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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Ookalogin

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ookalogin

Heimerdinger The Pusher

Ookalogin Last updated on July 29, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hi, you want to master the arts of the midget technician? His afro should be enough to convince you to play him! Heimerdiger is an amazing champion to play mid. He counters most champions, and is countered only by a few champs that have long range (ahri, malzahar) His turrets shoot away non stop and are able to save your life as well as get you kills. Everyone wants kills :). Stomp your lane with this unstoppable build, wreck in 5v1's as easy as stealing a puppies chew toy. Read more if you're interested!

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Pros / Cons


    Amazing pusher
    Easy to master
    Hard to counter
    Dominates in team fights
    Crazy ap damage (can burst)
    Barely needs recalls and wrecks his lane!

    Countered by long ranged champs - ahri, caitlyn, malzahar

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Vsing Heimerdinger, Playing Heimerdinger

When fighting against a Heimgerdinger, know that any burst ap cant touch him, (fizz) But know that range counters heimerdinger hard. Malzahar,Ahri both take down his turrets from far taking away his persistent damage. Morgana can also counter heimerdinger. Plop down a pool of black poop on top of his turrets and watch as its life slowly fades away. Sheild yourself from his annoying, low cooldown HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS! Never follow a heimerdinger into a bush. He can easily plant a few turrets and slow you, stun you and burst away your hp in seconds.

Playing Heimerdinger. your opponents may not know much about heimerdinger. Hes very underrated and not played much. Lure them into a bush and instantly plant down your turrets. As soon as they enter, toss your CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE and stun em. Then ult, to ensure they cannot get away and spam away with your HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS which will deal the most damage. They may escape from the bush low on hp. if you're close enough, 1 more HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS should do it, if they're too far, you got flash :). As heimerdinger plant your turrets near the rivers. If they try to go for you, run around in circles around the river as your turret slowly inches away their hp. Plop a HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS and you got yourself a kill. This strategy works mostly for early game lvl 1-6. Say you got ganked, 3 men coming at you, plant 2 turrets into river bush and activate ult. circle around and spam your HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS. That lowers all three of their hps. If they get too close, flash over the wall and get your turret to do work. Easy double or maybe a triple. Maybe you have low hp and have 4 men chasing after you. Plop down turrets into a bush and wait. As they pass by to check inside, ult, to slow then, stun them with your CH-1 CONCUSSION GRENADE and as you run shoot off a few rounds of HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKETS. Easy quad or pentakill. This strat worked so well in ranked and got me many pentas and quadras because,the enemy tends to underestimate heimerdinger. You may have seen, i put a zhonyas into my build. you may lure them into a turret infested area, stun, ult, and zhonya. They will stay around to try to 1 shot you, as soon as zhonyas runs out, shoot out a HEXTECH MICRO-ROCKET and you will probably get the kill(s).

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Skill Use and Strategy

I recommend getting a turret first for farm and push. slowly drive them back as well as farm some gold. Your hextech is your massive burst damage. I max it out first because in a team fight, A single or two rounds of that burns the enemy to 1/4 hp and if tanky, at least 1/2 hp. I dont really use the grenade much. Its much too slow and easy to dodge. But if theres a big minion wave, or a team fight, pop it onto the group and be awarded with 5 stunned, easy to kill enemy champs. Your ult is amazing. The enemy runs into your turrets and want to escape, pop the ult on them and the slow should ensure the kill. It may also be used as a get away. You or your team is having a hard time getting away. Pop down a turret and activate your ult, or, if needed throw a grenade and stun/bind them out of the chase.

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I chose those items for a reason. 1. You get your most needed ap. 2. You get cd reduction, zhonya activation, and the rod of ages will take the squishyness out of heimerdinger. If wanted, you may trade rod of ages for a rylai, the rylai passive can act as a passive ult as well as give you ap and health.

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Place down turrets. They ensure that you're always pounding away at minions for the gold, and for the push. If the enemy gets too close, the turret should instantly attack them and you can shoot off a few rockets to make them back off. slowly advance to their turret and pound away. They wont stand a chance x3

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Skill Sequence

This is easy for a heimerdinger. Turret, stun, rockets. Think of it as a 5 second kill.

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Heimerdinger is very easy to master and a very annoying opponent. Burst your enemy down with your massive persistent ap damage and conquer the mid lane. No more fears of the dreaded burst ap fizz, no more worries of the over powered karthus. You will be king of mid lane.