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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sheepyamon

Heimerdinger-Inventing madness

Sheepyamon Last updated on July 24, 2010
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Hey and welcome to my third Guide on mobafire.
Im Sheepyamon, and this is my way of playing Heimerdinger-The yellow turret pusher!
Here i will show you the Masteries, items, runes and some tips on how i play Heimer.
This is mainly a 5v5 build with the improved duration on neutral buffs.
Don't get all warm and fuzzy like you have read this all before, ofcourse you have, there are million guides out there, duplicates and what not.
My guide will give you an indept look on Heimerdinger and his abilities aswell as some general tips on how to and how not to handle him!

As Usual i will use some acronymes, the standard ones and a few added ones for this toon ofcourse and they are listed below:

EG-Early Game
MG-Mid Game
LG-Late Game
Hex- Hex-Tech Missiles
Conc- Concussion Grenade

Game Time: lvl 1-6

You will want to start by first trying to get Mid lane or a solo lane with a jungler, you want to level up as fast as humanly possible, so get a solo lane by all means possible.
Then you would wanna start by buying a Mana Sapphire+health and mana potion because of some known factors, you are Squishy, without ur turrets you are as good as dead, so just as a safety precaution buy 1potion of each!

Head to ur lane and wait by the tower for the minions, if u got the mid lane its simple but still be carefull for ganks at the beginning, mid ganks as FirstBloods are a nuissance these days, so make sure everyones at their lanes so you know you can happily push the mid as much as possible!

You see ive gotten Teleport and Flash, both are for offensive and defencive meassures, first trip back should make you able to buy Tear+BoS(you find them in the Item list)
then head down in the jungle and grab Golem if you can, because this is when you become a beast, with the golem up u can keep pushing and pushing because the only thing holding u back is ur Global cooldowns, so just push ur turrets forward all the time 1minion pack at a time and stay to one side during mid lane cuz then u can see when someone might come from bot or top to gank u as ur turrets will hold a line until you are going for the tower push, this way preventing them from escaping ur turrets as they cover the whole mid lane!

Game Time: lvl 6-10(11+)

Right now you should have pushed one tower down, and perhaps helped the other lane taken one down, granting you a nifty amount of gold incase you got some kills on the way aswell, so second trip back for me is usually Arch+Sorcs and back to ninjaing Golem again to be able to stay out even longer!
This is the mid-game when things heat up a notch, so now its up to you to do three things!
1.Defend ur turrets
2.Help Pushing
3.Help your team by any means, meaning stick ur turrets out when ur pushing with ur team, nobody wants to run into a heimer knowing he has 3 turrets out, ultimate, conc nade and missiles at his disposal and with a crew of 4other members arround his turrets.

By the end of MG you should have the following items:Arch, Sorcs, Zonyahs atleast unless you have been very unlucky that is! But those are your goals!

Game Time: lvl 11-18

Late Game is up and the End Game as they call it.
Now Heimerdinger is really fun to play, you have your 3 turrets, they do a great amoutn of damage and if you dont get focused in teamfights they are a paaaain to handle if they are left alone, gstick with ur team and put turrets up right behind ur team mates all the time keep them in a triangular position, form a triangle with them behind ur teammates, why? because if one of the enemies tries to get to you he will be standing in the middle of them, with ur ulti, cons nade and zonyahs its just not possible to kill you unless he has backup, but you arent alone either, form the triangle, see if u can lure them to you, taunt em with nades and missilies, they always brake and try to go for you.

Im writing this guide as im talking to someone who has never played heimerdinger before, i know that and i know it might not be the right thing to do, but people ask me how i play him, what my focuses are and asked me millions of questions about this and that and how long have you played him and so on, im writing this guide just as i see myself playing him, hopefully to make others understand aswell, he is a tower pushing machine and a great asset to any team, and if he are lucky enough to get fed you might end up with about 600AP thats not bad considering his turrets upgrades themselfs overtime aswell, ur nades and missilies can take off 75% of someones health unless its a tank ofc, but thats what the turrets are there for!

What i mean in general is, i hope soem people will read this guide and think, hey i might just give heimer a go, what do i have to loose?
I say you Should try him.
I never got satisfied with any champion ive played so far, and this is by far the most fun ive had since i started playing LoL.

This guide got more into a beginners guide i know, but maybe it gave some experienced heimer players a go for their money aswell, i will update this as i play more with him, making this more in-dept than what i went with this time!

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UNFINISHED GUIDE Didn't have time to complete it!
Will be done tonight hopefully!