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Talon Build Guide by IDKSmurf

How did he kill me so fast?...

How did he kill me so fast?...

Updated on August 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IDKSmurf Build Guide By IDKSmurf 1,668 Views 0 Comments
1,668 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IDKSmurf Talon Build Guide By IDKSmurf Updated on August 26, 2011
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  • LoL Champion: Talon


Hello summoners this is my first guide, yes, so give me some room for error. But I believe I can explain how to play Talon, how to do it in team fights, and how to end up with crazy scores. Ive already gotten a quadra kill 3 days after release so I am fairly confident you will find this guide helpful :) (no trolls, please).

In addition, I do not break down the second build of this guide simply because that is more of a utility build, and more tanky. You won't run out of mana, nor hp, but you are sacrafising many other useful skills. This is more of a beginners build, so start with that if the main build is a little hard.
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Your set up

I rush Merc Treads because of the magic resist and tenacity, as you need it. Talon is so strong early on (contrary to belief) that he doesnt need the extra fire power from a doran's blade or rushing brutalizer.

Next, i grab a Long Sword and Vampiric Sceptre. Why? Because it makes ganking and laning so much easier. You'll probably have first blood or at least 2-3 kills before level 6 so its a must to keep up in the exp.

Brutalizer. 10% cool down +15 arm pen. Need I say more?

Phage gives you the hp you need in addition to the extra slow from the unique pasasive. And finishing that Frozen Mallet before the other AD items is neccesary to survive the mid-game team fights. Besides, you kill squishies in 3 shots anyways.

Finsihing Youmuu's and getting that Emblem of Valour in between can help on turrets, escaping, and barely surviving ignites make so much joy.

Stark's fervor is an item that you may think "Why get that? His auto attacks suck balls". Well, this is true, but the armour reduction aura and the buff for you and your team is simply amazing. It makes ganks and teamfights less of a hassle and more of an enjoyment, just remember you are no tank and you need to stay in back and assasinate those surviving Ashe and Caitlyns.

Bloodthirster. More AD and Life Steal. Keep it stacked and avoid dieing.

Banshee's Veil- If you haven't won by now, this helps you from being nuked and the magic resist helps against AP characters.
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-Strong early game
-Deals devestating burst damage
-Anti-noob MACHINE
-So much fun to play... Its rediculous how awesome it is
-QQ maker
-Able to raise your own ELO*

-NONE, (i wish)
-Slight mana problems
-Squishy as can be
-Easily ks'd if abilities are on cooldown
-Terrible Auto attacks
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Skills and Summoner's

Its pretty self explanatory. Your Q needs to be maxed out while grabbing an early level 2 in Rake after level 6. Then grab your ult as soon as you can and max E last.

Why max Noxian Diplomacy first? Because, its @#%^$& bad ***. Its a mini ignite/burst/nuke at low levels and after they're silenced it deals 10% more damage and it makes that QQing so much louder. All chat shall be filled with rage.
Rake - This is your deciding skill. You miss this on your target and you can either die or lose an easy kill. Try to make it hit twice going out and coming in and harass with this while you farm. If the enemy mid has half or less hp at level 6, thats an insta-kill at level 6 for you. Ignite may or may not be needed.

Flash + Ignite = Best skills IMO. Good for escaping and securing kills, as well as helping you get those early kills you want so dearly.
Viable skills:
Exhaust- Good CC which he lacks, although he has a slow and silence, it makes this skill almost useless, except for the armour reduction (if improved through masteries).
Clarity- Good if you have severe mana problems, although runes can take care of that, and typically you dont even need this summoner skill.
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I only have 2-3 sentences for this. Pretty simple. AD/arm pen reds, mana per level blues, flat HP quints, and maybe armour seals. You want a lot of sustainability as well as damage output. CDR per level can be switched out for the mana per level blues.
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Laning to 6

Oh man. This is your favorite part of the game. TAKE MID. MID MID MID. Its so easy to push back your lane to their turret and then leaving mid to go help top or bottom get those kills they need. Even if you have a jungler, you can still leave your lane to gank. W0000T. Most champs can't do this unless they are Pantheon or Twitch. But farming is important so dont forget to last hit as much as possible, and try to hit your cowering opponent behind their creeps with Rake as they weep on their own turret floor. At level 3 you can dominate your lane and make your opponent your *****. Hit your Q, Cut Throat to them, and rake. Rinse and repeat. Dont try to kill them with one 1 combo of this, it wont work. Do it 2 or 3 times to burst them down slowly but surely. At level 6 you will slice the enemy mid's confidence and destroy their turret as they await for a gank that you can easily Shadow Assault away from... Or flash.
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You need to know when to ult and when not to. You can either guaruntee a skill or risk a death. map awareness is key. Don't get caught out of position, catch THEM out of position. Playing smart means getting kills and assists and ABOVE ALL: Don't ks. Share kills. You will get plenty of them, so giving your carry or support or even tank CAN make a big difference in the game outcome.
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Mid Game/Teamfights

SO EASY. Then again the whole game is easy now that you are man-handling mid and ganking lanes while they don't know what to do with that single-second silence. Your build is starting and you will notice your damage output is very high at a low level. Sometimes you can even start with B.F. Sword if doing exceptionally well. Try to hit turrets in between farming and jungling and dragon. Your Noxian Diplomacy works on turrets, so spam that to make them go down fast. Also, let your enemies make the mistakes, not you. Don't follow bad teammates into bad fights either. You decide if your team gets aced or if you make sure their team sits.

TEAMFIGHTS: You will not survive standing in the middle, so show up late, or in the back. Your job is to let the enemy squishies get bursted and handled by your teammates and tanky dps's while you make your way through their whole team and kill their squishies. Don't let them escape. If you die taking 3 of them with you, simply /all chat "Worth it".
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Late Game/Summary

So, the game is coming to an end, and it wasnt already surrendered at 20. Suprisingly it happens. Your build is complete, and your team is relying on you to kill, kill, kill. You are NOT a carry, so don't deal the initial damage, you are the one-man clean up crew. Thriving at last hitting and kill securing will make or break your team's victory. Youmuu's is what you use on turrets, as well as your Noxian diplomacy. Its fairly straight forward, play smart, and dont stay near enemies with less than half HP.
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Closing Notes

Talon is so much fun to play, you are in and out of battle, and farming is a breeze. You curbstomp squishies and take chunks of tanks along with you. I hope you find this guide to be as helpful as I intended it to be, and go ahead, take mid, carry yourself out of low ELO, and above all, have fun with this amazing Champion. :)

- Smurf

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