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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FeatherLite

Heimerdinger; The ultimate pusher

FeatherLite Last updated on August 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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First off, unlike most heimer builds out there i focus on rockets over grenades, I do this because:
- Grenades stun lasts the same from level 1-5
- While the blinds duration does increase, i personally prefer the additional damage from rockets
- Unless against a noob, you won't hit with your grenade from range
- Rockets are good for harassing your opponent and after it hits level 2 you begin to take significant chunks of there hp each hit.
- At low level - with no ap - grenading a tower is a waste of mana, and with the recent debuffs your better off not bothering until late game.
Also, I leave my ultimate until last. I do this for three reasons:
- It heals turrets for 100% at all levels
- I Don't use the slow often enough for it to be worth increasing early on, plus it only
goes up by 5% a level.
- While the CD reduction is good, by the time i could get rank 2 ulti i usually have golem buff whenever it appears so the difference is minimal.

Teleport/Clarity combo allows you to maintain a permanent presence in your lane, and as an added bonus turrets are immune to damage if you use teleport on them.
They are also a great help later on in the game for pushing, clarity to allow you to continue a push, or to give enough mana to get golem buff, or teleport to tele to minions that have reached a tower.
Flash - Escape/catch up ability.
Ghost - Same as above
Exhaust - Grenade has the same effect, however if your aim sucks can help
Heal - Mainly for ranked games i'd say, if you manage to get him and you see the other team pick someone that'll be able to damage you, this will help you maintain your lane presence.

Instead of following the typical mage type rune build i choice to replace CD runes for additional AP, Mainly because end game your ulti + golem buff gets you the maximum CD reduction.

The game:
Try to mid unless the other team has a good counter for you. My list of these counters in my experience are:

Anivia - Her ulti drops your turrets with ease and her combo deals massive amounts to you.
Morgana - Manageable at low level, lvl 9+ drops turrets with one tormented soil
Tristana - Out ranges turrets
Sivir - Her multi-hits quickly drop your turrets and minions simultaneously while hitting you as well.
Annie - Tibbers drops your turrets instantly, her q takes them down in 1-2 hits as well
Fiddle - Drain life can take your turrets down if you don't grenade him fast.
Heim - In my experience Heim v heim is hell. As soon as one gets an upper hand its very hard to make a come back without a gank.
Kennen - Can take your turrets down from out of range, and his rush is good for gettin past turrets and killing you.
kog'mar - Ulti drops turrets fast as well as you. Also has 2 other skills that our range turrets
Karthus - Lay waste drops turrets easily, and there a pain to constantly dodge.
Katarina - Bouncing blade can drop turrets if shes AD, if she manages to shunpo you after level 6 you'll be lucky to get away unless shes a ******

If your against any of these solo and there a decent player, they can ruin the whole game for you. Thankfully from what i've seen - this is rare :) With the exception of anivia, never been able to beat her mid.

While some may argue that they are a better mid than you - EG. karth, kata, ashe.. - don't forget that whoever you lane with will be lucky to get 1 minion kill per wave once you have 3 turrets set up. So while mid will have a better game , you and whoever you lane with will be alot weaker until end game. ( You'll be weaker as it'll take you longer to level )

Sapphire Crystal + Health Potionx2 - Probably won't need the hp pot but better safe than sorry.
Archangel's Staff - Great mana and ap increase. Plus the %MP into AP stacks - Win!
Sorcerer's Shoes - Basic 2 speed, +20 MP for more damage
Zhonya's Ring - A must have for heim. Your turrets continue to attack while your untouchable.
Depending on how the games going I take one of two paths.

1)If i'm not being targeted I get another 3 Archangel's Staff. If I manage to complete this i have over 1000ap, this causes my rockets and grenade to deal around 700 damage(Not including MR or MP) each.
2) If i'm being targeted i invest in Warmog's Armor and Rylai's Crystal Scepter, This gives me a huge hp increase - to about 3.5k - and the slow from the scepter makes escape alot easier.

Early game

Place your turret behind the melee minions and try to last hit every minion. If your opponent trys to target your turret, target them. As soon as you get 580g recall asap to upgrade your Sapphire Crystal to a Tear of the Goddess, you need the mana. You then want to stay in your lane until you can afford shoes. If your doing well it's wise to also invest in buying some Sight Wards and placing them in the side bushes, don't want any early deaths from people not saying miss.

Mid game

Against most people mid you can drop the tower within 10-15 mins easily. Once you hit level 9 you will begin to push hard. 3 level 5 turrets will decimate a minion wave in seconds. I recommend going for the golem buff as soon as you can, and as often as you can. It's amazing the different it makes in the speed you can push and the rate you can spam your abilities with it. Once the first tower is down you can either push the second - I find this drops alot faster than the first, can sometimes go straight to it and drop it if I've forced them to recall, or go and help another lane. Also you can easily solo the dragon from level 9 - Place 2/3 turrets right outside the gate, and pull the dragon towards them with your rockets. Be careful not to draw it too far out or it will withdraw and heal.

End game

In team fights you want to stay on "the outskirts" running in and throwing your grenade and rockets when you can and placing a turret to boost your teams damage. I find heimer to be great at killing escaping enemies, with your ultis slow, your grenades long range stun - takes some practice to learn where to throw it to stun a moving target - and your rockets epicly large range. The main problem with heim is that should minions wander past your fight, turrets and rockets can be wasted on them.

Don't forget however your main function is to push. Wait for towers to start attacking the minions before placing your turret to attack the tower with you. End game you can drop towers with just one wave solo. When pushing with your team i find the best turret layout to be a line across the lane - this goes for all stages of the game, including early game farming. This allows for good offence against minions, and good defense against the enemy pushing. If a turret is taken down replace it, if several are hit use your ultimate when needed.

As they say patients is a virtue and with your turrets you can basically set up 4v1 gank in a bush. Simply set up your turrets in a bush, lure the enemy in, grenade them in range of your turrets - easy kill. However this can sometimes backfire in certain locations with you ending up traped in the middle of several enemies.