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Sion Build Guide by Legit Meta Build

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Legit Meta Build

How I play as Sion.

Legit Meta Build Last updated on July 13, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Legendary Guardian

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Under Construction.
For your Abilities:

Max out your W, than E, then Q. Give your Q 2 Points Early, so you can have your Decimating Smash to be Strong enough till Late Games Arrives, which, if your at around level 15, in a 25-30 Minute Rate, Doesn't matter that Much, Consuming that you've bought your Builds so Defensively, your just using your Q to Stop the Enemy, Your W to be an Extra Defense, Your E to Annoy or catch up to your Enemy, And your R to Charge at your Enemy. Don't know how to R Properly, Watch DBlackJack21's Sion's Drifting Powers.

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My Runes are Mark of Hybird Penetrations, Seal of Percent Healths, A Mixture of Glyph of Scaling Magic Resists and Armor, and Movement Speed Quints.

For your Glpyhs, you can do whatever you want with it, But this my Build, since even though I should be scared from AP at Early game, It Doesn't matter that much anymore, once you've gotten something that's around 50+ Magic Resist, if you want to scare your AP opponent back.

My Hybird Penetrations is used for all of My abilities to basicly be More Leathal.

My Seals are used just for the Almost-Perfect Tankiness that a Good Sion can Pull off.

My Quints are used to Chase down my Enemies, or Getting out of Dodge Easier.

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My Masteries are 0/21/9, Giving me As much Hp and Defenses as Possible, while also gaining as much Support for both Myself and My team. Pretty Straight Forward.

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My Starting Build is a Flask and 3 Health potions, or a Flask and a Vision Ward if you feel the need to be more Supportive. If you can, Use the Vision Ward on the Dragon's Camping Spot A-SAP, then Impudently Recalling, or getting out of dodge back to your lane. Even if it means, not Pre-minions Spawning, and Confusing the F*ck out of your team. But at least You'd know when the Enemy Team is going to Take Dragon, to have a chance to fight back while their taking Dragon.

For my Early Build. I go for Either go for Specter's Cowl or Warden's Mail first, Depending on what i'm going up against, Along with Boots of Speed as my second Build, and the Vice Versa from by First Build, as my First.. For My First 2 Proper Builds, I go with Runduin's Omen and Banshee's Veil. This Already is giving me enough Health, Armour and Magic Resistance to not give a damn about the Enemies' Attacks, unless your being Flanked by more then 1 enemy, and struggling for you to get back to safety at your tower.

I then Upgrade My Boots, to Meruary's Treads or Ninja Tabi (Again with what your up against), and Upgrade them with the Homeguard, if we need to push mid, or if Dragon is coming for the Second-Third Time. (Or at Mid-Game to put it Easier.)

My Forth Build is Frozen Mallet: Giving me the HP that I need, With the 30+ AD fairly helping me out, and slow helping me out be a chunk.

For My Fifth Build, I go with my Final Magic Resitance Armor Peice: Abyssl Specter. This Beauty is going to give me, just enough Ability Power to be Lethal Enough, while also not giving a damn with AP Damages.

And My Last Build can be Pretty much whatever I want, really. But I like going with Warmog's Armor, In Case if they now Deiced to go for Last Whispers and Void Staffs.

My Elixir Varies with the Elixir of Iron, to be Even more Massive, or the Elixir of Fury, if in case need to be more of a Powerhouse, for my Team. Elixir of Ruin does help, but Because you gain so much HP, that it's like as if it's not worth it. Elixir of Sorcery is only used, if you Spam your W and E.

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Skill Sequence:

Play as Safe as Possible with Sion, while trying to see if you can have an Opening to punish the enemy laner, be taking a minion, or using your E, to do some chip damage. If your enemy is too much out of the Open, then try to land that stun of your Q while having your W Active, Use your E and explode your W's Radius at either the Minions, or the Enemy, or to use it as a shield, Depending on your Positioning. If you Any Opening to Charge at the Inhibbior, or where the Enemy dosen't expect you to show up, that's when your R Shows up. You can Drift with it, But it's pretty damn hard, to pull it off at first hand. I use DBlackJack21's Drifting Powers to help me out with my R, Easier.

(Give this guy some credit.) (He's Awesome. <3)

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Screw your Exhuast. You've got your Q and E to do that for you.

Jungle Sion coming Soon.

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Pros / Cons:

Tanky as FAWK!
Spooky Scary Tank Builds = Spooky Scary Tank Champion
THE best Tank Champion for anyone, even Beginners.
If you want a Cheap Tanky Champion to start someone with, Sion's a Recommended Champion, in my opinion.

Getting used to his Q and R to Land in time.
Hates being played in the wrong Postion.
Fairly clunky and bulky champion, meaning you can't escape as easy in Early Game, or even if you screw up, which is the reason why I recommend Movement Speed Quints.

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Team Work:

I Normally Play Sion as a Support Tank for Duo Que Lanes, And a Complete Harassment Tank, While trying to keep my guard up as much as I can against the Enemy, at a Solo Que Lane.

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Coming Soon.