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League of Legends Build Guide Author amnotanaba

hit run kill(also tank)

amnotanaba Last updated on January 19, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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strategic solo

at this moment when you are alone you never fight them straight on unless they cant do **** to you. you want to make it so that you keep a poison path in front of them. this will do alot of damage and use your slow path so it takes them longer to get anywhere. if they are faster then you use your ulti to catch up to them and fling them back behind you and rinse and repeat. Also with your ulti it makes those face to face moments possible. don't forget that your ulti is also a get away ability it speeds you up and gives you more health regen

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Team Work

you want to poison there team alot by going though them this is the reason you are a tank and also poison people. THIS PART IS VERY IMPORTANT you want to use fling to feed people to your group during a gank or a group battle. this will give you guys a free kill and help feed your team and give you a advantage with one more person then them at that moment.

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first thing that i buy is the sapphire crystal is because it gives you more mana to keep using spells and gives you health do to your passive ability (this will be a increase of 50 health)then after this you will up grade that to the tear of the goddess that has a bonus increase of mana after you use a spell that caps at 1k mana (which that would be a bonus 250 at the items cap) then i get boots after that because this character needs the speed to get in and out of battle and then try hards will do to you being faster and you being able to poison the other player just by leaving the battle.after that you want to upgrade to archangel staff because that will make your mana a double buff to you for health and ability power. Your next item that you will progress to is warmog's armor since it has nice health boast and a nice health regain.Next on the list is force of nature do to its amazing health regain and also giving you the magic resistance that you need to live those nasty spell casters and gives you that speed boost so you can get out of any situation if necessary or to catch up with those fast characters. then you have guardian angel just in case they get the best of you you can get right back up and show them up plus it gives you even more resistance to both types of damage. then too end the build i put sunfire cape do to you being close to people alot at the end due to you being so hard to kill and this will help give you the upper hand in the battle for you and your team.

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Skill Sequence

the way that i set this up is how usefull spells are at the start of game to the end. to me your slow rank one will work great though the whole game so that is why i only rank that up once early and mid game. but anyways lets start from the top i pick fling first because i see that as the most usefull for the ganking at the start and also if they get a litte to close to your tower fling them too it for your easiest kill ever. then i start leveling up your poison do to people wanting kills really bad. this way your can make them want to come and get you then just ran away with the poison on and slowly weaken them little by little(or late game a lot by a lot)then there is your slow that you want next to make it harder for them to run also very useful when you get them to your tower and fling them to it when they try to get out of tower range just slow them down and they are done right there for most characters. then a fling up grade at level 5. your ulti of course at level 6 which is when you can really start finishing people off you will most likely get a lot of assists at the start. then you catch up on your fling for that burst damage and then you get your poison up there to finish people off so that you can get people away from dieing teammates or even fishing off the opponents that is chasing them.