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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by The Siren

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League of Legends Build Guide Author The Siren

Hourglass *****es!

The Siren Last updated on August 23, 2011
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Welcome to my Fiddlesticks build. I have updated to build fully, because it was heavily outdated. Fiddle has been changing a lot the last patches, so this is how i build / play him nowadays.
Fiddlesticks is a great teamfight initiator, IF you have the zhonya's hourglass. If not, then you will die by ulting in. I will explain this later.
Please rate my guide only if you read the whole thing, and have tried it yourself.

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For runes i just use my basic set for AP characters:

Of course you can take whatever you want. You can replace glyphs with:

You may want to replace quitessences with:

I just love to have some ability power at the start so you can deal more damage early game. The magic penetration marks help with this as well. Also i would not replace the seals with any other rune. Flat nana regen might help you early game, but fiddlesticks is not using THAT much mana, like Lux or Brand.

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Masteries are also pretty basic. Just make sure you take the 15% magic penetration thing and cooldowns. Summoner spell cooldowns are also nice, because you will want to use flash as often as possible. Your ultimate is MUCH better if used in combination with flash.

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Skill Sequence

Start with Dark Wind. This is great in the beginning, because 9/10 your opponents either wait in bushes ahead, or come to your bushes. If you throw in dark wind, they will both be silenced, and because they are close to each other, they will get two or three bounces each. Quite some damage at lvl 1 :).

Then get a lvl in Drain to heal yourself once needed. I do no reccommend getting this at lvl 1 because your enemy will have all the time to run away. Only use this if ou have a stunner / disabler in your lane.

At lvl 3 you have all your abilities exept your Crowstorm. Max Terrify first, then drain and ultimately dark wind. Of course, pick a lvl in ult if possible. With a longer fear you can help your teammates kill, and help them and yourself if an angry Vayne is chasing your balls off.

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Now, we are getting to the title. Why the hell would i want to rush hourglass? That's a pretty easy question: you ultimate just keeps going on, even if you get stunned silenced or whatever. Whatever means: it also continues when using the hourglass active! It is great for initiating a teamfight:
Ult (+ flash if necessary) in. If they run, then ghost. If they decide to attack you: wait till half your HP is gone, then use the hourglass. All melee champs are ****ed for sure, and the ranged once might also have gotten some dmg.

Everybody has his tastes for items. Personally, I hate Rod of Ages. If you like the item, feel free to buy it, but I just hate it :). So, the core of my bulid is the following:

Boots are pretty standard, you also have your doran's ring and runes, so that makes up for (24+15+100+140)*1.3 = 321 ability power!

You can use Zhonya's to initiate a teamfight, why not use it to dive a turret! Ult over a wall or from a bush to make sure you hit your target. A quick fear and silence and enable zhonya. You will take minimum turret damage this way and your target wont get away because of the Terrify. That is also a reason why I max fear first.

Once you have got these core items it really doesn't matter that much what you are taking. I like rylai's crystal sceptre for the health it gives. Also, your ultimate will slow their entire team if placed correctly. Your can drain longer because they are slowed, and your crow will also do it's work. All in all a great item, but of course it is not a very cheap one.

These items are all example of what to take, and when. You should always get the core items though.

Items you could always consider buying:

Against a heavy AP/CC team:

Against a heavy AD team:

These tree items together, lets say the archangel is half charged, will give you (500+375+900)*0.03 = ~60 ability power / ~1750 mana / 99 armor / 375 health.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a MUST on fiddlesticks, since it gives your ultimate much more range. Of course it is useful for escapes as well.

Ghost is nice for chasing (while ulted) and getting away. You can replace this by spells below, but i do not reccommend it:

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All in all, fiddle is a great teamplayer. If the enemy is complaining something like: '**** you and come 1v1 to me', just laugh at him and say its a teamgame. Yeah, fiddle is fun XD.

I hope you enjoyed my fiddle guide, please leave some comments and rate my build (positive :P).

The Siren