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League of Legends Build Guide Author azrael#3752

Hit n Run crit Pirate

azrael#3752 Last updated on June 30, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Made this obviously cause Gang is free this week and I have fallen in love with using him. I relied on a similar build that focused on getting avarices but have found this one to work better for my play style.

This is a take on the popular crit build for Gangplanks parley skill. This build will be more of an end game as most crit builds are but with parley you can be a great harasser early on and easily get first blood with good laning partners, that preferably have stun or slows. Hence why we keep ignite in the play. Now one thing this build focuses on is getting Phantom Dancers. Most other build will focuse on getting many avarices but I find this to be in effective when compared to the Phantoms. Cause not only are we focusing on the crit but we greatly increase are dodge and movement with these. And don't forget that his passive is like and ignite so any life steal chars like twitch and ww will suffer from it greatly.

Early game- The best thing to do is pick a good partner like sion or taric who has good survivability and a stun. This way you guys are capable of snatching a first blood easily. Pick up the brawler gloves and some hp pots. Do not focus on using parley to last hit minions as it will deplete your mana fast so use only to harass enemies and avoid close contact as you are better as a hit and run char until later game. And try to stay in lane till you can afford a zeal and if not go back and pick up what you can. Always get hp pots when needed. And to note with skill lvling. I find that a lvl 3 scurvy is good and that raise morale will be more useful. It actually adds attk damage now instead of attk speed. Also the movement speed is amazing, which makes us great hit n run with parley.

Mid game- I consider this to be right around lvl 6 or when first turret falls. This is when you want to keep good eye for pushing champs to lend a hand with your ult. You probably wont get kills with it as its damage has been reduced in last patch, but you will be able to snatch assists like no other and save allies. Also around this time you should be getting your first phantom dancer. Focus on that and get ninja tabi next. Are next item will be another zeal and going for are 2nd Phantom. With just one and tabi you will have around 40% dodge alone, and a good 30 crit. Not enough but will be fine after 2nd Phantom. Good thing to do is also start picking up buffs around lvl 9, no sooner as it is hard to survive. With the blue aura you can start last hitting minions with parley, 16g a kill numerous times is great as well as spam ult better.

Late game- This is where you will shine. Should have 2 Phantoms and close to Infinity edge or have it. You wont be some amazing shaco in the end but you will be hitting 1k easy to all non tank champs. You will be the best hit and run char ever made. Plus with well places ults you can snag some kills jump in and slam a parley down anyones mouth and still get close critting 400-600, depending on the char but I do 500 to most. However this build lacks life steal so dont think your some yi or ashe when doing this. Make use of scurvy and stick with hit and run for most part. You will also make a great back-door char with high dmg output and speed to out run anything. Just cast scurvy to remove any slows or stuns and use ghost to get out of dodge. Take care of all neutral monster to get some extra cash and buffs and be sure to keep lanes pushing. Just be careful cause 3 or more can easily make your day suck with a lucky gank, but thats where all that speed boosts shine, as well as dodge.

*Now I feel like this is a good point to add in. I find that starting with one avarice blade is not bad idea. We will turn this into Ghostblade and receive 15% crit chance boost, armor penn and a cool-down, as well as the active. It will mean you start out a little stronger as more crit in beginning but still main focus is on phantoms. Also means that getting Infinity edge will be a longer wait. So purely up to the user. I used this sometimes and it is not bad.