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Heimerdinger Build Guide by camealeon


By camealeon | Updated on September 13, 2011

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This is a crazy build -Intro- My First build

I've Been playing Heimer for close to 3 months now and I have come to a pretty heavy AP build its a hit and miss pending your teams play style. Feel free to bust my chops I have tried every other build and some were good some were rated good and I felt some people were on crack when they were voting and others well lets say I would openly say they are horrible. this build I altered as a tier 3 because I am was tier 2 at the time of this guide I just now fell into rune tier 3's lol so lets see how you guys like it. if you vote pleae leave comment on how you would alter it or if trying to get to the full build is just to hard
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Pros are as follows:
You are a coin making machine from the start.
You can stay in the box longer meaning more xp
if played right you can buy Rabadons Deathcap at first death or when you reach 4k coin I do it all the time.
Two shotting enemy heros is hilarious.
Turrets give you buffer time when low on mana
Cons (The Sucks)
You are weak end game if the enemy gets to you (you can sub in Zhonyas Hourglass for one of the deathcaps 2 secs is alot in LOL.
low mana but with as hard as you hit you can manage it properly.
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after 6 I would say yeah need the 2 turrets to bust mobs down but a waist heavy cool downs on turrets not worth the time unless tossing a grenade I am addicted to laying my turrets next to a red/blue buff monster on the enemy team and watching them run in not paying attention to my turrets and I kill them that way or baron penta kills are great
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Fire Torpedos!!!!! ( The Rockets)

I'm not opposed to building rockets first instead of grenade but the problem is they don't deal that much more damage hit randoms and no stun means no bueno early game. They are great for retreat fire I just don't think its that huge of a gain vs grenades.
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Get The Grenade!!!!!

I don't really rely on the turrets its really the grenade I am more worried with I tend to try and lure enemys into the grass to attack me and grenade then run usually they are so weak they either run or die exhaust helps too usually give enough time to for cool down on grenade or turrets. OH yeah lets not forget its a TAOE thats stuns if it hits the target and blinds others you team will love you in a 5v5 all fighting at the sametime.
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For an ulti this saddens me and make me die inside hahaha not! with Heimer being such a powerhouse this ulti is ok you just have to mind those turrets
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Rule # 38 Cardio

You will be doing alot of running keep a distance if your trying to tank with Heim your just silly. Enjoy the works
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