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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author $amnater

Heimerdinger No Turrets Style

$amnater Last updated on December 31, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Playstyle: Aggressive/Ganker (Heimerdinger a ganker? YEA! keep reading)

Ult = ultimate = the spell that a champion needs to be level 6 to learn

Just a little note, Heimerdinger is my most played champion and is really a blast to play! However, he is often considered so powerful that he is banned in most ranked games D:!

By all means, this is a build for someone who will be playing Heimerdinger in the middle lane. You could potentially use the same skill build for a side lane, but things become much more complicated depending on who your laning with and against and you might be forced to do a lane swap early on in order to avoid being devastated.

Skill build: NO TURRETS FIRST?!?! WTF N00B! Well if that is what you're thinking, calm down, its gonna be alright. People have been playing Heimerdinger and relying on his turrets for too long, so here I come to provide you with my build. Yes, turrets are great, they deal a good amount of damage, and they are great for pushing a lane or protecting yourself in a lane when its 1 v 2. But what about the mobility, mobility, mobility! However, this build relies on you being able to get about 50% of your grenades to hit the opposing hero in middle, and also knowing when to use your rockets so they hit the enemy hero, but if you aren't the greatest skill shot don't worry! Practice makes perfect!

So, I max out the grenade first rather than the rockets because the grenade blinds, has a slightly better damage gain, scales better with AP, it can hit more than 3 targets, and can stun targets if they are hit very close to the center of the explosion.

Then I go for the rockets because they add an extra burst of damage that is, like the grenade, mobile, unlike the turrets.

I might put one point into getting a turret at level six, it really depends though. The sole purpose of this turret is to use it as a free ward. If anyone on the other team is jungling or people seem to consistently go missing from lanes, then I will place a turret in one of the middle bushes. This allows you to be a little bit more aggressive, and that turret will hopefully scare off anyone who walks into that bush.

I then proceed to max out the grenade and rockets to get the maximum damage out of them. After that I put one point into the ultimate (UPGRADE!) for the 10% cooldown reduction, but I prefer to level the turrets after that instead of grabbing the 2nd and 3rd ranks of UPGRADE because you really need the turrets after mid game to push/counter push.

Lets look at what this skill build does for us. So, you don't need to worry about Karthas, Tristana, Annivia, or anyone else who can out-range your turrets...because you won't have any! That helps a bunch because Karthas is one of the most difficult heroes to lane against as Heimerdinger, ESPECIALLY if you go for early turrets.

Mastery Choice: I choose the masterys that favor a more aggressive playstyle, going for more AP, cooldown reduction, faster experience, more movement speed, and mana regen for spamming those spells. (Do note that I get improved clarity over one more point in expanded mind because it is extremely useful for late game pushes)

Recommended Summoner Spells:

Exhaust: Highly recommended for two reasons. This spell allows for easier ganks early on, it makes it easier to get a good grenade off so that it will be a guaranteed stun. Also, this allows you to temporarily disable AD carrys like Tryndamere or Master Yii. Chances are, you might be main targeted by the other team in end game team fights, so this can allow you some time to back up, get some more spells off, and hopefully allow your team time to kill the threat before it kills you.

Clarity: "What the heck Samnater, you said this is a very aggressive build and yet you choose CLARITY!?" Thats dam right! This spell has a lot of potential early game and late game. In the early game you can spam your rockets and grenades like a crazy man and when you run out of mana, you can clarity to almost full mana again! This allows you to get twice as many spells off without leaving, which is huge staying power. Hopefully this will allow you enough pressure on your opponent that they either die or have to recall for health and mana, which then sets you up to go gank! Then it comes in handy mid/late game because it allows you and your teammates the mana to continually push a lane.

Other Summoner Spells:

Flash: Honestly, a decent spell that can make landing a grenade even easier than exhaust can if the target is running and out of range. HOWEVER, exhaust really helps to counter those pesky melee heroes all game, and flash really loses its potential when it comes to big team fights, you really don't want to be jumping into the enemy team anyway, its preferred that you stay in the back where you can land spells, but won't be targeted.

Ignite: Yet another great spell, but I really prefer clarity for 2x the amount of spell casts early game, and exhaust for the defensive/offensive capabilities. However, at middle I often let enemies get away with about 100hp, so its really up to you, either choose exhaust or ignite, I prefer exhaust because it can save AND take lives.

Teleport: There is potential to teleport around and backdoor towers, or even teleport to your own turrets wherever you might place them, but this does not follow the aggressive playstyle as much as the other spells do. It also has a hefty 5 minute cooldown.

Ghost: I thought about ghost versus exhaust for quite some time. It provides almost the same benefits as exhaust does, except in two instances. Earlier in the game you could go 1v1 with another hero and most likely win and get the kill because of exhaust. If you have ghost... you will have a much greater chance to lose and you might just have to run. The second instance is endgame fights, even if you stay in the back, heroes like Tryndamere or Xin Zhao might jump onto you when their team engages. What if they have exhaust? Tryndamere has a mighty slow built into his skill set, he doesn't even need it! So it becomes much easier to deal with these heroes with an exhaust followed by a stun grenade, instead of hoping you can run away without being slowed.

Smite: This is not a jungling build, nuff said.

Cleanse, Heal, Revive: Unfortunately, these spells don't really fall under the category of aggressive (did I really need to mention Revive?).

Rally: Not really worth it unless you have the improved version and again brings about that immobility that we are trying to get away from. (though it can be great for pushing if somebody else has it)

Laning: Try and hit the enemy hero with your grenade whenever you can get a guaranteed hit, but aim it somewhere so if he/she moves it will still hurt/kill some creeps. A little trick you can do (recommended you be at least level 3 with lvl 2 grenade) is to run up to your melee creeps in order to close the distance between you and the enemy champion for an easier shot. Be warned, most players will see this movement as aggressive and back up, so run up to the creeps and if they move, wait for them to come back to throw the grenade and begin to learn the playstyle of your opponent. Perhaps they always run back to dodge, maybe they always run to the side, maybe they don't run at all! It is vital on any skill-shot hero to be aware of this and adapt to your opponents playstyle.

At the same time, make use of your rockets, anytime your opponent is in range of your rockets and is at least the 3rd closest target, FIRE! There are a few ways to force this if your opponent is playing carefully.
1. When there are only 2 enemy ranged minions left, it is very easy to run up to get in range of the enemy champ and rocket him/her without worrying about other creeps getting in the way.
2. If step one doesn't work because they know to back WAYYYY the hell up now, you can try running off a bit above or below the melee creeps and inch your way forward. This will do 1 of three things. Your opponent will again... back WAYYYY the hell up, which gives you time to kill/push the creep way, or they will run to the opposite side of the creep wave which will allow you to get closer to get a grenade off, or 3, they will take a rocket to the face.

You should continue to spam those grenades and rockets and normal attacks (they add up, trust me!) whenever you can get a good shot off, and remember to clarity when you start to run low (clarity will restore a little over 3/4 mana when you have no mana boost items) And remember that your burst damage is amazing! If anyone tries to get close to kill you, hit them up with an exhaust+rocket followed by a blind grenade, or blind grenade then exhaust if its an easy enough shot. You should continue this until you either kill the person you are laning against, they are forced to leave for some reason, or the tower is killed. I will talk about the next phase in a little bit (ganking) but first I want to talk about the champions that can hate on Heimerdinger D: (Hating on Heimerdinger is hating on Disco and on the 70's haircuts that we have all grown to love! (Well ok, those things are practically unfashionable now (Well, they've been unfashionable for a while...))) Triple parentheses, just what the doctor ordered.

Hurtful Champions: So, laning should go quite well except against two champions. First, Blitzcrank, but that is a rare circumstance, and you can easily just stay back so he can't pull you into the tower which then makes it quite an easy lane. Another champion that can be quite the pain is Morgonna, who I recommend getting an early turret against in order to block her snare.
Every other champion should be quite manageable, but here are a few reminders for when enemy heroes hit level 6.

Be aware of Ashe's ultimate when she gets it, and also realize she will become much more confident and aggressive with it, remember that it takes 150 mana for her to cast.

Same thing goes for Tristana and her ultimate, make sure she can't rocket jump behind you and blast you into her tower.

You can safely harass Annie with your rockets even when she has her ultimate, but if she has flash or ghost it might not be worth it.

Fiddlesticks is another tricky one. If he goes missing, don't only warn your team, but also back up, because he might just be waiting to ult you from the bush (his ultimate has a built in flash, and if he has the summoner flash spell, then he can come out of nowhere and be on top of you)

It is actually very easy to get a kill on Katarina when she jumps onto you and then ults, but make sure you save your grenade for this! Your grenade will stun Katarina so that she stops ulting, and if she jumped on you with 1/2 health or less, then your grenade + rockets + normal attack should kill her.

Ganking:Remember what I said about mobility? Mobility is one of the key aspects to ganking. If you ever force your opponent to leave middle lane, you can go to one of the side lanes to gank. You bring all your damage with you, and at level 7 with 3 ranks of Hextech Micro-Rockets and 3 ranks of CH-1 Concussion Grenade, you can do an AoE (area of effect) burst of damage that can be close to 400 damage. 400 Doesn't seem like too much, but if your enemies were already missing health this can be huge, and I assume your teammates will help do some damage too. Also remember that exhaust can make ganking sooooo much easier. Not only will your opponent have trouble running and will struggle to fight back, exhaust allows you to close the distance and get off an easy stun grenade+rockets.

Mid-Late Game: By mid to late game, you should be leveling up your turrets and beginning to push lanes as a team, remember to stay relatively a little bit behind your team so you aren't targeted first and lay turrets in a position so that your team can fall back a little without the worry of being chased down if they get too low. Remember to get the Golem buff whenever possible so you can spam those spells! Just make sure there isn't anyone else who needs it more.

Passive: Techmaturgical Repair Bots, aka passive health regen. This passive is essentially a free rejuvenation bead/regrowth pendent as it scales while leveling, going from 6 hp/5sec to 12/5, 16/5, 22/5. Remember that it heals yourself AND nearby allies and your evolution turrets.

H-28G Evolution Turret: Not to be underestimated, these things pack a punch, give decent line of sight, and can deal ok damage to towers (they got nerfed against towers D:). Overall, they are very powerful but very immobile.

Hextech Micro-Rockets: Automatically hit the closest three targets within range, and the range is HUGE. I will show you its range in a picture later on. Remember that it is easier to harass with rockets because they are much harder to dodge than grenades, but grenades grant blind and potentially stun.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade: Big area of effect damage, blinds all targets hit by it, and targets close to the center are stunned for 1.5 seconds (followed by the rest of the blind, so if your grenade is level 5 with a 3 second blind and you land a stun, then the champion will be stunned for 1.5 seconds then blinded for 1.5 seconds after that) Really great for just about anything...ganking, destroying champions that get to close, harassment, pushing lanes, killing creeps, and stunning people out of abilities. However, the ability power boost got nerfed, so now the grenade gets 55% of your spell power (same % as rockets) in damage instead of the old 70%.

UPGRADE!!!: Another versatile ability, activating it heals your turrets to full HP and grants them a temporary slowing hit. This can be used for fleeing or chasing, but also remember that this ability grants a 10% cooldown reduction passive, becoming 15% and 20% at ranks 2 and 3.

As you can see from the picture, the range on the rockets is quite long! In fact, your sight range is just slightly bigger (around 20 pixels) than the range on your rockets. This is the longest range auto targeting spell in the game, take advantage of it! (except for Karthas's ult, dam I hate that thing)

0.o the sight range that grenade grants is HUGE!
Also note that the area is revealed BEFORE the grenade even gets there, and that it follows the terrain obstructions unlike Ashe's hawk shot or clairvoyance. For example, if I didn't throw the grenade into the bush, the bush would not be revealed. The grenade also doesn't reveal the area in the path it takes, it only reveals the area where it will explode.
For example, if you try to throw a grenade through a bush and have it explode on the other side the grenade will not reveal what is in the bush, BUT, be careful, because the bush will light up as if it were revealed, but its just a lighting effect, you still won't see anything that is potentially in that bush.

Item Build And Runes: It should be fairly obvious that the items and runes are set up for early game advantages (+100hp at level 1 from runes can EASILY turn a fight in your favor!) but also for late game advantages. As far as items go, I grab everything that gives me more ability power, but also more survivability. The only exception that is a must is the chalice, this is needed for some good mana regen, and the magic resist can also help you win some 1v1 fights. Magic pen. boots are a must.
Core Items:
All of these items provide ability power while also giving survivability including extra health, spell-slow, invulnerability, and extra mana. Remember to use your cooldowns then activate Zhonyas, so that way you will have more time to get off more spells, and also remember that items in your inventory have hotkeys. If your Zhonyas is the 1st item in your inventory, you can hit 1 to activate it. Careful though, because sometimes it takes 2 hits to register the key.
So, you will notice that with these 3 items+chalice+boots, you only have 1 slot left. The item you get here can vary depending on the game, but I tend to get Abyssal Scepter or Deathfire Grasp, Deathfire for the extra burst damage, or Scepter for the magic penentration.

I think that's about it for the build, tell me if I forgot anything, or ask any questions that you have, or give any suggestions ^.^

And by the way, I have a recorded game using this build, but I did not add any commentary to it yet and I want to wait and see how people react to this build before I spend my time doing a 40 minute commentary. So if you want to see it made, vote this up :-P