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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Kanoble

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kanoble

Heimy -- Mid Lane Push Controls the Battlefield

Kanoble Last updated on July 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide to make Heimerdinger control the Mid Lane against any opponent with the goal to knock the first tower in mid down by the time you are level 6 to 7. I have played this build over 100 times and I win about 70% of the matches I am in. Ranked or not. If your outside lanes don't just completely collapse you will draw so much attention and help requests from your opponent that the outside lanes are relieved of pressure. And yes it does require PROMOTE. Don't down vote yet. Heimer is the only champ that can produce this much mid lane pressure. Read On...

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Heimer does both types of damage so I build my runes to provide penetration of both armor and magic. I use the seals as mana regeneration because you are going to drink mana like a drunken sailor the first ten minutes of the game. After that you have enough mana to get you through the rest of the game without running out too often.

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You are usually up against an ap champ in mid so I put magic resistance in to defend this. You are squishy so the extra health and health regeneration are needed to prevent deaths. On the utility side you need MANA, GOLD and Experience. Mana for obvious reasons, gold because you need to get your items to make your rockets devastating by level 10 and the experience to get those rockets to level 5.

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Being squishy and slow is never a good thing. You also DO NOT want to die in the first 10 levels. That is why we buy basic boots and two health pots to just keep from dying. The boots let you keep away from the enemy champs attempts to kill you and the health pots are their in case you made a mistake. If you get too low on health enemy champs will chase you and even tower dive you early so keep that health up so they don't get cocky.

Next purchase wave is usually the Sorcerers Shoes and parts of the Rod of Ages. I am usually around level 8 to 9 at this point with about 2800 gold. The Rod of ages helps with the squishy of your champ and also gives those rockets that extra bite.

Some say go for Archangels staff first to build it up but you tend to die too much trying without the extra HP. You need to not feed and the Rod provides enough firepower to kill the enemy with its abilities. Always Rod of ages first then Archangel's Staff.

Champs are now building HP so it's time to do more damage. Rabadon's Deathcap is the answer. Get this to really become a terror. Champs avoid me now. So they start to build magic resistance. What to do?

Get an abyssal scepter to reduce their attempts at this and add a bit more punch.

If the game goes on past 50 minutes go with what you feel is needed for the match. More AP, HP, Armor Whatever but few of my matches go this long.

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Skill Sequence

This is the most important aspect of this strategy. We are going to rank our first two skills (Turrets and Rockets) all the way to level 5 before we even do our ultimate. WHY? Because those turrets kill fast and hurt champs at these levels because they are only level 8 through 10 at this time. Rockets knock off half a champs health bar at this time and will score you kills. A level five rocket attack does 400 to 600 damage depending on items by level 10 most champs have between 1400 and 1900 hp at this time. Do the math. THEY FREAKING HURT. Not to mention the turrets hitting them for 250 damage per shot. If they even try to come near you the will pay for it. If the jungler tries to gank you stay inside your turrets and rocket the intruder. He will leave or die as he is usually 2 to 3 levels behind you. Warwicks have no chance against Heimer at this stage of the game. Then get your Ult at level 11 and 12 to reduce your cooldown cause we want to spit rockets like a machine gun at champs. Grenades are used to stop chasing champs or to push lanes by killing minions in groups fast. This is only needed at end of game. Champs dodge the darn grenade if used offensively but they can't dodge rockets.

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Summoner Spells

WHAT?!@!?@ Promote???? You're a troll:) You will hear that at every champ select screen. Just ignore it. It is critical to kick the front door of their base down within 15 minutes. I get all three towers in mid sometimes and many games end with a surrender at 20 because of me. No one can stop this. Unless they bring 2 to 3 champs in. Guess what happens then. The outside lanes push because their team is trying to stop me. They can't be everywhere. BTW I play level 30 players all the time. These are not noobs but they still can't stop it.

Clarity:) Isn't it obvious? You are needing mana. This gives it to you. Absolute.

I'm going to bring this all together in the next chapter.

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This is the same sequence I run every time and it is fun to watch the enemy champ getting so upset at this little ****py champ kicking his butt.

It starts....

Before minion spawn go to mid lane and walk to where the grass ends and the cobblestone starts on the map. Place a turret in lane about one inch in from there. If you have a jungler go leash for him as your turret will kill the first wave for you even if your not there. If no jungler then stay with turret. Always stand behind it so you don't get hit. First wave of minions die and about three of yours are left. Follow this wave just out of enemy tower range and after two more minions die you will get your first rocket upgrade. Get it and use it against enemy champ. Make sure enemy champ is one of the three closest targets to you every time you wish to use it. Retreat a bit and get behind third wave of minions. This is the wave to promote. Place turret again just behind this wave and let promote and turret collapse this wave. Try to keep harassing enemy champ with rockets and when you hit level 3 upgrade rockets again. This wave will start to hit enemy tower for about 300 damage before its gone. If enemy champ comes out past three of his minions send him back with rockets. You will have to wait to wave 9 to get next promote minion but if you keep your turrets just behind your minion line it will push your minions and they will hit the enemy tower each wave for a little bit. Also dont stay with turret and minions but back a bit. If a gank comes during this time fire a rocket at intruder and place turret down. You can tell when a gank is coming because the mid lane champ will usually push out at you like a madman. RETREAT because he has called for help. Go back to own tower and wait the ganker out. If he hit you a bit that's what the health pots are for. Use them cause we are not leaving. When wave 9 comes in Promote and push with two turrets now and level 4 rockets. You are level 8 now when you get the push to enemy tower place final turrets and retreat for a tactical recall. Upon retreating place a turret at your tower before you leave so you still get xp while gone. Time to buy Sorcerers shoes, catalst the protector and and ability staff. Go back mid and you will now kill the enemy champ if he doesn't retreat. Push the lane right back up to tower and knock it down with wave 15 of minions. You are about 9 minutes into the game at this point.

The control of the battlefield has now begun....

You now make a tactical choice. If the mid stinks and he has no help. No jungler and you see the other four champs in their lanes then push mid to second tower. It will fall fast with two turrets and Promoted minion from wave 15. Two towers drop within 2 minutes. If the mid is better than average and you don't know where his teammates are then go to the outside lane that has been having trouble via the river and gank outside lane. As soon as you gank don't chase champs but get minions push and knock that tower down in that lane. RECALL buy Rod of Ages and usually Archangel's Staff then go to lane you haven't been to yet and start those towers to collapse. AT NO TIME ARE YOU CHAMP HUNTING. YOU ARE BASE DESTROYER.

Till now......

Time for fun. You now have about 3 levels on your opponents and you ARE the most powerful guy on your team. This will last till about 25 minutes of game time. CHAMP KILLING TIME:)! Participate in all team fights and place turrets down in middle of fight, set off ult to make them freeze towers and run off while shooting rockets with random abandonment into the fray. Kill any retreating champs with rockets also. Don't waste mana with grenades unless someone needs stunned. When you get 3 or 4 champs dead find the best lane to push all the way to an inhib finding a promoted minion along the way. The promoted minion takes forever for a tower to kill that is why they are so important. THEY KILL TOWERS. If you do get to an inhib and take it down, (ABOUT 50% of my games) then the super minions spawing this early will cause the game to end at 20 to 25 minutes due to surrender. Supers are hard to kill at level 12 to 14 which is what the enemy is at this time.

It's so fun to do this and you get a lot of friend requests after. Many then say you are the best heimer they have ever seen. I Know:)

Heimerdinger says that I have this down to a science.:) Enjoy.

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Pros / Cons

Lane dominance
High early damage
Disruptive to other team
Know one knows how to fight a good heimerdinger
Spells require no aiming

Must be done in this exact way
Only Champ that can stop this is Fiddlesticks. He kills the promoted minion fast by draining so if he is in mid then do what you can.
Must be good at feeling ganks and reading opponent behavior
Your still squishy till level 8 recall. REMEMBER THAT.

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Creeping / Jungling

one side note. If you are going through jungle to change lanes and pass some monsters drop a turret and fire a volley of rockets and keep going. You'll get the extra kills while you are gone and the spells will be back by the time you get to where your going.