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Akali Build Guide by Burning Eyed Hunter

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burning Eyed Hunter

How to carry early mid AND late game.

Burning Eyed Hunter Last updated on June 23, 2011
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1.Tank/2.Best Build->ot

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Before you Start (Best build is build #2-carries games)

1.learn how much dmg akali really does.
-To learn this, build regular full tank akali. This allows you to dive in when you are tanky and do full burst combos without being disturbed. Allows you to understand her limits.

2.Once you become adjusted, start building the mejai full tank build or the rylai's full tank(recommend) build. This will cause you to end up as a carrying tank. Learning how to play akali full tank first is vital to play this well. You can be super aggressive.

Which is this:

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-Best Akali Tank Score Ever Achieved.... 11 kill streak too

-mejai tank akali
-mejai stack akali full tank-more rank...
-normal game. pub stomping.
-more rank pwnage. Sorry but this is too much win.
-another ranked play, confirmed that getting mejai is not the risk itself. It is the risk in between building it and your tank items. That is where I die the most.

-second ranked game with tank akali (only reason i lost was because my team sucked. attacking tanks T.T)
-first ranked with tank akali

oh and a lil present from the past.

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Yo ho, this is for you people who wish to troll and be effective. At least more so than Teemo Tank :P Anyhow, the answer to your question of why you would build tank akali? Because it rocks your socks. The only other tank I know that rapes this much is like Mordekaiser/malphite. This build is based on Warmog, FoN, and Thornmail.

Comment and vote if possible. Haters, ALL WELCOME!

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3x Greater Quintessence of Fortitude - For more HP, you need as much HP as possible early game.
9x Greater Glyph of Warding - For Magic Resistance
9x Greater Mark of Fortitude - For more HP
9x Greater Seal of Resilience - For more Armor

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21 Defense - As long as you get Tenacity and all the other Armor+Magic Resist, you dont need to get Dodge. Thats just my preference because I have 9 seal of evasion(dodge runes).

9 Offense - I changed it to Exhaust and got Archaic instead. I realized that the only thing that can chop down tanks are dps. So with that said, why not just **** em up with exhaust?! Because you are Akali, and squishies are still squishies. Even if you are AP less.

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The First Item

Always start with Regrowth Pendant. The way I always end up successful in getting early kills is this. You can harass all you want without having to worry about hp. You just regen it. Plus ignite will fail with a red potion and this.

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Items [Full Tank Akali]

Always get Warmog first, this is your base. You should have it after killing a few fools, as you still do lots of burst damage to non tanks.

Time to get Mercury Treads.

After Mercury Treads, you have to adapt as all good tank players do. Thornmail or Force of Nature first? Look at your enemy team and see if they have more AP or AD and you pick accordingly. AD = Thornmail, AP = Force of Nature.

Now heres a tip for new tank players. If they are well rounded, I would get Negatron Cape from FoN and Chainvest from Thornmail first. Then buy Thornmail and FoN in whatever order you find necessary.

Now you should have Warmog, Mercury Treads, Thornmail, Force of Nature. It is time to get Guardian Angel. This will ensure that you never die, aside from the great benefits it gives.

6th item- Banshee's Veil/Abyssal Scepter/Rylai's Scepter

Banshee for more (MR)
Abyssal for more (MR) + a bit more AP
Rylai's for more HP + CC + AP

That was for my 13/1/13 game item set.

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Pros/Cons of [Full Tank Akali]

You almost never die, and have a great KDR
You are weaker

you have like no AP unless you get abyssal scepter.
you do 1.2k dmg burst without any added ap. Might be pro in my opinion...

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Items [Best Build Rylai's]

1.Buy Regrowth Pendant + 1 red potion.
2. Under Rylai's Scepter, buy giant's belt first if you can't finish it. Then Finish it.
3. Buy Force of Nature, get negatron first if you can't finish it.
-You now have 8% speed from FoN, this is why I ignore boots. Plus, you have your ultimate for killing. Boots dont do much once you become a pro juker.
4. Buy Mercury Treads for CC prevention and Magic resist.
5. Guardian Angel
6. Rabadon's Deathcap

I highly recommend deathcap. You have 336 ap at lvl 18 with 200 armor+ and 200 mr+. If you must, buy banshee's or thornmail. But a deathcap will serve those squishies right. I mean, you prob dont even need it, but to fully faceroll, get it.

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Pros/Cons [Best Build Rylai's]

Early Game Dominance in lane due to hp regen. Harass all day.
Can CARRY games due to tankiness.

You have a CC tanky AP item to start with.
You have high hp regen due to Force of Nature[FoN]
You have Guardian Angel
You have 336 ap. more than enough to roll squishies. You are an unstoppable carry.

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Items [AP Snowball Full Tank]

Build Mejai's Soul Stealer or Warmog first(This means you are building both):

Choice 1-Mejai: You can get stacks earlier
Choice 2-Warmog: You gain more survivability

Time to get Mercury Treads.

After Mercury Treads, you have to adapt as all good tank players do. Thornmail or Force of Nature first? Look at your enemy team and see if they have more AP or AD and you pick accordingly. AD = Thornmail, AP = Force of Nature.

Now heres a tip for new tank players. If they are well rounded, I would get Negatron Cape from FoN and Chainvest from Thornmail first. Then buy Thornmail and FoN in whatever order you find necessary.

Items: Mejai->Warmog->Mercury Treads->Thornmail->Force of Nature

6th item- Rabadon's Deathcap/Absysal Scepter/Banshee's Veil/Rylai's

Banshee for more (MR)
Abyssal for more (MR) + a bit more AP
Rylai's for more HP + CC + AP
Deathcap for more AP

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Pros/Cons [AP Snowball Full Tank]

You will be successful in having AP and being tanky.
Great Aresenal for your team in competetive play, since you dont want to be obsolete like AP Akali late game.

You have to play squishy until these items are completed:

Right when this is done (mid game) you are able to build tank items such as Thornmail and Force of Nature

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Skill Sequence

1 Q to start out to start harassing and last hitting, then at lvl 2, you get shroud then max out Q and E as you build up your ulti at lvls 6,11,16. Then finish up shroud.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost, you will need to run away quite a lot/get to fights etc.
Ignite helps a lot for killing off your opponents, since not having AP is kinda hard to kill, so more than usual, you leave them with like 100 hp after a full burst combination, -IGNTIE- kill achieved. Also helps take down tanks with High HP regen using ignite. However, that isn't really the point of being a tank huh? So... Get exhaust, help **** those DPS carries up. As long as they are weakened, your team will kill them. Also, it helps motivate your team to kill that person. I know I feel aggressive when I see an exhausted champion.

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Summary of Gameplay [Tank]

First of all, always start in duo lane. You will always ****ing eat them up. They will try to kill you, but they will be like "WTF?! AKALI HAS WARMOG?!" And early game, you do a **** load of dmg, with a partner to help out, its a sure kill. Always harass them since once you hit lvl 6, you got some nice jail bait, and your loins shall be energized.
(Keep throwing Q at enemy champions when waiting to last hit, this will prove useful once you hit lvl 6 or find a good time to kill them.)

Now once you get warmog, find a lane to farm it up as much as possible, and tell your team to be sort of passive/or ask if they need you there. You can turret dive once you get Armor because turrets are based on AD, and also, you have like 2.7k hp min-3.4k HP max.

At mid game, you are still a big damage producer, more like bruiser, since you do about 1k burst still. About 3/4 or 2/3 of a life bar. Anyhow, once you see someone you can kill, just do it. What are they going to do? Try to kill a tank? As long as you know you can escape, such as shrouding out.

Late Game, during teamfights, when your team is prepared, ping a target(squishy) then dash to them, and almost everyone will be trying to kill you. I have not had a point where they didnt attack me, akali is like Teemo or Evelyn, always targeted.

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Summary of Gameplay [AP Tank]

Basically the same as Full tank except you have to be very cautious with your early game to midgame. All you have are Mejai, Warmog, and Shoes. This is where I die the most.

you have Mejai->Warmog->Mercury->Chainvest/Negatron Cape

you should be trying to turn Chainvest into Thornmail if they are AD heavy, or Negatron into Force of Nature if they are AP heavy. Once you complete one, you are back to full tank status.

Late game
You wait for a good time and dive at their squishy and ping it, tell your team to all focus the squishies. You should spend all your time attacking them. Tank Turrets when needed, Tank Baron/Dragon. Don't be a wuss.

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Ranked Play

The basic rule of thumb for tanking in ranked:: Stack as much as possible against their carries. Only build against both if you really need to. If they are all DPS, start getting stuff like Frozen Heart and Randuin's Omen.

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Pros / Cons overall

*High Burst Damage Early to Mid game (moderate if ap tank)
*Always targeted in team fights
*Great Farmer
*Gets items very fast due to assassinations.
*People mistake you for being useless and you end up killing them
*Great Turret Diver
*gold avg per game: 12k-14k
*Helps you learn to play AP Akali by learning exactly how much burst she can do.

*Build is slow in solo lane because you get kills faster in duo.
*Not much dmg late game compared to carries(heck your tank, what do you expect?)
*Looks too intimidating compared to a Tank Teemo (lawl)
*Still a very Skill Intensive character, if you suck with AP akali, you won't fair much better with Tank Akali

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Team Work

This is a big role for you, and an easy one to fulfill. For example:

you are all pushing their mid turret, and they are turret hugging, your team cant fight. Assuming your tanky enough, dash to a squishy target and keep fighting until your hp gets low so your team doesnt need to start taking turret damage too early. You have to recall at this point unfortunately, but whatcha gonna do? Your team probably killed them all and took the turret.

Another example, you hide in the bush and everyone is at mid, you ping squish, then dash out - This surprise attack ALWAYS freaks people out, and they will all target you immediately, this is your team's cue to start ravaging.

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Solo lane with health regen pendant is awesome. once you hit lvl 6 with 3 ulti stacks, go kill one of them and juke out. Duo lane you get fed.

Solo: Farm
Duo: Fed

PS: I usually take top in rank since i dont trust other people.

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This build has been working for me in ranked games, and I am very happy. This build is super fun, and skill intensive ingame. Once you play it once, you are just bound to laugh because of your rape-ilicious score. You turret dive ALL DAY. You feel like superman.