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Soraka Build Guide by TupacShakur

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TupacShakur

How to actually win with Soraka (Tupac approved)

TupacShakur Last updated on June 15, 2013
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Hello I am Tupac Shakur, and I have come back from the dead to make sure all soraka players who get her in aram build her correctly. Too many people think she should be a "support" when in fact soraka is the best aram champ in the game. This guide has been a secret among the community and today I have decided to let the public know about it in order to increase soraka awareness and help in my cause to defeat Biggie Smalls.

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Who am I?

I am Tupac Shakur and am currently in challenger playing only soraka, this guide will not let you move to challenger as 99% of players are unable to play this build 100% optimally, but moving to gold/platinum will be a breeze. Naturally you may think I have not lost any games with this build but I have in fact lost a few times, mainly because people go afk after seeing my build thinking I can win 1v5's.

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The most important part of soraka, wait in base until you can afford a phage. this will make you too tanky and the slow will make your opponent think you are a fan of Biggie Smalls, making them think you are a pushover. At this point kill them at least twice once you reveal that you are playing the Tupac build and get as many ruby crystals as you can, but DO NOT get more than 3. Getting more than 3 ruby crystals could put you in danger when going through the jungle, you may be strong but small wolf number 3 is too much for you to handle and if he sees you have too much bling he will want it for himself. Once you have 3 ruby crystals kill your opponent like 5 more times or until you get enough money for a frozen mallet. Once you get 1 mallet and 3 ruby crystals you are unable to die, but get another mallet so you can carry one in both hands and look cooler.

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In order to not lose you MUST avoid the following things

- Soraka CANNOT win with a Vi on your team, Vi will attempt to build a frozen mallet herself which means she thinks she is better than you. Since she is on your team you cannot teach her pain so you will feel inclined to make sure she dies which may make you lose (probably not but its a possibility).

- DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT queue with czarside. He will prevent you from playing at your full potential and he will suggest you build "ap".

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While I am not allowed to reveal footage of me playing know in your heart that this build is going to win games.