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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bunnybunner

Heimerdinger - The Gordon Freeman of LoL

Bunnybunner Last updated on March 21, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Personal Note

I don't take any credit for this guide although I tweaked his Skilling Order because I find missile damage better early game. The original guide can be found HERE.

My match history so far.

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What do Gordon Freeman and Heimerdinger have in common? They're both scientists and they both kick ***. Of course referencing the Team Fortress 2 Engineer would be more appropriate, but he's more of a camping coward than a wrenching badass.
Anyways... After roughly 200 games as Heimi I figured I could share my experiences and tactics with this character. Especially since none of the current Heimi guides on this page represent my way of playing the wrenchthrowing Yordle.

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Techmaturgical Repair Bots
That's what makes you so durable in the laning phase. It gives you a fair health regenration rate that heals you, your turrets, allied champions and even towers. But you better pack in some sandwiches and bring a comfy chair with you if you intend to fully a heal a tower.

H-28G Evolution Turret
Heimi's bread and butter. Your two little friends, which are eagerly waiting to say "hello" to your enemies.

- Goldfarming
- Tool for pushing and defending
- Protection against enemy champions
- Damages enemy towers and inhibitors
- Outposts to spot enemy movement and to observe key locations (e.g. Nashor)
- Jungling for bigger guys like the Lizard, Golem or the Dragon

Hextech Micro-Rockets
Press W to inflict damage to your three closest targets. It's the ability of the lazy people basically. However pay attention on what you're going to hit. The Dragon on Twisted Treeline does not appreciate tickling from a Level 3 Heimerdinger.

- Last hits on creeps and/or enemy champions
- Jungling tool together with the Conc Grenade
- Unreliable harassment tool.

CH-1 Concussion Grenade
Probably Heimi's thoughest skill to use.
Very slow, but heavy damage and blinds or even stuns, which can save your scientific buttecks in many occasions. But yep, towers take no damage anymore from this skill.

- Nuke
- Ambushtool when hiding in brushes
- Unreliable tool for a getaway
- Harrassing
- Perfect tool for checking brushes, since the nade reveals the impact location when thrown. This is also useful to reveal targets to hit with your rockets.
- Maintool for jungling

A rather weak ultimate, but it's a quite nice addition.
Since this Ulti has a short delay, make sure to use it two seconds before it's too late.

- Coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooldowns
- Keeps your turrets alive, no matter where you are
- Slows for a clean getaway / hunt down the fleeing champion

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The first and most important thing to mention about Heimerdinger is, that Heimerdinger does not kill.
This may sound silly, but in the end it has a true core. Heimerdinger is not a fighter and should not be treated as one. You only kill out of self-defense. Of course that doesn't mean that you're not allowed to finish of wounded champions, but it means that you don't act, you just react. You wait for them to attack you and not the other way around. After all, you're usually in the advantageous position so why trying to change something about it.

But like I said, Heimerdinger is no killer.
His task is generally consistent Pushing. Together with his turrets he's the one who usually has the least trouble destroying towers. It's no the fastest way, but the most consistent one.
In addition he's also a good defender and lane controller. His passive regenerates towers and his turrets do a good job of cleaning lanes, delaying enemies and also work as wannabe-replacement for the inhibitor tower.

As Heimerdinger you always want to take the middle. Heimi is out of question the strongest middle Champion when it comes to destroying the enemy tower. It's very hard for a single champion to fend off Heimis turrets let alone to destroy the Tower. Their only option is to gank Heimi with the help of one or two Champions from the sidelanes and that's what most smart teams sadly do.
Sidelaning is possible as well with the right choice of laning partner... Healers like Alistar, Taric are nice or Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab right into the turrets (followed by a Power Fist and a Conq Grenade from Heimi) is also quite devestating. Another option is to send Heimerdinger alone in a lane. His turrets are a perfect lane partner replacement, especially since they can't feed the enemy. But that's a topic for its own chapter.

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The Middle (Early Game)

Heimi's home, sweet home. Sadly there are sometimes these nasty backstabbing Spies at the very beginning of the game, but I digress again with weird Team Fortress 2 references.

Anyways... at the very beginning get your items and go to the middle as quickly as possible.
Place your first turret very offensively, let's say... something between the middle point and the where enemy rivershore would be. Go back to your tower and wait for the reaction of the enemy champion.

"Why should I do that?"
Well Billy, whoever has to deal with you already got a problem. They'll most likely try to get rid of that turret. Some Champions with a ranged attack got less or the same range than the turret so attacking it means they're getting shot as well, plus there is always you throwing your wrenches.
If he doesn't care about your turret, goodie. Of course it will die as soon as the minions reach the middle, but it will damage and delay them so the battle area will be located more to the enemy tower which will spare you to move up your turrets, when you're pushing forward.
If he does destroy your turret, no worries. He'll most likely won't attempt to attack you since he knows that your turret skill already cooled down. If the minions spawn, just play the living bait and delay the enemy minions at least a little bit so yours can move up a bit farther.
From this point on build your turrets something between the middle and the enemy rivershore.

"Is there any special turret formations I should know?"
Not really no. I usually just build them lined up with a bit of space in between. There was more strategy involved with 6 Turrets before the infamous patch, but now with only two turrets. Well there's not much you can do, can you? Just adjust the positioning to the enemy champion you got in the middle. Champion with AoE-attack? Put them farther away from each other. Attack with Spread? Bunch them more together. And so on.

Anyways... you basically want to stay behind your turrets save from the enemy champion throwing wrenches at the enemy minions. If he attempts to shoot one of your turrets, wrench his *** to chase him off your lawn. Alternatively scare him away by throwing a conq grenade.
If enemy fighter minions attack your turret direclty, stun them with a conc greande so they don't do too much damage. Alternatively you can aggro them by wrenching the enemy champion so they'll start attacking you instead of the turrets. That's also a nice way to draw minions to your turrets when they're outside its range.
If your minions get to the tower try to get some wrenchthrows in as well just keep an eye on your enemy champion so he won't do anything malicious to you. If you already got your third turret, built one behind the mage creeps so it can fire away on the tower. When you're done just retreat right back to the safety of your turrets.
Rinse and repeat until you got the tower. You most likely have to recall at least once before the tower goes down due to shortage of mana and/or health. Just make sure you got your Ulti/Teleport ready so you might save your turrets. (Ideally recall when the enemy champions retreats.) Otherwise just slowly and steadily build your turretway up to the enemy tower again.
If you're having troubles getting through, get yourself the golem buff. From Level 6 on you should be able to kill the Golem without taking too much damage, still taking a Health potion with you isn't a bad idea. You don't really want to loose your precious buff the middle guy or the random ganker, right? Just place both turrets a bit more passively and quickly get the buff.

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Helping Out (Middle Game)

Once the enemy tower is down it's time to help out your pals. At this point your turret skill should be maxed out and you should already have at least a little bit of additional ability power.
While the other middle guy is most likely still busy with your turrets go to the sidelane, which needs more help and push together for the tower.
You could use the sidelane brushes to move up your turrets, but you can be actually quite cocky with the placement. In the end build your minibase close to the enemy tower. If a bigger amount of minions attack the tower build a new turret behind the ranged minions so it can fire away on the tower as well.
If you're afraid of a gank build an outpost turret in the river before you push the tower. Just keep in mind that you don't accidentaly kill it by building a third.

If the tower is down keep pushing or help out on the sidelane depending on what's more needed.

Also get the Mana Golem Buff if possible - it really helps a lot. Less cooldowns and you will never run out of Mana.

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SCIENCE!!! (Late Game)

Destroying inhibitortowers goes after the same principle of every other tower: Place turrets close to the tower and try to chip away on the tower with your turrets.
Of course there's the problem that usually 3-5 enemies trying to destroy your turrets. Just watch out that you don't get snared/stunned/grabed or raped in any other way, when you're placing a turret in towerrange. If the tower is about to "die" place a turret close to the tower so the turret can immediately start attacking the inhibitor as well. Start building turrets around the inhibitor and use your ulti in case it's needed.

If your team intends to do Nashor, place some turrets as outposts so you'll notice in time when the enemy team will be trying to foil your plans.

When getting away and defending keep chucking Grenades in the general direction of the enemy. Of course it's usually easy to dodge, but there's always someone who isn't paying attention. Also if possible place one or two in the Jungle so you'll notice in time whenever they're going to change lane.
Place your turrets in front of the tower you want to protect so ranged Champions have to destroy your turrets first before they can fire away on the tower.

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How to Fight as Heimerdinger

If you play with Heimi the first time you'll quickly notice that none of his skills are really made for combat.
Fighting as Heimi in a 1on1 always feels like the nerd in school who has to stand up to his bully. And damn is it satisfying when you kick the **** out him. Yeah! Take that Craig Johnson! That's the last time you got my lunch money! Sorry, got a little bit carried away. Let's cut to the chase.

In the end the CH-1 Concussion Grenade decides wheter you're going to live or die. You should always try to throw that thing from pointblank range so you can ensure it actually stuns. (of course in teamfight you can wait for someone to snare/stun or knock somebody airborne to throw your grenade.)

General Pointers
- Before anything happens blow your Deathfire Grasp away. The more health the enemy has, the more damaging it is.
- If you're hiding in a brush, build your turret after you stun him with the grenade, since the turret would reveal your position and you'd be targetable.
- If you're close to death or the enemy champion is about to nuke you, use [item_text=Zhonya's Ring]'s ability. It helps to avoid damage or maybe those are the two crucial seconds which your turret needs to kill the enemy champion or your grenade needs to cooldown.

Smaller Fights: (1on1 / 2on2)

Against Melee-Champions:
It's pretty simple - Build a turret, if possible Rocket him, wait until he's in pointblank range and stun him with a grenade and let the turret put some holes into him, while you (depending on how much health you have/the enemy has) retreat. Maybe build a turret on your way and activate your Ulti in case it's needed. Rinse and repeat until he's dead.

Against Ranged/Caster-Champions:
It's generally best to hide in brushes. Provided the enemy champion doesn't have an ability to smoke you out like Veigar's Dark Matter. If that's the case get close and even use your Flash to land the grenade hit. Some ranged Champions like Twitch usually stand perfectly still when they're firing away at you, so hitting with your grenade is actually pretty easy.

Heimerdinger's Tasks can be summed up as the following:

- Build up your turrets / keep them alive.
- Blinding/stunning DPS champions
- Interrupt channeled abilities.
- Spam Rockets (at viable targets.)

Keeping up your turrets is the most important aspect. They have a very high DPS and can destroy champions quickly if they don't pay attention. So getting into a teamfight where your turrets are already standing and no enemy creeps around is perfect for you. Otherwise try to build them up asap and use your ulti to keep them alive in case your winning. If you're losing rather use the ultimate to slow enemy chasers.
Just don't use your ultimate because you can. Yes the higher firing speed is nice, but they're way more noticeable than the regular Level3 turret which doesn't stand out that much.

Rockets are usually hard to place and most likely will either hit random creeps or the enemy (Off-)Tank instead of the more important targets. And position yourself proplery would most likely result in suicide. Therefore: Quantity over Quality.

Grenades are a very nice asset in Teamfights due to their long range. They reach usually long enough so you can leap them over the fat guys and hit the squishy, damagedeadling part of the enemy team. Aim for Phyiscal DPS champions because of the blinding effect. Maybe you're even able to stop channeling effects even though the grenade is rather slow and has to be thrown very precise to stun. So the whole channel-ability is probably sooner finished before the grenade actually hits.

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Important Notes

- Blitzcrank can grab your turrets, but he can't pull them away. They still take damage fromt he grab though. So use your turrets as shield against enemy Blitzes.
- Hextech Revolver won't give your turrets Spellvamp. So neither the turrets nor your will get any health.
- Hextech Microrockets count as multitarget spell except when you pull it off to only fire one single rocket.
- Turrets can't be knocked airborne.
- If Yi targets you with his Alpha Strike his location while shifing around is directly on top of you. In other words if you chuck a grenade at your location, you'll cancel his attack and actually damage him.
- Heimer is able to build turrets through thin walls and ledges. It's sometimes a bit fiddly but it's a nice way to scout and annoy the enemy team.