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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Gottawiz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Gottawiz

Heim Time!

Gottawiz Last updated on January 9, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You first must understand that Heim is not for everyone. He is so squishy and easy to kill he may just be the most squishy hero in the game. However his spells are quite powerful indeed. The base of all his spells is his turrets. Timing, placement and activation of his ultimate can be the difference in any battle. Try to get the middle lane if your team works that way. Best is solo mid so you can farm up quickly. Listen to gold amounts for when you should return.....

Start with Meki Pend. and 3 healing pots

955 gold or more....Return and get boots and tear drop

1235....Return and get stacks

1600....Get large rod

After that just continue you your build. The faster you get your items the more ap you have aka more kills/damage you get. Once you get to about 500 ap you will be taking off chunks of health on non tanks with your missles.

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The start is all about farm. Depending on who you are playing in the middle place your turrets accordingly. If they have an AOE spell place the turrets away from minions so the spell wont dmg your turrets. If they keep targeting your turrets no big deal attack them if you can if not just put another one down. A thing that I do that is not very traditional is attack the same minion that my turret is attack. This way a better chance of one of you last hitting. Most people would wait for last hit but I like to push the lane so its better to do it that way. Before level 6 some 1 might try to gank you. (Amumu is the hardest to aviod if he grabs you). Have no fear our summoner spells are double escape so we can flash and ghost out if need be. As far as harassing goes I like to wait until there is 2 minions left to fire my missles. The reason I do this is because the 3rd missle will hit the enemy champion. Once you hit 955 gold go back ASAP so your tear drop can start to kick in that extra mana. I consider Beg. of game over as soon as one tower dies in any lane. I say this because people will start leaving lanes and ganks begin.

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Ok so a tower has died and it is now mid game. At this point you better have at least a cap or you are behind and it is very hard to come back with heim if you are not fed up decently early. Try to follow around people who can either take alot of dmg or give alot out. Pointless for heim to follow a support. Your main objective at this point is to try to set up a trap or to help your team in team fights. Use your turrets to hide in bushes. If an enemy or group of enemies approaches trigger the ultimate. This is so good in team fights because people ignore your turrets and just go for kills. The turrets do master dmg after a while becuase the resistance is lowered each shot and it stacks. Another good strategy to do is use ur grenade on melee heros attacking friendly heros. A timely stun on them can really turn the tide of battle. The stun is easiest to line up on melee heros because you know they will not be moving around to attack.

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DO your best not to die! You should have a large amount of stacks at this point and there is nothing more hearth breaking then have 17 then dieing. Get that 20 then just start spraying missles in everyones face. It should be GG very soon.

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Random Tips

1. When fighting a hero in the start don't worry if he harasses you becuase your passive will heal you. If it gets to be less then half health throw a potion on.

2. If you dont have a jungle on your team take that blue after you go back to get first item grab. you should be around level 5 with lev 3 turrets (meaning you can deploy 2). Get that blue then own the opposite hero in middle with spamming of your spells.

3. My Item build varies every game. You can do basically any order you want depdeing on what you need. If you need health then change up the order.

4. Set traps in bushes! Even if they don't follow you into bushes no big deal its always worth a shot.

5. Avoid creeps when trying to fire missles at heros. The missles will target creeps and you will be sad you didn't get a kill

6. Sometimes its useful to use your ultimate to if another hero comes along you can put the finishing touch on them with a spell or 2.

7. I will have many more tips to come I just cant think of N E more right now. Hope you enjoy the guide.