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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Jax Build Guide by xander whall

How To Carry A Team

By xander whall | Updated on October 20, 2011

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This is a guide for veteran Jax's which is why it is a bit different from other guides. I like to offer a fresh outlook on old champions. Most of the builds on Mobafire for jax are realtivly the same. I will explain my reason why my build is different. Please read before you vote up or down and leave comments, all comments are welcome. I like to choose champions that can carry a failing team across the finish line in ranked games. I main Rammus, Nasus for jungle, and Jax. This build focuses on max damage output and utilizing his passive and survivability.
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My run choice is different but this build is for veteran Jax's who are looking for something differnt. Having magic or armor penetration marks are only good for ealry game since the potency dissipates as champs gain more Magic Resist and Armor. Using pure damage marks gives him almost +30hp at lvl 1. Dodge seals are self explanatory. Ap over time Glyphs are again to utilize jax's passive giving him an extra +50 hp at lvl 18. it isnt much but i know ive run away alive after a team fight with about 36 hp left so it does matter. I like health quints but these are optional if u want dodge, damage or ap. its personal preference at this point. I choose health for jax's weak ealry game.
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I find that 4% reduction of damage doesnt really do much. Again I try to max his passive by adding 3 points in ability power in the damage tree. But i also find that jax is op with the red buff so i have to make sure i put points into the utility tree to get the extra 30% duration of creep buffs. Jax shines when he reaches lvl 6 so getting points in awareness also helps his early game. The defensive tree should be self explanatory.
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The Item list. If ur a veteran jax then u know he snowballs very well and i often find i have a ton of money by late game and have purchased 6 items. I decided to build the most expensive build i could think of for jax so that no money is wasted. The first items up to malady are inexpensive and perfect for his early mid game. but after u get madreds bloodrazor u are an unstoppable wrecking ball and pretty much all u need for late game. From this point getting a Guardian Angel makes sens for late game survivability as the enemy team will focus the **** out of you when they realize the damage u r doing. then finishing off hextech gunblad is a wise decision for the useful active and giving some extra stats. it is wise not to finish this too early now because of the nerf so its not worth the money early game when so many better things are there to buy.

Here's the combo: malady lowers the magic resistance so that madred's and malady's passive magic damage is incredible, and hextech is healing u the whole time with both the magic and physical damage u are putting out. It is an amzing combo once u see it in action.

And last but not least trinity force. The debate whether or not to get lych bane over trinity force is pretty simple in this case. i dont build heavy ap and with jaxes 5 second cooldown the trinity will be proc'd every 2 seconds or so doing massive amounts of damage. it also buffs ur passive and gives u an extra slow on top of the gunblades passive. if u cant get 4 hits off with jax to get the slow u shouldn't be playing him.
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Summoner Spells

so thats it for now. i will be revising and editing this soon but i just wanted to get this build out there to see what people think of it. As far as skill sequence u should know what u need to get if u play jax well, and summoner spells are again personal preference. i have carried many teams to victory with this build and i use it still to this day to own own own.
League of Legends Build Guide Author xander whall
xander whall Jax Guide

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How To Carry A Team