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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Verrond

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Verrond

Heimerdinger THe smartest Champ in the game

Verrond Last updated on August 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello all and welcome to my first build!
Yes this is my first time on mobafire creating a champion build and all, so i really hope i can help even with the lack of expierence i have at the current time
Ok so right now this guide isnt finished, but i plan to finish it within the year.
I really dont have much time to do much......
Anyways, i have over 3 months of xp play heimer and i have developed many tricks that can be real game-changers
So without further ado, welcome to my heim build

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I believe this choice in runes i kinda self explanitory, but for traditions sake ill explain why i chose what i chose.

Every mage relys on their spells and each spell can mean life or death. I chose cooldown reduction runes for theis reason. Heim can either bring death to an enemy champ or bring life to an ally or himself (ill get into detail about that later)

Magic pen runes along with magic resist destroying turrets can make ur spells tear through your enemies and make them melt before you

Heim is a huge mana drain, meaning he goes through his mana quickly (thanks to the new patch, he is a little better at conserving mana) so i chose mana seals for increased time in lanes.

Finally, health quints add more health.....what else do i need to say?

A good set of runes allow for your champions to start off a few steps ahead of an opponet who doesnt have runes. They also can mean the difference between a won or lost teamfight. These runes are extreamly important, though its hard to tell, they really make a difference.

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Masteries, like runes, can be very important in a game. Many expierenced players have mastery and rune pages built for each of their main champions. Anyway onto the explaination

I master mainly in utility for the cooldown reduction and mana regen, however i dip into offensive masteries for the additional cooldown reduction and magic pen.
I recomend you tailor these masteries to fit your own prefrance, but the overall numbers should be the same.

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Well now for the items!

As you can see, there are a few overlaping items on this build. The reason for this is because these items are conditional.
For example, If you face an opponet that shreds you in a fight, you should build items that give u more survivability (defensive items)

To start i grab a meki pendant and some mana potions because they allow you to lane a long time without recalling and in mid lane, the longer lasting champion is the winner. I have been in a few games in which i killed two turrets without recalling. I even won a game without returning to the base once ;)
Normally (if your smart) you try to recall after you kill the enemy champion or the enemy turret. So when you do recall, you have a choice in your items.
Based on the enemy champion, you can either choose a catalyst and boots or needlessly large ages. If the oppostite laner(s) do a lot of harassing, you should choose the boots and catalyst. But if your feeling strong and pushing well, you should choose the rod. (these are personal decisions, so its really based on how you feel that particular game)
Next you almost always want to buid you deathcap. However, if your team is facing a bunch of tanks, you should build a void staff for the magic penetration.
Then you should build the frozen heart for the cooldown reduction and Zhonyas hourglass for the ap and extra two seconds of life. (you never know what you can pull off with an extra 2 seconds) (tip: you can press numbers 1-6 to use the active abilities of the coresponding item)
After that, its all conditional. I have a few recomdations listed in the build above and ill explain what conditions they should be used in. But its all up to you on what you want to use

Rylais Crystal Scepter: I dont normally use this item, but i do use it when i get annoying assasins who try to gank everyone. I basically use the slow to keep them in range of my turrets while i hit them with my stun over and over again :)
One of the coolest things i pulled off with this item was destroying an Olaf close range. He came up to me while i was trying to recall due to 4000 gold in my bank. Luckily my turrets were next to me.... Anyways, He came up to me and tried to take me down one on one. All i had to do was run arround in my turret range while he chased me. Due to the fact that he was slowed, it was an easy kill. I had fun watching his health go down while i spammed my spells. I didnt even have to use my ulti :D But i had over 300 ap and i was doing masive ammounts of damage so i cant really blame him

Rod of ages: I dont really have a cool story with this one, sorry. I use this when i want to survive longer.....thats it.

Kages lucky pick: This item is basically just a random pick up item. What i mean is, i pick this item up when games start slowly and when i dont have enough enough money for a deathcap yet. The money is not so bad either ;p

Soul Shroud: I build this item when i feel supporty. Ill get into details about supporting in game later. I replace frozen heart for this often.

Archangels Staff:I dont usually build this item anymore because rod of ages does its job. At lower levels, i tended to oom (run out of mana) a lot but now that i have runes and masteries that keep my mana in check, i dont neep it anymore. I do sugjest this for lower level summoners though.

Now remember this was only half the build. The items only help if you can play well enough to use them correctly. Of course ill help you with that in the next part.

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Gameplay Intro

Heimerdinger is one of the most unique champions in the game due to his turrets.

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General Gameplay

I play heim as a support/ap carry. It's a style of play that takes a lot of practice (I have about 30lvls worth of practice as heim myself)
Basically I try to kill as many ppl as possible while keeping my team. I take mid when I can, but I double lane if a stronger carry appears on my team. There are a few key gameplay componets that i want to talk about. Those are; Farming/Harassing, Warding, Duo/Solo laning, Buffs, Turret placement. I also have some trick I would like to share! So please pay attention while i teache you how to play heimerdinger.

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Turret Placement

The first and most important part of playing heimerdinger is placing turrets in strategic places that can enhance your laning ability to the fullest. There are a few placements that I will lay out for you, but its up to you to use them correctly in the game.

First there is the basic turret placement; 2 turrets right next to eachother in the middle of the minion line. This is used most often because its easy to set up and good for farming. The turrets are right next to eachother so you dont have to worry about the range of each of the turrets because they are the same.

Second is when you spread out the turrets across the lane perpendicular to the lane's center. This minimizes the rate of turret deaths in lane because AoEs cant hit BOTH the turrets