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League of Legends Build Guide Author Foreign

How to become a Level 70 Paladin

Foreign Last updated on May 11, 2014
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Play solo Q!

Only the strongest warriors are able to survive solo Q and you want to be that badass.
This guy just made it into solo Q and has become a badass LVL 70 PALADIN PROGAMER

Always keep in mind: YOU WANT TO BE THAT GUY!

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How to become that guy - step by step

Step 1 - get rid of your girlfriend

Becoming Lvl 70 Paladin is hard work, a girlfriend will make you lose your aim. So simply get rid of her. in case you don't know how to end the relationship here is a standart sentence for ending your relationship:

"hurr durr listen my biatch, i am going to become lvl 70 paladin - there is no place in a paladins life for you"

she will understand it - trust me ;)

Step 2 - physical health

We all know lvl 70 Paladins are the real human Leaders in the history of our world.
You need the highest Level possible of physical health to archieve that.


this healthy stuff is central for your physical workout.

workout program:

This video is how your daily workout should look like!
Remember: This is serious ****, there will be a lot of times were u want to surrender. Remember this is BADASS WORKOUT..REAL PALADINS NEVER SURRENDER! so ****ing do it!

Step 3 - Paladins Drink of Choice

Because becoming a Paladin is a very taff task you will need a lot of POWER.
Many scientists have prooved that Energy Drinks give you all the POWER you need to survive your daily workout. Specialy as a LEVEL 70 PALADIN you want to get the maximum Power possible for everything you do. That's why you have to only drink energy drinks.

Step 4 - fight workout

Once you completeted Step 1-3 you can start your fighting workout. It is very important for you to be in the right shape, which means you need 111Kg body weight at least.
This video shows the elementary fighting techniques of a Lvl 70 Paladin.

Keep in mind that paladins have 2 Rules for fighting:
1.Never start a fight if you can avoid it
2.Use your physical health for winning the fight fast
3.Always say "gg easy" after a fight like real Paladin do.

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Game behaviour

As a Paladin it's very important to act like one. This Chapter will teach you all the stuff you need to know to act like a LEVEL 70 PALADIN.

Champion select: write "mid or afk" and instalock the Champion of your choice.

Ingame Chat:
Make sure to use at least 5 of the following insults in every game:

stop feed
get aids
get cancer
son of a *****
down syndrom
9 11
i kill/murder/marry/****/eat/**** you
gg easy

a Level 70 Paladin will combine those words like this:
"listen sand****** ****** scum i will marry anal ur down syndrom **** that caused your mother cancer"

a classical way of prooving that you are a real paladin are cancer wishes:
"i wish your entire family cancer"

Remember: it is very serious business for every Level 70 Paladin to be highly toxic and have at least 4 perma banned accounts.

Guide Top

Bronze V - welcome new Level 70 Paladin

Welcome and congratulations now you are official a Level 70 Paladin.


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