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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ashe Build Guide by Sharksaw

How I play Ashe

How I play Ashe

Updated on July 3, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharksaw Build Guide By Sharksaw 4,397 Views 0 Comments
4,397 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Sharksaw Ashe Build Guide By Sharksaw Updated on July 3, 2011
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This is my first guide and i just thought that my ashe build really works for me

Pros probably wont use this but i think it can work if you give it a try, if it doesn't work for you dont use it, don't go on comments daying worst guide ever cause you wouldn't like if it someone did it to you

Also Ashe has a lot of cc, use that to your advantage, her ult stuns for more than rammus's taunt taunts you for, her cc is like a tanks cc, look at her q 2 sec slow every auto attack...

Also, even if Ashe is a carry, DO NOT just think that you can go 100% damage and no durability. A lot of guides don't realize that, cause with some durability you will stay alive longer and you do more damage while alive than dead. Cause even if you do more damage without a durability item. You'll be alive longer to do damage with a durability item
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Take The armorpen marks because armorpen is good on any carry really
The MP5 seals so that you can spam volley
The cdr glyphs for more volley spam and reduced ult cd
The HP quints are good for survivability

I wouldnt choose armor penetration quints because the marks are enough and i find hp ver important on ashe just so she can get some attacks in in team fights
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Crit chance is good for carries and the ap because for this guide you shouldn't be using exasut (but it is a good choice) and smite isn't good for ashe
and the rest of offence masteries are self explanitory

Utility the mana regen is more volley spam
the xp is just good on anyone
and you can choose the last point, i use the mana regen though
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Everything here is good for a carry. The banshees veil can be changed based on their team, if they are a lot of ad, you should replace it with an armor-health item
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Skill Sequence

This is where the guide may have got you thinking bad guide

Volley should be maxed out cause its good harass
Hawkshot, last hits are important for ashe, and extra gold each one is really good
Frost shot, it slows, only need 1 rank early
Enchanted Crystal Arrow - Makes ashe OP
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Summoner Spells

Ghost and flash is good on anyone



Clairvoyance - Hawkshot is its own CV and they have about the same cooldowns
Clarity - AShe isn't ability reliant, shes an attack damage carry, not an ap carry that need a ton of mana
Fortify, let the tank get it
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People that are hard to lane against as Ashe

LEBLANC - She is so annoying in lane, i went 5-1 as lebanc against ashe and she is just so good in lane

URGOT - Another person similiar to leblanc, e,q,q,q,q,q dead

MORDEKAISER - Another really annoying laner as his shield makes him really hard to harass and he just doesnt die in lane

MALPHITE - Just another person who shuts out carries in lane

LUX - E,E,E,E,E k you made it away with 100 hp "DEMACIA" K O
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Pros / Cons

-great farmer
-lots of cc
-ton of damage
-Good laner
-great ganker

-Focused in teamfights
-thornmail counters her really hard (banshees veil does block some thornmail damage)
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Last hit or the skill sequence wont work well

wait for minions to go to low hp b4 attacking or you will push too far and get ganked and complain about no mias

That means don't auto attack minions nonstop and miss tons of last hits and tons of gold
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Quick Tips

Last hit for lots of money
Watch your map
Buy Wards
Call mias and dont blame deaths on no mias
Dont auto lock(if you auto lock you wont be able to change) 0 point to autolocking, what happens if they other 4 choose Caityln, Miss Fortune, Tristana and Gangplank? (<- thats a loss already)
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Team Fights

Remeber that your tank should be initiating but sen your ult in withyour tank and stay at the back of the fight attacking people and staying alive,when olaf comes charging at you prepare to get killed. People who will charge at you and kill you are called anticarries as theykill the other team's carry, These people are Olaf, Poppy, Irelia, Master Yi, And most of the durable melee dps
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I'm not syaing its the best guide but it has worked for me

So go out there and go 13-0!
Thats what carries do

So get some durability with an item
Get lots of damage
Also remember
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