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Heimerdinger Build Guide by taku98

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author taku98

HEIM"My goodness I destroy"DINGER

taku98 Last updated on January 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This Build is made for the one and only Legendary Heimerdinger, He is a great AP Carry, ganker, solo mid, solo top, or laner, a champion built to stomp over anyone If you follow my guide, I promise you will have no problem stopping any enemy chance they get, Make sure to always use your turrets for farming as it will get you super high amounts of money, also get blue buff around level 4-6 as that is when you should be low on mana and it will bring you back to full and let you stay in your lane, Stun an enemy when hes near your turrets, and use ulti to slow him from getting away fast, or if it is on CD use your exhaust. I promise you will win, Give it a chance and go have fun Summoners, GLHF best of luck to all, Vote up and like everybody!

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The items I get are for mid lane wreckage, solo top wreckage, or laning with a partner to deny any enemy chances, you get them..... and I promise you WILL win. For your Spells I like to get exhaust as a second slow, and Heal for easy baiting to your turrets, when your low just pop your heal and you kill the person easy. The items I Recommend you to buy will give you early, mid, and late game destroyal if you buy in the order listed, giving you huge amounts of AP, Mana and damage dealt, you have a stun, slow, and a heal making it easy to stay in lanes and KILL, KILL, KILL, aswell it is easy to push. If needed get boots of speed instead and instead of heal use Ignite, as either of these still help the build beat any other :) GLHF

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For farming you want to make sure you plant a turret behind atleast one of your minions and let it do most of the work, while you harrass enemy champions, never fails. Farming with Heimerdinger is fairly easy as mentioned your turrets will do most of the work but you can also help by trying to last hit, Do not leave your lane till you are level 6 and when you hit 6, leave two turrets behind your minions line that way they kill enemy minions and still defend against any attempted push GLHF! :D

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Team Work

As soon as you hit level six you should start ganking, you can go top or bottom from mid and plant two turrets then use your "E" to stun by turrets followed by your ultimate "R" then "W" rockets. If you have low hp, because you have the spell vamp that not many people get with Heimerdinger it is easy to still kill a champion, all you have to do is bait him into a bush, plant two turrets, when he gets in range of them Stun him with your "E" and use your rockets "W" and run around in your turrets area, if necessary use your ulti.

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Skill Sequence

I prefer to start with my "Q" (turret) as it will farm early, with and for you, then I like to get me "E" (stun) so that i can stun an enemy near my turret ASAP to maximize damage done to him, then I get my "W" for some more early damage to enemy champions followed by two more "Q" (turret) uprgrades so that by level 5 you can use 2 turrets at once and by 6 your slow will be undefeatable.

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Unique Skills

Heimerdinger is an above average farmer, laner, and solo mid or top. With my build I recommend the Spell vamp as it is great and keeps you able to stay in lane longer and gank without being super squishy, make sure to use his stun "E" when an enemy champion is in range of the turrets making your damage done as much as possible. Also late game ganking may be hard, but with zhonyas in a team fight when you get low HP make sure to use zhonyas to place yourself in an intouchable state as you will have gained some HP by then thanks to your spell vamp and your teamates will have most likely finished them off, if you havent already :D

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The masteries I use Are for STRAIGHT DOMINATION OF THE GAME only use them If you would like to win the game, The runes I use help you a massive amount early game so using them gives you a huge advantage in your lane and most of the time will get you fed early.

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The runes I use help you a huge amount early game so using them gives you a huge advantage in your lane and most of the time will get you fed early, use them as recommended and get far in no time GLHF :D

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Pros / Cons

Heim, he is a Great farmer
VERY Over Powered if build is correct
Great in a 1v1
Can easily 1v5 if played correctly
Has a stun and a slow
Deals tons of damage in close to no time
VERY EASY to push turrets with heim

Heim, can be squishy at start before spell vamp acquired
If targeted first in team fights may be a challenge, not always

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Ranked Play

Ranked play as HEIM should be no different then normal play, but make sure you buy wards early to be sure that you do not get ganked and feed the enemies! Also make sure that when your near enemies for ganks or when your being ganked to stun with "E" and slow with "R"

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Creeping / Jungling

As heimerdinger you do have the option do jungle, although I would not recommend it as it is a huge waste of his skill!

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I have mained Heimerdinger for quite a long time and I guarantee this build will not fail you If you build in the order posted, This is my first build, hope you like NiNJAx Parrot
GLHF best of luck to all, Vote up and like everybody! Check out my youtube 297030002