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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Jakzca

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakzca

Heimerdinger - Tanky Tripod

Jakzca Last updated on May 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my Heimerdinger build that I use in Dominion. It's pretty fun and it focuses on holding down the bottom turret and defending instead of pushing out the lane and over extending. I've found that it works really well and if the top lane does a good job and controlling the Windmill, stays positive and makes smart decisions then it's a easy win.

I play Heimerdinger when I just want to chill out, and hold the point. It's a good choice because I think most people don't like playing bottom lane, and most of the time my opponent doesn't know how to react or can't push hard enough because my turrets and I clean up his minion wave so quickly.

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Runes and Masteries

I take the Armor Reds, Armor Yellows, Magic Resist Blues and Health Quints. This is to further enhance my tankiness and survival. This is what makes my Heimerdinger the Tanky Tripod that he is. Not too much more to say about it to be honest. Feel free to experiment though.

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I take the Chalice of Harmony for the Mana Regen and extra Magic Resist right away. I also bring Boots of Speed with some extra potions just in-case, I buy potions because you can never be too safe. The three or four Giants Belts can be built into items that give more health, like Frozen Mallet, Rylais Crystal Scepter, Sunfire Cape, etc.

I used to build the Giants Belts into Warmogs and have like 6000+ Health before they removed Warmogs from Dominion. Most people laugh, call me weird, or call my build a '****' build because I don't have much AP but that's what makes this build work. You're a Tanky Spammer (Get it? because Heimerdinger throws Wrenches? XD).

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Summoner Spells

I take Exhaust for when the enemy tower dives you, it helps especially against those 'need for speed' attack damage carries. Xin, Sion, Master Yi dive you? just Exhaust them and hit them with a grenade and hopefully they'll take a lot more damage from you, your turrets and your tower, especially if you have this next summoner spell.

I also take Garrison because it's too good to pass up for defending. If an enemy takes Promote and has a big minion wave then you can just garrison and take most of the minions down with the help of your tower (fast attacks!) and turrets. Garrison also helps for tower divers that I mentioned before, just exhaust them garrison your turret, try to land a grenade and tool/kite them around your tower.

Exhaust and Garrison are easily my summoner spells of choice. I've considered running a Promote of my own but I haven't tested too much with anything else because I love the combo I have already going.

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Who Counters You?

I've really only run into two champions that have really countered this build and I'll give you tips on what to do to help you when you run into them.

AP Master Yi really destroys me because he can just Alpha Strike and it'll hit most of my minions and probably my turrets. I can't really hurt him because I'm a Tanky Tripod and not a big damage dealer. If you stun him with a grenade, he can just meditate and act like nothing happened and if you miss your grenade then he basically ignores you. It's really just a bad combo and he's just really hard to stop pushing. I haven't figured out a strong counter besides the occasionally friendly gank (Pantheon dropping in works well).

Malzahar also causes big problems, I happened to fight one with Promote and I also couldn't stop his pushing and if I happened to get too close then he would just hit me with the ultimate and advance his minions while damaging me. He clears minions faster than I can and he's a big hassle, he's quite easy to gank though.

In both of these match-up's you should remember to space out your turrets or they risk getting annihilated. I've seen people stack turrets and it seems to work well but really only against single (non-AoE) abilities or auto attackers. Call on a quick/fast friend for a gank if you really have to.

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Advice on Queues

I almost exclusively play Draft Pick unless the timer says it'll take 8:00+ minutes to get into a game. Not knowing the enemies picks is a huge disadvantage to you and is a giant roll of the dice (in your favor, or extremely against you). Do you really want to see that Rammus / Poppy / Sion / Pantheon / Ahri team in the enemy selection screen?

Most of the better players also play draft or ranked because they want to get better and learn more about the game (and counter-picking). I can see people wanting to Blind Pick because there's almost always less than a one minute wait but if you wait 2 minutes, you can practically guarantee that you will not see a Rammus. One last thing, forget about your ELO because even 2000+ ELO players are in ELO Hell, people still throw games. People still troll, etc..

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If you vote for Tanky Tripod then all of your wildest dreams will come true. Alright, maybe not but thanks for reading anyways.

I wish you the best of luck! :)