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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mickboe1

Heimerdinger, A wise choice

mickboe1 Last updated on May 24, 2010
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Heimerdinger, A wise choise
well lately i found myself playing alot with heimerdinger. this does well match my playstyle becouse i like to play very defensive. i looked at some other guides and thought i could be making a heimer guide. Heimerdinger isn't the best champion. what makes it a great champion is the person who plays it.

Some stuff about Heimerdinger
well hes more of a devensive champion with very less ganking but you are able to withstand ganks just by huging ur turrets. well hes one of the hardest persons to defend a tower agaist so harrasing towers is what u do. stunning and blinding in team battles can be the wining key of that battle so i should say give him a try. with his turrets u kill tons of minions wich means ur able to finish ur builds unlike some other champions.

push lanes
insane defender
turret destroyer

out of mana

good summoner spells
Teleport: easy to get to a turret to defend or get back in to ur lane to lose less exp.
Flash: good to get out of ganks our to easy place your stun becouse people will learn not to stand near u.
Ignite: easy to finish off people or to reduce heals.
Rally: a nice boost for ur turrets wich increases ur dammage output.

possible summoner spells
Clarity: well helpfull but onley needed on level 1-5 when u do not have the runes.
Heal: helpfull to heal urself or ur turrets but not the end of the world.
Clairvoyance: helpfull unless none of ur allies has one
Forfity: see Clairvoyance

summoner spells not to use
Revive: planning on dieing?!?!?!?!?
Ghost: Stick by ur turrets GG
Smite: huh?
cleanse: well merc threads should be eneugh.
exshaust: u got a blind and a slow no need

Q H-28G Evolution Turret
in this build ur turrets are the key! u place them they kill minions and enemy champions an easy skill.

W Hextech Micro-Rockets
heimerdingers strongest skill but i do not use it earlygame becouse i realy want the rocket to harras turrets.

E CH-1 Concussion Grenade
a decent stun/blind to defeat enemy champions, farm minions or defeat enemy towers. but becouse it flies realy slow people lear not to stay in one spot so its hard to aim. it takes some practice.

his ultimate is very helpfull in the laning fase or when u have a "Dot formation" (see exsplanation below) in a bush and it gets wrecked just press ur ulti it will slow the person,restore the dmg they done and increase turret dmg. i killed tons of people this way.

for my item choise i picked up some abilety power mana regen en any CC boots wich are very important.

first i start with a meki pendant upgrade these to harmony as fast as possible.
when i got like 2k g wich is realy fast ibuy merc threads and 1 blasting wand. when i got eneugh for 3 other blasting wand i return to base 2. then i upgrade 3 of my blasting wands to ZR for some more AP. when i have eneugh upgrade the last blasting wand to void staff. after that i normaly go for RCS for some slows. then u have 1 final spot for 1 more item. u can go for:
Deathfire gasp for some cooldown reduce and tons of dammage against people with high hp.
Abyssal Scepter for some more abilety power, magic resist and more dmg becouse u lower their magic resist.

Early game:
buy a meki pendant for some exstra mana and 2 hp pots (prob wont be needing those just in case) place ur turret right behind the mid line so it wont be hit by the minions but still got a clear shot to the enemy minions. when u reach level 2 ur able to place ur grenade to stun/blind. when your up agaisnt offensive people just stuck with ur turrets the moment they charge u stun them with ur granade and let ur turrets get some free shots at them (they do so twice until they learn this doesnt work.) btw when u reach 500g with ur meki pendant RECALL this is very important u upgrade ur pendant to harmony to solf ur mana problem.

Mid game:
mid game can get trouble some when ur new with heimerdinger or when ur team is feeding ur enemies. this is becouse and midgame the ganks begin and people leave their lanes when ur getting ganked by more then 2 people u should back up and leave ur turrets on their one. what u will get is that people want to be destoying ur turrets. at that moment u stun within range of ur turrets pres ur ulti and they get slowwed and u got urself a kill just be carefull.

Late game
this is when every one groups up. and u and our team should be working together. Heimerdinger is a monster in teamfights with his rockts,grandes and 1/2 turrets u got a massive dmg output. always be in the back of the teamfight so ur melee dps and the tank take the first hits (modekaiser,singed,etc.) when u whiped out ulmost their entire team its time to do baron or destroy some towers. if the minions don't make it in time to the tower make sure somone with tons of hp tanks it so ur able to place a turret and trow a grenade to make sure the tower is gone in seconds.

Turret formation
placing a good formation of turrets depents on the people you lane against this is very important becouse u dont want ur turrets to be gone 2 secondsw after u placed them.

Triangle formation
in this formation most of the time u place 1 turret in the front and 2 behind them. this is a great formation agaist most melee dps without a good ranged abilety.(or just one wich makes them hunger for mana)(Yi,Sion,shaco) when they try to attack the first one the other 2 turrets will attack. these fall out of range so they wont be harmed making it stronger every 7th attack (look skill discription).

wall formation
in this formation u creat a small wall of 3 turrets to defend urself against those skillshotting champions(blitzcrank,Mundo,amummu)this wotks great against minions becouse you will place all our enemy minions in 1 spot wich makes them a clear shot for ur grenade.

Dot formation
in this formation u place 3 turrets on ulmost the same spot makes them harder to hit for enemys like ashe with volly (i find myself onley using this agaist an ashe or in a bush).

Spread formation
this is the last formation you just place ur turrets with a large space betweent them this makes them a less likely target for people with a small but strong aoe (zilean,veigar,teemo) this is the most commen formation becouse most "ow hes free lets play heimerdinger players" do not know how important turret placement is.

solo que
well when ur in a solo que try to pick the mid lane. u gain a great level advantage becouse ur able to lane forever. when u do not got the solo lane make sure ur with a great harraser on long range to make sure ur able to protect ur turrets from incoming attacks.

arranged team
in an arranged team u decide who goes mid etc. just try to pick mid lane ur team gets an huge advantage on towers and ganks. the most decent thing arranged is make sure u got vent or something like that for an better orginasation. well what makes a team great is the people who play it so when u got a horrible team make sure u get another one.

champions to watch out for
stunsmost people who are able to stun u out of range of ur turrets GG
slows do not find urself running away from ur turrets while ur slowed becouse ur not the fastest champion and u might even kill him GG
silenceanoyying as hell..... you can't do annything and your the fastest champion ingame so running is no problem.

Never risk ur life to save others unless the one who is chasing ur allie is on low health so ur able to scare him. when a shaco poofs in ur dead.

always watch the lane ur surpossed to take care of and call misses,ganks,etc

destroying a tower is ulmost what ur made for so dont be afraid to trow some grenades at the tower when people are huging it.

be aware of the minimap all the time! your an easy target to kill when ur not near 2/3 turrets.

Heimerdinger's rules
1 always go back to ur turrets/tower when more that 2 people ar missing. if ur getting stuned while not in range ur dead.

2 NEVER tower dive u do not have ganking abileties.

3 always be in group fights ur the winning key!

4 be a fun heimerdinger, a good teammate and make it a fun game!

I made this guide so people know how i play heimerdinger. when u got anny surgestions or things i should change just write it down ill discust it not vote -1 right way becouse there arent many good heimer guides and i want to make thats gone be used.