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League of Legends Build Guide Author Krabbugz

Heimerdinger: The un-gankable engineer

Krabbugz Last updated on July 25, 2010
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Heimerdinger is one of the most annoying chapions to face. He is a really good solo. If you do the abilities correctly you can have your fully upgraded turrets at level 9. Place them in a line or triangle formation and stay near them at all times. You want AP and cooldown reduction so you can make the turrets strong and re-make them when 1 dies. The concussion grenade is also a nice thing to use because if idiots who think they are awesome and come and attack your turrets then use your grenade and it will stun them while your turrets attack the idiot and he will go down easily. The rockets are also useful but latley I have only been using them when the random person or ganks come along or if I'm trying to push. Hiermerdinger isn't the best pusher but he is great for early harrasment. When you get all 3 of your turrets up and level 5 just sit near them and you will not be ganked! However if the whole team charges at you at once you will die. After a while in the game the person your laning against will most likley tell their team to gank you...if it's one person or 2 your all set but whole team?...RUN! The summoner spells are obvious. Clarity because you will run out of mana, and teleport so if you recall to buy or heal, you can teleport to your own turrets!!! Heimerdinger will also get alot of creep kills and if people are stupid, they will attack your turrets and attempt to kill you and die! If you win you will get tons of IP.


1. If you have turrets under fire and about to die, use your ultimate UPGRADE!!! It will instantly heal your turrets and make them shoot frost which will slow enemies.
2. If you see alot of enemy champions coming twoards you or you see on the map that they are all missing start to retreat or get an ally near you and sit near your turrets and you will do fine.
3. Heimerdinger is very squishy at the begining so make sure you sit back and let your turrets do most work until you get better HP.
4. Be cautious when advancing your turrets, it's the perfect time to get ganked. Your turrets wont be connected and you will be less defended.
5. Heimerdinger is a great defneder, if your base isn't going to survive, place turrets next to the base turrets and it will be alot harder for them to push.

If you are not soloing some good laning partners will be singed, who can fling enemy champs twoards your turrets. Also a tank is very nice to keep near you so you dont die.
Heimerdinger is compatlible to work with anyone but i would avoid laning with a stealth champ.

People you dont want to fight while laning are Janna, and stealth champs. Janna is really annyoing fo Heimerdinger because her tornado can be used outside your turrets range and do good damage to them as well. Also Ashe can be a bit annoying as well. Minons keep your turrets distracted and she takes them out. However she isnt the biggest threat. Tanks are another not good to lane against champ. They have alot of health and they relize they are taking damage and run. Thats where your rockets and grenades come in handy.

This guide will not make you the best as Heimerdinger, it gives you the oppertunity to do great as him. It all depends on you.