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League of Legends Build Guide Author frEEdogVIbes

Heimer 3's Build

frEEdogVIbes Last updated on May 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This guide is for Heimer on Twisted Treeline. It is meant to be used when you need a beefy AP caster. With this guide Heimer can take down towers really quickly and efficiently with his turrets and also can take a lot of damage incoming from enemies. It makes him a very durable pusher and an exceptional harasser. (Especially if the other team has no MR) This build doesn't require a solo lane, in fact i think it works better with a laning partner like Urgot or Xin. This way you can basically play the role of AP-beefer/CC'r while at the same time dishing out a lot of damage.

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For my runes I get magic penetration, lots of health and AP. This pretty much secures first blood when you buy a ruby crystal first and immediately get your turret skill. The AP and MP help you do more damage early in the game while the 3 health quintessences and 9 health seals secure an early health advantage. I especially love these health runes on Heimer because when playing 5's people get used to Heimer being really squishy. But, really Heimer has the potential to be really beefy, almost tanky. (I won't push it too far)

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I use a pretty controversial masteries page. In order to be able to take a lot of damage I like to put 21 points into my defense and just reap the benefits of the extra magic penetration and cooldown reduction with my 9 points in attack. Some people would put their points into utility, but I find that this is useless when your rushing catalyst, so do what you want there. People will probably have a problem with this setup, but it works for me every time.

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As far as the items go, you can always interchange the frozen heart and banshees according to what the others teams characters are. Generally, this exact build works out in most games, unless the other teams composition is unbalanced. (All AD or all AP or all tanks). As far as boots, there is no other option. You really need the magic penetration, Heimer is nothing without it. ROA always needs to be your first item after boots so that you can reap the benefits from the beginning. But, get your magic penetration before ROA, so that catalyst is still worth something. If your not a fan of ROA or think it is too expensive then get more magic penetration through haunting guise. Health regen isn't a viable option considering Heimer's passive. And getting mana regen pretty much means taking a loss on your ability power or defense. Plus, in 3's it's much easier to go back for mana without losing much experience or position on the map. Anyone trying spell vamp needs to stop because his turrets don't trigger the spell vamp. Rylai's is a must have for the slow and Frozen heart is one of my favorite items in the game. When you get Frozen don't be afraid to run in circles around your turrets, especially if you exhausted an AD character.

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Skill Sequence

Always level your turret as quickly as possible in 3's. Not only does it destroy towers efficiently because you don't have to be there, it also gets you a good amount of minion kills while saving money because you don't need to buy wards at mid. Always place your turrets staggered, ie. not right next to each other. This way when you ult there is a longer distance that the enemies will be slowed. When you get frozen heart, running in circles around your turrets when they are shooting slows is really effective, especially if you can land a stun and some micro rockets until your teammates come. That or your opponent will be dead already.

Leveling your stun second is a must. The turret, stun and auto attack combo rips hard, especially early game. Microrockets are a very important part of Heimers build, but with this build you basically want to be tanking for your turrets so they can kill the enemy. Just keep that in mind.

Get your ultimate as soon as possible and upgrade each one as soon as possible. On the skill tree I couldn't remember which levels your ult is available for upgrade, but whenever it is you better put a stat in it.

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Summoner Spells

Exhaust and ignite just rape when you have a turret on your side. It reduces they damage they are doing, while giving you a move to cast when they run away from the turret for the kill (Ignite). Plus, having ignite is essential for any character in 3's, if the other team has a Mundo and you have no ignites its basically over if hes halfway decent.

Exhaust isn't nearly as necessary but I like to have it because many people underestimate the health that Heimer actually has. If they find themselves in a bad position exhaust can prove to be the deciding factor in landing your stun easily then placing a turret immediately after. It also helps when AD noobs try to 1v1 you and fail when you exhaust them.

Flash is another viable option. Sometimes I do use flash when they are low on AD chars, because it pairs so nicely with ignite.

I don't see any other spells that would fit this build.

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Team Work

Your team will probably have a pop up or stun to make your turrets more effective throughout the game. Make sure you run a little past everyone doing damage to you, or your team, first and place the turret a little behind them for when they start retreating. (Try and foresee which path they will retreat on.) On your way back put one right in the middle of them. This way when you ult they will be slowed over a longer area. ---SIDE NOTE: Throughout the game, your HP will be continuously rising, as will your defensive stats, like MR and armor, so placing your turrets in front and behind them is well worth the damage you are going to take in the long run because it maximizes the damage done with our turret.

When initiating a team fight i wouldn't recommend spamming your stun. In fact you want to refrain from using your stun as much as possible and just spam with your turrets and micro rockets. The times you want to use your stun will be when you have out 2 turrets and you can stun them in range of them, when the enemy is escaping, or when they tower dive you. Also, if you think some one on the other team is a noob, the less they see you use your stun, the better. They may forget you have it just because you haven't used it in so long.

Always try to steal dragon or lizard with a microrocket assuming there is a ward in place.

Just don't be afraid to rush in 2v3 with this build after you have Rylai's. Your stun always give you an exit strategy and your teammates should be on their way to back you up. Around level 8, you should be able to solo dragon with two turrets. Make sure to get the movement buff as well with Heimer so that you can effectively harass the other team.

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Creeping / Jungling

I would say that in 3's it's more important to push lanes than grab jungle creeps, especially without a blue buff. Considering you have no mana regen in this build you need to just place one turret and auto attack minions in lane while pushing towers. It's more mana efficient and better for the team. If you aren't soloing you should try to help your hopefully AD lane mate grab lizard asap, probably around level 3.

FYI: I'm not saying that killing creeps is bad. If the other team is down one or two, by all means grab some extra money before you recall. All I'm saying is that jungling from the beginning is pointless. Jungling instead of laning is pointless. Just be ready to help your team, take care of the jungle when they are down a few people.

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Farming is really easy once you get your turret. Its nice to place it right before the bush in mid, so the other team has a difficult time hitting it without getting auto attacked by you. Mid-late game farming is the same. You'll either have catalyst or ROA so using turrets makes farming easy. However be careful, if you think you're going to be engaging soon make sure to stack your turrets so you have two at your disposal.

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Pros / Cons

-Pushing turrets is easier
-People on the other team underestimate your health capacity
-You're still dealing a ton of damage late game
-Harassing is easy all game
-Ganking is easy all game
-If your teammates suck you can take things in your own hands

-If you aren't in many 1v1 situations mid-late game this build gets more difficult to kill people with
-No mana regen

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Don't be careful with this build, it is meant to be played super aggressive. Backdooring towers is possible when you are level 15, as long as you have Rylais, ROA and Frozen heart. Just be aware of that, you do need 2 turrets to do it though. Personally, I havent seem anyone that plays Heimer come close to this build anytime. It's definitely a unique way to play him, as long as your team needs AP. It also tends to confuse a lot of people because Heimer isn't known to be so resilient. This is always a plus when the other team underestimates you. Please leave some comments on how you think it could be better, or leave comments on what you think after you've tried it.