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Master Yi Build Guide by Burning Eyed Hunter

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Burning Eyed Hunter

The Best AP Yi - Update July 16,11

Burning Eyed Hunter Last updated on August 26, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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New build for rank usage.Explanation in "AP AD Tanky Yi" section

Rod of Ages has proven its effectiveness and makes AP Yi a viable choice every game as an AP carry.

Skill Sequence
at lvl 4, you have a choice: a. put the point into meditate lvl 2 b. wuju style lvl 1

Logic for each option:
a. Meditate 2 is more advantageous to saving your *** from heroic turret dives (whether it be them or you). For EX: You turret dive, but it took too long so you are about to die from the last turret hit. Meditate Armor and MR go up, you run away as soon as the turret hits you. Or, They turret dive you, and you just use meditate. As soon as they are low hp from turret, alpha strike.

b. Wuju Style 1 allows you to take advantage of your laning partner being absent and do a highlander + wuju style on his turret. or when you are trying to kill someone.

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Get on your Hands and Feet... Right now...
For Master Yi...
The best AP DPS fighter in the world...
Whoever don't agree... You know what...
I guess y'all must've forgot!...
Hey yo, Play Master Yi,
As an Ap,
He will be kiting and fighting,
Y'all be running and frighten.
Hes got CDR,
Hes got DPS,
Recognized you the best.
Now whoever they are,
Master Yi, the best AP Char.

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AP AD Tanky Yi -UPDATE: Another Viable Option-

Great Starting item, mana regen, ap, 100 hp.
Build Catalyst first. If not possible, boots and mana crystal.
Makes your Alpha Strikes hurt for the 400 Damage it will do.
This converts 2% of your max hp into AD. Perfect for us, as we are going to be getting real hp heavy. *We gain about 70 AD bonus from 3500 hp; 68 for 3400.
This gives us more HP, which means more AD due to + it slows our enemies by 40% each time we tap em for 2.5 secs.
This gives us our life steal to go auto attack rambo.

Now for your 6th item: This should probably break the game for you.

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When they stole my gold medal back in South Korea
I never really had the correct AP-eria
Cuz y'all musta forgot! ....
The "best AP" is mine
Hit Vladimir with four kites at one time
Y'all musta forgot! ....
When I beat Tyrndamere, and won the I-BS
I cut Greater Seal of Defense him down with my Tankiness
His hp was hurt,
My MR did smirk
Y'all musta forgot! ....
You remember the alpha that Annie got,
The Strike that left her shield no dot
Sucka move that I stole from a game****
Y'all musta forgot! ....

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Stopped Chogath with a body shot
See y'all musta forgot! ....
I got 9 in the offensive
After givin shen the defensive
Late hit - my title; they had to take it,
moving way too quick,
regenin' way too slick,

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Start with Doran's Ring.
Build Sorcerer Boots ASAP. 20 more AP Penetration.
Build Rod of Ages ASAP, lets us be slightly tanky.
Build Rabadon's Deathcap next.
Build Lichbane.
Build Void Staff.
Build Nashor's Tooth,
Build Guardian Angel.

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Items Explanation

Doran's Ring -
Why? I guess thats the only way I'll survive
First round, one punch
and he sat down,
Regening mana,
Something wrong with my 15 Ap Janna?

Sorcerer's Shoes -
Man, that 20 magic penetration
Raping in the Tanky generation

Rod of Ages -
End the game with 2700 hp,
Never worry about having to go b.

Rabadon's Deathcap -
They will not say anything higher,
No longer worry about damage like a sire,
Y'all Must've Forgot!...

Build Deathfire Grasp-
Yo hey ho,
They think your alpha happens once,
They think they can run,
But son,
Deathfire grasp is there to make it none.

Lichbane -
And they got the nerve to say I ain't fight nobody
I just make 'em look like nobody
435 AP,
Proc and rape.

Void Staff -
Disqualified after taking the whippin from Mordekaiser
I came back flashed my wrist,
Void past and went on higher,
This gained an assist.

Guardian Angel -
You kept on raping and trolling,
Finally you get focused and they start loling,
But wait,
You come back and start to make em hate.

Nashor's Tooth -
Don't get me mad,
Cause I amped already,
The 50% Atk Spd,
only too smooth to seed,
25% CDR,
only to DDR.

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Core Items

I get this if I am having difficulty reaching Rod of Ages at a pretty fast pace, As you should be getting catalyst first. I usually get 2 per game. mainly early game for the 10% CDR.

Doran's Ring is the best starting item we could possibly want. It gives us mp regen, 100 hp, and 15 ap.

Sorcerer Boots gives us more magic pen, this is greatly needed as it is very easy to stack MR against AP nukers.

Rod of Ages gives us more HP and MP and 80 AP. Perfect. As long as you have these 3 items, you should be fine for up to late mid game. I have ended many games without even finishing .

Rabadon's Deathcap is all we need. 325 AP by now, and thats 625 per alpha strike.

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Situational Items [After requested by a certain a ******(s)]

Banshee's Veil is the best item you can get against CC heavy/AP teams. It gives HP and MP as well as blocking a debuff once every 45 seconds.

Guardian Angel is probably the 2nd best item for defense. A bit hefty, but it is a very well rounded item. It gives Armor and MR as well as a 2nd life. Good chance to meditate as soon as you get up and escape. Get this if they have a well rounded team of AD and AP that are trying to kill you non stop.

Always a strong nuking weapon, but I've started to need it less and less. Only get this if you need the extra nuking power.

This is a maybe... Honestly, If I was going to get a defensive item, I would invest it into banshee's veil and not this. UPDATE: Get this instead of Banshee's Veil if they do not have lots of CC. Great item for your team as well. Void Staff > Abyssal Scepter if they are truly all tanky.

Example Score with Tanky Items:

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Skill Sequence

Max out Alpha Strike first.
Ok, now here is the split. Either max out Meditate or Wuju Style now.
1. Maxing out Wuju Style helps with early game to mid game kills with your ulti.
2. Maxing out Meditate allows more survivability, max this first. You will notice its effectiveness in keeping you alive in very tight moments. Excellent Armor and MR bonus while active.

Alpha Strike - You tele to minion/champ of choice and may deal extra dmg to minions and AP to 4 units.
*Ok, when using this in lane, try to use it on minions to harass champions. You never want to tele to a champion, that just gets you hurt.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost for Ganking, Chasing, Running, Back Dooring.
Ignite is a must for all AP burst Champs.

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If I get a top lane, I tend to just farm all game in a lane. Farm is needed. You can carry games. 40% CDR - Alpha Strike every 6 seconds. That's what the farm is really needed for. You need CDR as soon as possible.

Mid lane is what you want. You can take on anyone, an if you see Annie/Ashe, its your lucky day. I don't think there was ever a champion that was this good at dealing with these two. Aside from Caitlyn >.>

How I play Yi!
1. Throughout the game, I will look for people who are squishy and pushing, or even at their turret. Full hp? doesnt matter. Alpha strike will make it half. Already at half hp? well you got an easy kill.

2. Keep lanes pushed. Farm farm farm farm! You will be like that mordekaiser that wont ever stop farming and pushing! You will be able to get bd's nearly every game. When you see teamfights happening, blow your ghost, then your ulti if you have to. You arent as ulti reliant as an AD Yi, since you just need to alpha strike that fight, and you will have that ulti back refreshed.

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While at mid lane, assuming you are alpha striking minions and harassing the enemy champion,

once you see them at a very unsafe hp (alpha strike + ignite and a few auto attacks) range,

pretend to go back, but cancel it, go to the side of the lane in the bush.

If he is trying to go back, GHOST + ULTI(if you have it/yet) + ALPHA STRIKE + IGNITE

But if he is using the chance to push a little bit, let him do that and then do as stated above. This helps make sure the gank is secure.

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Ranked Play

This build works well in low elo games because no one thinks to build MR.
However... I tried playing AP Yi in a high elo game (1648 elo) and they built MR on me, and from 435 AP, I kinda just got force of nature'd... by all 5 players.... So, Void Staff might help.

If this scenerio happens^: After , , , Right here would normally be Rabadon's Deathcap , but switch it for void staff .

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Skill Usage

Game starts, go to neutral jungle creeps and build up a passive double strike. Then walk back to lane. Alpha Strike and double strike combo. Be careful not to kill creeps because you have a jungler, also to not take too much dmg before returning to lane.

This should be your combo.

1. Build up double strike passive
2. Deathfire Grasp Active
3. Wuju Style
3. Alpha Strike
4. Ultimate
5. Ignite

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Skill Usage - Deathfire Grasp (Active)

When using Deathfire Grasp's Active -> <- Be sure to use it on them first, or else it wont do as much.

For Example: Enemy Champion: 2000 hp + (excluding the ap %, just the 30% of current champion health) = 600 dmg

But if you damage them first->
You:Alpha Strike with 400 ap= 700 dmg
Enemy Champion: 2000 hp - 700 dmg = 1300 Hp
Deathfire Grasp: 1300 hp * 30% = 390 Dmg compared to 600 dmg.

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Great Laning Partners

Your Favorite Laning Partner will always be someone who can help secure your kills.

Zilean - He compensates way too well with you. Double bomb + alpha strike + ulti + auto attack + ignite + slow/speed up. No idea how they are getting out of that mess.

Anyone with CC is basically an awesome laning partner, or high burst. Akali is a great example of high burst, and Xin Zhao is another with CC.

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Laning Phase

You should be using alpha strike on minions and hope to land a few harass hits on nearby champions. BE CAREFUL IF YOUR MINIONS ARE TOO CLOSE TOGETHER, YOU MIGHT GET STUCK.

your minions: X
Their Minions: I
Their Champions: Y
O-oh ****.

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Pros / Cons

1. Very Strong
2. Great Team Fighter
3. Excellent Kiter, in fact, can kill AD Yi with proper use of meditate
4. Fun to play

1. Requires Skill
2. Must be smart

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Overall, you have AS(if you got nashors), cdr, and hard nukes.

Well some other thoughts I have been having... Building tanky, I know you need to be tanky at some point, but when... Because Master Yi as AP: Sorc Shoes, Dcap, Deathfire is a must. And lichbane of course, but perhaps after deathcap you can slide in a thornmail or force of nature/banshee's veil?

Anyhow, if you like it, +1 and comment. I love comments.

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This is with situational tanky items:

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My lil history that you prob dont care about

So, I started Master Yi today(6-13-11) after watching some inspirational Hotshotgg. And... Oh my. I ****ing raped. First game ended up with 14/5/16, then 14/2/9. I just love how you get them low hp, you hit lvl 6, then alpha strike and ulti, wuju style, auto attack ignite to victory. Also, I do play jungle yi, and i thought that was the most viable one, but guess not. AP yi helps the team a lot, so much aoe dmg in team fights, and oddly enough, I am not focused even though I started autoattacking when its on cd for the remainder of the 6 seconds. Great fun this boy is. Although I must say he survives **** loads better than AD Yi. I am not saying AD Yi sucks, in fact... hes scary as **** with that ghostblade + ulti. Hmm what else, ah yes. You are probably wondering why I went for those CDR items when i could have just gotten more AP burst right? Well the thing is. Whats the point if you cant use it in rapid succession? You will have to sit out after blowing alpha strike for a good time of your CD. I helped my team take a turret by going up to it, MEDITATE. Lmao, ****ing hilarious. Then someone without CC tries to gank you, Meditate. -WHY WONT YI ****ING DIE?!!!- trolololol. Best **** ever~ Plus one for this random ******** im spewing, but you gotta agree Yi creates the most trolol moments.

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Plus 1,
That one,
It makes me ***.