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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Etheralking

****, Heimer... QQ I can't lane!!

****, Heimer... QQ I can't lane!!

Updated on August 10, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Etheralking Build Guide By Etheralking 2,968 Views 0 Comments
2,968 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Etheralking Heimerdinger Build Guide By Etheralking Updated on August 10, 2011
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Heimer the Misunderstood

Hello and thank you for taking the time to read / check out my short Heimer build!

First things first - Heimer isn't anything.
There isn't a word in the Champ class definitions that covers what Heimer is.

I'd call him a tanky mage skirmisher.
He is effective when following a script, more so than if you are "winging it", as you can with many other champs. My script is as follows:

Mid is required.
Access to blue is required.
Heimer can lane longer than any champion and can even fetch blue while gaining lane exp + gold.

- After buying boots + 3 health pots, lane until you can afford boots of swiftness + health ruby + 2 more pots.

- Continue laning until half mana, BEFORE using clarity. Fetch blue while both your turrets are up. Wait until your opponent kills at least one turret before missiling + blinding golem, as to not alert him of your actions. At about 2/3 health drop a turret and get outside golem range, making him attack your turret. Drop another one, while missiling and blinding, walking back to your lane while the turrets finish him off.

Use clarity. Now, AT ALL TIMES, use all your abilities, pushing the enemy wave straight back to their turret, without even stepping over the mid line. You want to keep your turrets a bit separated, depending on the enemy champion and their AOE abilities.

Alternate between killings waves and the 4 ghasts on your side. Also the 3 wolves. You have the mana and level to do this painlessly and without concern for mana.

- When able, return when you have enough for catalyst and blasting wand. If you want to go HEXITE you wait for Rod, of course. You can go abbadon's before Rod of Ages if the enemy champs allow for this (take into account how many are ranged/quick/unable to be stunned etc).

- Avoid at semi-all-costs destroying their tower until you feel you are overlaned enough to go pwn. This is normally at around lvl 16. Their mid is normally at this point at level 14, as you
WILL have made him back so many times with your superimba annoying missiles, which you can release at any time their wave have two or less minions, always draining, always frustrating.

Your arch nemesis champs are: (in order of effectiveness)

Malz- he will push waves AS hard OR more if you let him, especially early. Counter: make his DOT hit you before it eats through your wave. Buy more pots to account for the extra damage you take upon yourself.

Cait- Outranges by so much that if you want to harrass effectivly enough to stop her taking out your turrets you must overstretch by quite a bit.

Mordekaiser- Early on you might as well just stay in exp range and take what you can. When at 2 turrets and with blue you can easily crush his laning to close to 0.
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Mid game PvP

Heimer should at this point be extremely effective with missiles, especially on the softer targets. Let your turrets deal with tanks (armor shattering rounds). Use missiles to disrupt/kill rest. One missile will take out around 1/4 / 1/5 of a soft target's HP. All 3 missiles hit at once and surrenly you take out 3/4 of a char's combined health, divided over 3, with a cooldown of 7 secs.

This is what makes heimer the best skirmisher in the game. This is your task. If your teammates don't understand this, either adapt- preferably by making yourself tankier, more able to approach; OR try to explain to them what you do. The latter works... not so well with russians.

Boots of swiftness + quints are there to ensure that you always hit with your missiles and are able to avoid damage from ranged.

I have never ever been outdamaged by any champion at the end of a game, win or lose. With 2 turrets up, doing damage, the nade and missile with low CD's, Heimer has SICK DPS. Make good use of it.

And good luck!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Etheralking
Etheralking Heimerdinger Guide
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****, Heimer... QQ I can't lane!!

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