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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Gervantes

Heimerdinger wont stop!

By Gervantes | Updated on September 26, 2011

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LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi all. This is my first guide.
I would never do a guide, unless I am sure of its viability!
I would guess I have played 150 - 200 games with Heimy. This build is in my oppinion the most versatile.

****loads of text I have written. But maybe I should upload a video when I figure out how to do that :) from lolreplay. Or maybe just the lolreplay file?

Keywords: Blue, wards, spellvamp and aggressive defender.
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Summoner spells

Clarity because it is awesome on heimy. Heimy can hold mid long cause of his passive health regen. Clarity and his passive makes him strong over time. Also you will see many moments where your team push with 4 champions and 2 of them are without mana, at this point you are a good with clarity. Dont just use clarity for yourself, but for your team, so even though you have mana, use it!

Flash because it saves your *** SO many times, but also because Heimy are so strong with his turrets, ulti, stun, range and slow, together with flash!
Heimy can in a teamfight flash over a wall and STILL be extremly viable for the teamfight the seconds after, very very very viable with his range!

I see no other summoner spells can do better than these for Heimy!
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Ofc 9 in offense.

21 utility cause you get both flash and clarity bonus and even less cd with Presence of the master. So great with flash on Heimer.
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The key of Heimy push (early game)

Heimy can be played bad, better, good, great, fantastic, awesome, and OMG!

Your turrets are worth alot. Dont place a turret if another one will dissapear, unless that one is at a completely useless place ofcourse!
Imagine you have pushed abit forward and you want to push more!!!!! ofcourse! But if you do replace the turret further ahead, it might get killed quite fast and that can never pay off. Wait till the minions get back to the other one.
This is easier regulated when you can place two turrets.
Try and be sure that the turret you place can ATLEAST hold as long as untill you can place a new, that is actully a good rule!

Also if you reached the opponents tower, then dont drop turrets close to the tower unless there are none of the opponents minions. If minions arrive the turrets will shoot at minions and the tower will win over your turrets easily.

Your turrets does so great damage to tower. Try and time when to put them up at a good time. Imagine the opponent is recalling, then push minions quickly with rockets and grenade, dont use turrets at this specific moment to push minions, but dont push with grenade and rockets unless you are quite sure you will reach the tower fast. When you reach the tower drop the turrets and see the tower dissapear.

I would not recommend using Heimy ulti to last longer when hitting tower, you need it in defence!

Normally place your turrets close, but if the opponent has AOE damage, then place them far away from each others!

Get blue when possible. Maybe Lee sin doesnt need or some other jungler will give it away. As soon as you get blue with Heimy, you are a MONSTER at around lvl 6-8. You can push with rockets and grenade. Dont forget to look out for ganks when you push with blue. It is a good moment to pick blue when you are home and picking up two wards. If necesarry use ulti to get blue, though most often it isnt.

In most games, I have the opponents mid tower down at lvl 9. Good Caitlyn´s, Gragas, Malz and few more, can make life hard. Get swiftness boots quickly against gragas and caitlyn. Dont underestimate the power of runspeed :D
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Farm and tricks

Heimerdinger should farm, farm and farm. Allways auto attack the minion your turrets are focused at, unless ofcourse you can last hit another minion ;)

Auto attack the opponent every time you see the opportunity. Heimy has his passive and it can pay off to hit an opponent once, if he also only hits you once. But be carefull.

OPPONENT HITTING YOU TURRET? PUNISH HIM!!! Every time the opponent hits your turret, go cast a wrench on them, punish them.

The milisecond after using rockets is a great moment to also throw a wrench (auto attack). Ofcourse be carefull with champs like Vladimir and Ashe since Vlad will heal and ashe will slow you. If you have turrets up, they will attack ashe and most often get her down abit. Play around with wrench and learn it, it can be devastating.

At lvl 9 (I think) you can steal the opponents 4 jungle minions over the wall. Those with a purple regen minion :) Stun and rockets. Gives you 100 gold and nice lvl each time you do it! Dont steal it if the opponents mid tower is not down.
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Ganked constantly

The worst thing for Heimy is to be ganked constantly. This does happen in some games and you have to place a turret behind yourself or just around you. This will lower your push speed, but if they want to gank you, it is probably because you allready do great. Also be sure that when you go home for items, buy two wards, it DOES pay off!

Sometimes you will see some ganker not getting you. Punish the ganker with rockets and keep the push up when they are two. Ofcourse be carefull it isnt Sion with flash and stun or maybe a WW.
The point is, that for every tiny second they are two in mid, against you alone, it pays off.

Ofcourse it happens that you die. But just get back in there :) and try and not die, cause bleh!
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Start items

Boots and 3 health pots.
Why? Cause clarity should hopefully bring you enough mana. 3 pots and your passive and rocket harrasing will be 1 Heimy that never loses health in the long run (early game), who cares if Brand hits you once? as long as you also hit him once.

Home first time, try and have enough gold for that tear drop thing that gives you more flat mana when using a spell. Write on a paper what amount of gold you need for that, plus gold for 2 wards and health pots/swiftness boots if you are on fire.

Home second time, get archangels staff and build revolver and rabandons. If you cannot afford archangels staff, begin on the revolver.

Lets look at a screwed situation. You got archangels and 1600 gold, the next item is not revolver but to get needlessly large rod. It is important because that staff gives you 80 ap and that is WAY better than revovler with 40 ap and 15 vamp.
From there on, build rabandons/revoler. It very much depends of what money you have when you get back. But AP beats spellvamp until you have rabandon.

End up with 1 more archangels since it does give you heavy AP boost. Last item either archangels or rod of ages. You lose around 60 ap with rod of ages but gains 650 HP. Maybe survivability is to prefer!
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Why Swiftness boots and not those awesome damage boots?

If Heimy can survive, he kill stuff! He also stun stuff and he also blind and aoe, he also slow!
A dead Heimy doesnt even keep his turrets alive!

Also the build is a build that heals Heimy. You should focus AP more than penetration. Cause you will be healing alot on minions, ALOT. And that is what makes you very viable.

The reason you dont start off buying spellvamp is simply because you cant spellvamp without damage, but you can damage without spellvamp!

The spellvamp is good on Vladimir, and Brand. But it is very good on Heimy. So much range and the rockets will hit something. Heimy can probably deal out the most damage, so why not benefit from it, even the turrets will heal you? On a lane midgame with half life? Just pop grenade and rockets into minions and you healed 1/4 life.

With Will of the ancients and Clarity, you suddenly give your team both healing and mana, what more could they ask for? 30 min ago I played besides Nidalle, I gave her mana when we pushed mid and then she healed me!!!! xD xD xD
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Get 24 AP from blues and quin. You want to push minions the most.
MP on reds and mana reg on yellow.

If you get into placing turrets correctly and not wasting mana too fast, this should be ok.
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If ganked alot, then just keep mid tower and feed with minions. Amumu is absolutly one of the strongest to gank you. The more the jungler has to be around mid, the better it is for your team.

Else take the mid tower and move to either side. Heimerdinger suddenly showing up on a lane, is just extremely crazy omg so nice strong. 3 vs 2 burst minions and pop down two turrets at tower. Make sure someone looks out for midlane while you have fun.

Hopefully you are just a little fed with minions, cause early game is the easiest for Heimy. Be sure to bring wards and that your team buy wards. Heimy earn alot gold and can as carry also buy few wards, the defence from them is easily worth it. If you warded around mid and can push abit against there midtower, you are very strong with alot mana, clarity, spellvamp and swiftness boots. Very few champions can do anything to catch you. And you can try and see if you can push two champions. All this goes into extreme mode if you have BLUE. WARDS WARDS WARDS, be safe and you can harrash.

Once I began to run lanes with Heimy midgame cause he push well, but being able to scare them at the next mid tower is very effective, and brings your team in a very strong position.
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