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Heimerdinger Build Guide by NeonBladeBorn

Heimerdinger, Got a sentry hurr!

Heimerdinger, Got a sentry hurr!

Updated on October 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author NeonBladeBorn Build Guide By NeonBladeBorn 13,189 Views 4 Comments
13,189 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author NeonBladeBorn Heimerdinger Build Guide By NeonBladeBorn Updated on October 18, 2012
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This build Focus's mostly on AP surviving in lane and early lane dominance, with late game capability. This overall makes Him a zoneing ,ganking, stunning, machine of death

with this in mind read on and enjoy.
This is my first guide don't hate.
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For runes I go with Mana, Health, Ability and Attack Speed. you can change these on personal preference but they are the ones I choose Because herm needs mana and health to stay in lane, AP and Attack Speed to farm and kill better. You can Substitute them for Armor and Magic penitration and Flat health.
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I go for the 0/21/9 build getting Armor, Magic Resistance, Damage Reduction and Mana/Health Regen.

If your going with another mana hungry chamption put a point into insight instead he will love you for it.

This gives great laneing survivability so should be played solo-mid but can easly play as bot with an ally.
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I go for Doran's ring-sorcerer shoes-rabadones deathcap-rod of ages-ryles crystal septer-rylies evil tome-elixersssssssssssssssssssssssssss
you probably wonder why?
Simple Doran's Ring is a good starting choice, sorcerers shoes are good for herm, he needs ap from rabadons, rod of ages is op, crystal septer has a slow, tome is self explanatory and elixers to stay late game
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Skill Sequence


or one point in E then r>q>w>e

I pick E first because its ranged and a great harassment tool. Its sort of a One Point Wonder.

W is good in teamfights against more than one champion, use E to stun or blind large groups of enemys, Q to block of escapes and help guard a fall out point for your team, scout brushes, protect brushes, e.t.c

your combo is q-e-q-w-e-r

ignore the q if you already have your turrets placed down

after that retreat if he is safe or chase if he is low on health.
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Summoner Spells

I pick Flash but you can replace it with ghost and clarity can be replaced with Ignite.

More or less you need an escape mechanisim and something to help you sustain and get higher points faster.
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use your q to farm put both together, e to Harass, w to Last hit and r at the start of team-fights you can also use your q to zone.

Farming isnt to easy to do as herm but with this concept it is possible to do
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Pros / Cons

Good lane capability
Good damage output
easy harass
can "zone off area's easily"

Fairly Boring early game
Needs to farm
Will be targeted
Cant jungle well
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place your turrets relativily close, then use your R as soon as thats done use your w then your e to a group of enemy then use auto pay attenction to your turrets and spam, spam, spam.

this will help your team acheive victory and win the fight and mabye the game during the push (if your lucky)

make sure you avoid these guys
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Creeping / Jungling

herm is not ment to be a jungler a though later in the game he can use the extra gold so keep that in mind.

First get blue buff, place both turrets initiate with e then w, move behind your turrets then reapet

secondly get the two golems, Place both turrets, and finish them with auto attacks

for wraiths only use one turret

wolfs use your rockets

lizard same as blue buff

dragon place your turets, then use your e, place your turrets once destroyed, there is no need to use your w against one target.
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Unique Skills

Herm is a champion that can place turrets and has only offencive abilitys (ult helps your other abilites so yes it is offencive) he has auto lock on rockets requiring less skill in aiming.

other then that he has amazing ability to trolllllll other players, when i say trolll i mean troll, if you use your q you can leave enemys confused about how there being hit, when you run use your w to hit the enemy chasing you, flash somewhere use e at your feet and people around you are stuned, also herm can use his abilites over a wall.
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Team Work

when working with allies your mostly a support champion place your sentrys in a brush that leads to open space eg brush between mid and river and leave them there tell your team to go there if there dying then while waiting spam your w alot and use your E against enemys chasing an ally whos running to the bush when a enemys in the bush activate your e inisde it
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This build can guarenty good win's and plenty of assist with few deaths. I hope this helps go on fellow sentry places and leave to brushes safe and clear from harm with your mighty turrets.

This is my First guide Leave suggestion bellow.
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added in pics and spelling erors (lol)

added in teamwork part

added in more detail and more sections

guide made first vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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