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Riven Build Guide by MiniAllan

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MiniAllan

How I build Riven.

MiniAllan Last updated on September 23, 2011
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Hey guys this is my first guide ever so don't rage on me or stuff cause you don't like the way I play.

Everyone I know is always complaining about Riven being to squishy this and to squishy that so I played around with her a bit and figured an awesome build that works for a fighter and she can take a hit.

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Now I think runes repends on the player, but these are the runes I use for Riven. For me ArPen and CDs are Key, and then I use my Seals for defence. If you think there are better runes let me know and i`ll try them out.

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Pros / Cons

Pros on Riven
Great mobility
awesome damage
pretty good cc
great survivabilty
with build becomes WAYLESS squishy.
AMAZING farmer

Cons on Riven
If not build right she tends to be a little squishier then normal fighters

Tends to be target due to being new champ and great threat(also might be why she is so squishy when ever someone sees a new champ they want it dead trlololo)

I wouldnt recommend her being a jungler althought she might be able to do it.

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This is one of the many if not the main things that makes her less squishy, the reason I go for the defence tree is because her damage is already awesome no need to fix something that is not borken, so why not help her be more tanky I mean if you survive more you have more time to do more of your damage. Also with dodge seals and the masteries she can dodge quite often.

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Creeping / Jungling

She is an awesome ganker I would start ganking around the end of the laning phase to the beginning of the mid game. As for jungling I wouldnt jungle with her but I would go after the golems on bot if your lane is pushed out as mush as possile free gold and more exp than you enemylane. If on top lane you can go for wolfs or steal there golems if you're a risk taker. After you get some of your items you should just start getting red all the time keep it up for the slow and take dragon when ever you can.

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Everyone starts with a lifesteal items on her but for lifesteal to work you need to hit stuff and if you can hit champs cause your to squishy or hit creeps cause you get harrassed whats the point of getting the lifesteal, so armor and 5 pots work magic you can take a little more early game stay in lane with your pots if you play right all while doing great harrass and farm away.

After that I feel that attack speed on her if very important since it help with your q-a-q-a-w-a-q-a-e-r-and repeat combo, So I get MANdreds Blood Razor or MBR cause it gives everything but lifesteal, after that get zergreaves, if not treds for cc. get the cleaver as soon as possible then after that rush blood thirster for damage and by now you sbhould be doing a lot of damage and not worrying about getting harassed lifesteals helps, I mainly dont reach my last two items I end the game around here, but after I would get infinity edge for great damamge and lastly an armor(you get the armor depending on the enemy team) I mainly get GA cause it gives everything but health and the revive is just stupid, wings of the troll FTW!!!

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Skill Sequence

I rush getting w first for damage and cooldowns, after that I get q for more damage, while putting a point in e every now and than untill I have to max it, and your r is obvious.

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Team Work

She works great with any champ that can lock up like shen, rammus, singed, ali, and also with ranged cait, ashe, malzahar, brand. But remember you can never have the best laning partner so adapted to it, if your lane has two melee play smart and pay attention so you can know when to attack.

As for teamfights have someone else inishiate, you should be the 2 or 3 person in the fight and your job to go after the squishy, then the tank and leave the rest for chasing. Also your second if not more important then who to kill job is that you want to use your w for your team to be able to get the upper hand for the .5 seconds and knockup the person with the most threat(quick thing about threat if there is and ali and a carry knock up ALI since he will put in the a bad position then rush carry, cause yes carry mostly is dangerouse cause of the damage but the tank is the threat because he/she will cc the **** out of you, so get him knocked up so you can rush the carry.

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Pretty simple just farm as much as you can in the laning phase, remember that early game farming is more important than kills. ONLY IF and ONLY if you know you can kill them do it for more gold, but try to farm as much is not more than them.