinda the same with the runes, i don't really have a good feeling with what i should but in, i know he needs some speed (because of his passive that grants you attack for speed)

and again, know something to add? ^^

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Here i will explain why i go for these items that may look a bit weird.

-Boots of speed + hp pots
I took this combination because Hecarim need some speed (which will benefit passive)
and the HP pots are because he is very squishy early on

well, i guess this is pretty obvious but i will explain ^^
sheen improves the damage after a skill you will do extra damage with the next auto attack,
this only has a 2 second cooldown which is great because you will be spamming your Q a lot!

-Mercury treads
this is just your standard boots with Tenacity and magic resist,
if you encounter heavy AD enemy's consider taking ninja tabis for physical defence.

-Glacial Shroud
as i said before, you need mana! +this is a build up to Frozen Heart which will prove great later in game

this is your first HP source which you kinda need as Hecarim, this will also give you some attack speed and 25% chance to slow (slow is really great to have as a melee fighter)

-Atma's Impaler
well, as I am going tanky with still nice damage, Atma is NEEDED. (also adds some armor)
Atma combined with the HP of: Frozen Mallet, Warmonger and Trinity is REALLY nice!

well from this point you will be very tanky with nice damage becouse of Atma's Impaler.
as a tanky build Warmonger is always included.

-Trinity Force
this is where it starts to get epic, you will get nice damage while spamming (the sheen effect) you will be slowing people, you will be faster and you have nice HP/MP

-Frozen Mallet
WOW.. just WOW!! you will be slowing enemies with every attack AND you have extra HP which will add up with your atma. (also adds some AD)

-Frozen Heart
the reason that i take this very late is because you need the other items more.
you already have LOADS of HP,MP and damage, and to annoy attack speed dependent enemies is even greater, + you will be getting more armor! from this point you can mostly just jump in first with your ult and start spamming Q and W, you will lock them down and your team wins the team fights!

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Skill Sequence

well, i guess i told almost everything about it already,

you spam your Q (which is an AoE attack) cooldown reduces every time you hit with a use (caps at 2)

you use your W in team fights or to get some extra HP while escaping

you use your E to push enemies back into the fight, or you slightly run past an enemy your chasing and push them back for extra hits

you use your R as a fight starter or as an ending this one takes some understanding tho,
you have a block where you can aim your jump in, in the space after the target you will send some ghostly thingys that will also damage the enemies, enemies IN the circle will get feared (away from where you point it) so if you wanna fear them and do some extra damage, use it slightly in front of them with the block still being on them, if you want to fear them towards your team use the target behind them

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well, thanks for reading!
and remember, if you have any tips just tell me!
and correct my bad English xD
this might not be the best build, but for now it will fit great :)
and please, PLAY before you judge ^^