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Heimerdinger Build Guide by RaptorJesusFTW

Heimerfarmer (mid-lane solo, patient playing)

Heimerfarmer (mid-lane solo, patient playing)

Updated on January 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaptorJesusFTW Build Guide By RaptorJesusFTW 5,032 Views 1 Comments
5,032 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RaptorJesusFTW Heimerdinger Build Guide By RaptorJesusFTW Updated on January 6, 2012
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[Please note that I'm a Spanish player and that it's quite challenging to try to explain my build en English... please, forgive any language mistakes]

This is a build for patient&support-loving Heimerdinger players. You won't finish the game with stats like 35/9/2 but I often have something like 7/0/28, and, the most important of this build (appart from not being killed) is to get a farm of about 300-350 minions killed.
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Pros / Cons


- If you are concentrated you won't be killed for the whole game.
- You'll be able to buy your items before your rival on the mid-lane does.
- Ganking on the other lanes is also possible. Supporting defense is vital.
- As a lot of money is done using this build, don't forget to buy elixirs when you're able!


- Your first kill might not be found until minute 10.
- Avoiding your teammates' deaths is more difficult than helping them to kill. This build is for very active and concentrated players.
- A whole good team is needed. You can't win the game on your own.
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The most important part of this build is having a huge "farm". When your teammates have about 10 minions killed, you should have 30. When they have 180 (about the end of the game), you should have about 350.

The first minion wave should be completely yours: place your turret just between the first rival minions so that it is able to shoot the magic minions too. Always attack the same minion that the turret is attacking. Use W&E to avoid the other champ attacking your turret.

You'll be much more minion-fed than the other champ and you should not be killed with "flash" and "ghost", so you'll have good items quite before the other does.
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Team Work

You might not have killed the other mid-lane champ when teamfights begins (bit he shouldn't have killed you either)... and it's time to make profit of your feeding.

Join teamfights on the back side and place your turrets just behind your teammates (one left, one right). If the teamfight goes back, your turrets will attack the other champs. Use your E to stun the carries and, when retiring, use your ulti to kill any champ trying to catch you.

Only when the teamfight will be probably won, try to place your turrets in front of it (again, one on each side, so that at least one of them attacks someone) and don't hesitate on using your ulti. It's often better to press your R at the beggining of the teamfight so that your team gets numerical advantage.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RaptorJesusFTW
RaptorJesusFTW Heimerdinger Guide
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Heimerfarmer (mid-lane solo, patient playing)

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