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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by IchigoNarutoGoku

How I Tank as Dr. Mundo

How I Tank as Dr. Mundo

Updated on March 16, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IchigoNarutoGoku Build Guide By IchigoNarutoGoku 16,056 Views 2 Comments
16,056 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author IchigoNarutoGoku Dr. Mundo Build Guide By IchigoNarutoGoku Updated on March 16, 2012
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One thing I have noticed now that I have started playing draft pick alot more and against better players, is that when you go top against a ranged character with a strong harass, or even a melee who can out damage you such as Olaf, you will get zoned pretty badly, and if you dont get any successful ganks, you will end up underfarmed. Now its not the junglers job to save your butt everytime someone is better than you top, so when this happens, get a gold per five. It helps keep you up in gold, and gives you more room to harass them, without worrying about not last hitting. I always get a Heart of Gold, beacause more health is always a good thing on Mundo. Your masteries give you more health based on how much health you have, and your passive gives you more health regen based on how much health you have.... oh, and health keeps you alive. Its an all around good thing. ;)

Anyways, a friend asked me about this during a game where he was playing Mundo, and I thought i should add it in. Hopefully this helps someone.
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Hi, my LoL name is IchigoNarutoGoku (people always call me on that one, be it to compliment, or ridicule; usually ridicule) and this is my first build guide. I have been playing LoL for quite a while now, and Dr. Mundo is one of my favorite champs. However, I NEVER see anyone play him well. They always build him attack damage, or a terrible tank. They always epicly fail when I see them play, and I wanted to share with others how I tank as Dr. Mundo. Please dont downvote it until you try it. It works great for me, and I just wanted others to enjoy playing Dr. Mundo as much as me. When fully built, and you pop your ultimate, you can go wherever you want, whenever you want; it is hilarious.


Edit: My new summoner's name is DockTourMoonDoe.
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For masteries I go 9/21/0 to give myself the maximum amount of survivability, and some damage to mess with people in team fights. The armor pen. in the offense tree helps you do extra damage when you use your E, and the magic pen. runes cause your Q to do even more damage. They mesh together to make you do a ton of damage if left alone. You become a tank that can not be ignored, or he will wreck the enemy team. It will make them have to focus you, which is your job as a tank, or to build more magic or armor to stop you, which lowers their damage output.
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For runes, I go the magic pen. marks, so that your cleaver does extra damage early game, and I use the armor seals and the magic resist glyphs to be extra tanky early game. This tankyness combined with your ult will enable you to dive for kills once you are about level six and have bought your first item or two. For quints I use the movespeed because most people try to either run away from Dr. Mundo because they are dying, or they are chasing your teamaates. With the movespeed quints, and ghost, and sometimes your ult, you can keep up with almost anyone long enough to hit them with a cleaver, and then repeatedly hit them to kite them all the way across the map (I only usually have to ult if its someone like Master Yi and he ulted to get away). This can both secure a kill, and save your teamates from dying.
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Skill Sequence

For skills, I start with Q and max it first. I get my E at level two, and max it second, and I get my W at level three, which I max last. And of course, I get my ultimate whenever I can. When in lane, you want to be using your Q to be cleavering (great word) the enemy left and right. Every chance you get, nail them in the face. This will keep them off guard, and unable to farm creep kills, and allow your lane partner to farm easily. However, make sure you watch your health once you hit level five, because your Q starts costing alot of health. Once you hit level six, pop ur ult whenever you hit half health, and cleaver to your hearts content. Also, if the enemy team is being really cautious, and you cant cleaver them, just use it to last hit. Once you get it to level three, it does quite a bit of damage to minions, and is quite easy to last hit with.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells i always go Ghost and Ignite. This lets me chase down enemies, run away from ganks, or hit them for their last amount of health. Also, whenever you play against someone else with crazy heals, such as another Dr. Mundo, or Singed, or Volibear, etc, you can ignite them to cut their healing in half. This can definitely help you get kills.
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For items I start Doran's Shield. This gives you the health, health regen, and some armor to make you a really tanky level one champ. The health regen makes it so you do not have to worry about using your Q too much until you hit level five, which is fixed at level six with your ult.

I immediately get Mercury's Treads as soon as I need to recall. Sometimes its fairly soon cause the enemy are overly aggressive, and I die or need to recall, but usually I can wait until I can flat out buy them before I recall.

After that, it all becomes situational. If I am doing great in my lane, I go straight for warmogs. This removes all problems with using your ablities, (except for W because that costs so much) and it makes your ult heal so much more since it is based on percentage of max health. If I am doing terrible and I need to cheap item to sustain me untill I can make some more money, I get Spirit Visiage, then warmogs. This gets you some cheap health, magic reist, and health regan, while its passive makes your ult heal you for more. You can sell Spirit Visage when you need the space.

I then check the enemy team to see who is doing the most damage, or carrying ( I say both because sometimes people do a ton of damage, yet there is that one guy who last hits with his strongest ability just to get the kill; I HATE THAT GUY). I check what kind of damage they are doing, physical or magic, and build my next item from there. For physical I build a chain vest, for magic a negatron cloak. Whichever I pick, I always buy the other next, unless I am playing against an entirely attack damage or magic damage team. If that is the case, I build the one I need into the next item, Thornmail for the chain vest, Force of Nature for the Negatron Cloak. Usually I build them both, but very rarely you can get away with only building one.

After that I get Sunfire Cape for the increase in armor, health, and the passive damage. The damage when combined with your W, and you cleavering them and hitting them with your E, you do alot of damage one on one, and alot of AoE damage as well.

I finish with a second Warmogs if the game ever gets that far, and if it does, you have officially hit the unkillable stage. Unless you dive the entire team, or something equally stupid, you wont die anymore. The game I played before I made this, I was romping around in their base, with their entire team attacking me while I killed their inhibs, and I didnt die. It was HILARIOUS.
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So in the end, as long as you are catious early game, and understand that you are playing a tank and will usually only get assists, Dr. Mundo is a great and fun champion to play. Also, early game its hard to tank, but late game once they start ignoring you because of your tankyness (tankiness? tankness? whatever) you can begin to taunt them with a few of my patented Mundo taunts to make them focuse you. Such as MUNDO SMASH, MUNDO GO WHERE HE PLEASES, or my personal favorite, MUNDO CLEAVER WHOM HE PLEASES. This will either have them rofling so bad that they cant play, or mad enough to attack you. ;)
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League of Legends Build Guide Author IchigoNarutoGoku
IchigoNarutoGoku Dr. Mundo Guide
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How I Tank as Dr. Mundo

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