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League of Legends Build Guide Author Athrolaxle

How to carry Kayle

Athrolaxle Last updated on January 27, 2011
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Hey guys. This is my first build, so let's not go too hard on me. Second, I build Kayle differently than most people, so don't go on whining and saying, "Why would you get this item or that item." Just read, and I'll explain everything. I've played Kayle since I first started playing League of Legends and have tried many different builds. This one works well for me. Anyways, hope you guys like this one and, if you do, rate it up! =D

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Summoner Skills

Exhaust is a great choice for a Summoner Spell, regardless of which champion you use. It not only slows an enemy significantly, it also reduces the auto-attack damage and ability damage they deal by a fair amount. This will allow you to either catch or escape from the enemy champion, while also crippling his damage potential for a few seconds.

I choose Flash as my second Summoner Spell because it is, quite simply, the most overpowered Summoner Skill there is. It allows you to instantly teleport a short range away, making it, in essence, a Get-Out-of-Gank-Free card. If the enemy Warwick pops out from the woods after he hits level 6 to come gank you, you can just flash away and watch in amusement as his surprise is ruined, leaving yousafely under your own turret. It is also incredibly useful as a means of catching that enemy Ashe or Ezreal who has you slowed or is himself flashing away from you. And of course, this can be used in the even of a team fight gone wrong. Perhaps the best use of this as an escape mechanism is to use it to teleport over the terrain in the jungle at Baron, Ancient Golem, Dragon, etc.

Other useful Summoner Spells include Ghost for catching or running and Ignite to land that kill or to shut down the other team's Mundo. Personally, I wouldn't recommend any of the others, but each does have its uses, depending on your and your opponents' teams.

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I use a 9/0/21 build. The points in Offense are to enhance your already potent Exhaust, assuming you chose it, and to give you 15% Magic Penetration. Because nearly all of the damage you deal will be Magic damage, Magic Penetration is incredibly useful for making sure that you carry hard enough to tear the enemy team to pieces.

The points in Utility are the most important. Perseverence will make you significantly less mana-hungry, particularly early/mid-game. Awareness is very important because it ensures that you will maximize experience gain in order to keep up with or even get ahead of the enemy champions laning against you. The mana regeneration mastery is self-explanatory, but the 30% increased buff duration is the next important mastery. This will cause Blue, Red, and Baron buffs to last longer. This is primarily important for Blue, as Blue will fix all of your mana problems, so keeping it up as long as possible is critical. The slow and DoT that Red provides are also quite nice, and Baron goes without saying. Movement speed mastery is always nice for helping you catch that champion who would otherwise be just a tiny bit faster. One of the biggest points in Utility (assuming you took Flash) is the Flash mastery (go figure). It reduces the duration of your Flash spell by 15 seconds. This will allow you to use Flash and have to wait less time for your next escape/surprise attack. After that, cooldown reduction is a no-brainer, especially since it is more than that in the Offense tree. The icing on the cake is, of course, the 15% cooldown reduction on your two Summoner Spells. This will let you do those neat little tricks you want to do with them significantly more often, which can turn the tides of a team fight, especially since you will be your team's carry, and a very hard carry at that.

If you took Ghost, Ignite, or some other Summoner Spell, make sure you don't waste a point in the Exhaust/Flash masteries. Either get the mastery for whatever you chose, or put that spare point somewhere else in the tree.

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Skill Sequence

This is a very important part of the entire game, but even more so in the laning phase. You might be wondering why I didn't max out Divine Blessing first, since Kayle is a support. Well, that is because I play Kayle as a carry. I don't max Reckoning first as a harassment tool because 1) it is relatively mana-heavy as compared to Kayle's Righteous Fury, 2) assuming the enemy champions sit within your range, Righteous Fury will end up doing more damage to them, not to mention the AoE damage, and 3) Righteous Fury is one of the best farming abilities in the game, and guess what a carry needs: gold. Guess how you get gold: last hitting minions. Guess how you last hit as many minions as possible: Deal a good bit of AoE damage in the middle of the wave.

Righteous Fury is your bread-and-butter ability. It's going to be what gets you last hits, ranged attacks on a tower, and champion kills. Righteous Fury greatly increases Kayle's auto-attack range and causes each swing to deal additional damage as Magic damage in the form of an AoE in a radius about the primary target. This is wonderful for clearing minion waves and getting last hits in. The increased auto-attack range means you dont need to be at the base of the turret to smack it, and you can also get hits on the enemy champions from a distance. At max level and with cooldown reduction, the duration of Righteous Fury will be only slightly less than its cooldown, meaning you can keep it up nearly constantly. Also, its mana cost does not increase from a modest 65. This makes it easy on your mana early, another reason that it is a better first choice than Reckoning. Be sure to keep an eye on Righeous Fury's duration, because when it expires, your champion will automatically begin moving towards the target to resume her now melee-range autoattack. If not managed, this can lead to unfortunate consequences.

Reckoning will be your second point. Although this spell is less mana-efficient than Righteous Fury, it is very manageable, especially considering that you are now level 2, so your runes will be providing you with better mana regeneration than at level 1. Reckoning casts a bolt of magic at the target which will deal a moderate amount of damage, slow them, and increase Kayle's damage against the target by a certain percent. Although many people do, I would not recommend spamming this on cooldown if you are having mana problems. It is certainly useful as a harassing tool, but don't lean too heavily on it. It is best to use this to harass in conjuction with Righteous Fury, as the slow will keep them within your range for longer and the damage increase synergizes well with Righteous Fury's additional damage.

You will get your first point in Divine Blessing at level 3. This wonderful spell will heal your target for a moderate amount and give them a 12% boost to movement speed. This spell has many uses, such as building an opening stack of Guinsoo's, helping to catch/escape an enemy, getting from lane to lane faster, getting back from the base faster, and of course, healing.

Intervention is your ultimate, and it's one of the best in the game. It grants an ally within a fairly large radius of you full immunity to all forms of damage for up to 3 seconds. This should be used on an ally who is taking too much damage and is badly needed for the team fight. As your team's carry, this will typically be you, but be sure to keep an eye out for whomever needs it most. Each level of your ultimate increases its duration and reduces its cooldown and mana cost.

Essentially, you will go for Righteous Fury first to help you farm as much gold as possible, in addition to helping to deal consistent damage to enemy champions and keep them at bay. Reckoning is maxed next to deal damage and slow the enemy, while increasing your damage to them. Divine Blessing is a movement speed buff/heal that can be used whenever needed. And, this goes without saying, put points in your ultimate whenever possible.

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These are rather simple to understand. For Marks, you have magic penetration. Magic penetration will give you an edge against enemy champions, as well as slightly helping your Righteous Fury to get the last hit on minions. All in all, magic penetration explains itself.

Your Seals will be scaling mana regeneration runes. This is because one of Kayle's biggest problems is mana maintainence. A Kayle out of mana is an utterly useless Kayle. The reason that you get scaling Seals is that by level 5, they will already be providing more mana regeneration than the flat mana regeneration runes.

For Glyphs, cooldown reduction runes are the way to go. These will allow you to use you abilities more often (shocking, I know). More frequent ability use will allow you to support better, get your ultimate in when it normally would have been on cooldown, and keep the enemy slowed and vulnerable with Reckoning. Once again, rather self-explanatory.

The health Quintessences were chosen because health is never a bad thing, especially on Kayle. 100 free health is a beautiful thing to have in the laning phase, when bush shenanigans and carelessly allowing minions to chip away at you can shorten your stay in the lane. If played properly, Kayle (and often her laning partner) should never HAVE to leave the lane. You may choose to Recall to spend money, but it is should not be necessary due to a lack of remaining health. Mana regeneration and Divine Blessing should take care of health and mana problem with a little tower hugging.

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Here is what defines the course the game will take. Kayle needs the following stats: Attack Damage, Ability Power, Attack Speed, and Cooldown Reduction. Her passive and the nature of Righteous Fury both make Kayle an obvious Attack Damage/Ability Power hybrid. Going only on or the other will yield results far inferior to her potential. Attack Speed is also very important in getting the most out of every Righteous Fury. The faster you swing, the more Righteous Fury attacks you deal over the duration. Cooldown Reduction is important because keeping Righteous Fury up as much as possible is very imprtant. Also, being able to use all of her abilities more often will maximize her carry AND support potentials.

So on to items. First off, get Doran's Ring. The 15 Ability Power is translated into a small amount of Attack Damage also, due to her passive. Because you put a point in Righteous Fury first, this will benefit it two-fold. The extra health speaks for itself, and the mana regeneration will help to keep you laning for longer or, with some luck and skill, for nearly the entire laning phase. Make sure to buy a Health Potion with your remaining gold, as you won't be getting your heal until level 3, leaving plenty of time to get harassed.

When you go back, get your Boots of Swiftness to help you get close enough to harass and to get away if things turn for the worst. If you have enough money, begin building Malady. I would recommend getting the Amplifying Tome first, as it strengthens all of your spells, but Daggers are certainly viable, as they will help you last hit and get more swings in on the enemy champions with Righteous Fury before they retreat to safety.

Once you have enough money, finish Malady. This item is unusual in a Kayle build, but it is a fantastic item for her. This item only costs 1825 gold to build and gives Kayle some incredibly useful stats, not to mention the impressive passive early/mid-game. +50 Attack Speed will have you swinging a great deal faster, and the +25 Ability Power will make all of you spells that much more potent, but the passive is the best part of this weapon. Each time you hit an enemy with a melee attack, you deal an additional 20 Magic damage and reduce the target's magic resistance by 6 for 8 seconds, stacking up to 4 times. This not only helps significantly to last hit, you are now reducing the enemy champion's magic resistance while doing more damage to him, faster, and with additional damage tacked on. This is an exceptional item for Kayle, and isn't even very expensive. This is Kayle first carry item (an item which, when obtained, makes the champion begin to carry).

After Malady, finish up your boots. If the enemy team has a great deal of crowd control, get Mercury Treads. If they are all physical damage, consider Ninja Tabi. Aside from that, choose from Berserker's Greaves, Sorceror's Shoes, or Ionian Boots of Lucidity, depending on the enemy team's magic resistances and your ability to consistently get Blue buff around mid-game.

Immediately following your boots, get Guinsoo's Rageblade. This is the single best item in the game for Kayle. Everythind about this item synergizes perfectly with all of Kayle's abilities. If you cannot afford the full item (2235 gold), but had to Recall or you died, get a Blasting Rod before getting the Pickaxe. It is cheaper and more useful. Now to explain just why Guinsoo is the best item Kayle can get: 1) the base stats give +35 Attack Damage and +45 Ability Power. 2) it is the only item currently in the game to give Attack Damage, Ability Power, AND Attack Speed. 3) it causes your potency in battle to increase as the fight goes on, while many champions begin to fall off slightly. While the base stats are certainly not to be overlooked, the true beauty of this item is the passive. It is a Unique Passive which gives you +6 Ability Power and +4% Attack Speed per stack, stacking up to 8 times. You gain a stack each time you use an ability or deal a melee attack, and the stacks last for 5 seconds, refreshing each time a new stack is added. Once you reach 8 stacks, they will continue to refresh, but you will not gain more. This means that using Divine Blessing will grant you +6 Ability Power and +4% Attack Speed, making it perfect to use just before (or during) any fight. Also, each melee swing will grant a stack, as will activating Righteous Fury. The bonus Ability Power DOES (via her passive) get converted into Attack Damage as well, so each stack also adds roughly 1 Attack Damage as well. All of this synergizes perfectly with Righteous Fury. During a fight, you will notice that as you gain stacks, you will do more and more damage faster and faster, often taking off large chunks of health every swing, which will be very fast. This will enable you to tear apart a squishy enemy champion before they even know how to react. Also, the additional Attack Speed helps get Malady stacks up and causes the additional Magic damage to be applied more often. This is Kayle's second and final true carry item. After obtaining this, you should notice a vast difference in your laning as well as fighting.

After your acquisition of Guinsoo's Rageblade, you should find farming to be incredibly easy, as you will with any jungling short of Baron (you can't solo Baron. Don't try it.) With Righteous Fury up, you will tear apart any size minion wave in seconds. You will also be dealing a good amount of damage to enemy champions. You may find yourself wondering, "What item could I possibly get after this? How could it compare?" (yeah, dramatic little monologue). Well, I'll tell you what item to get: Nashor's Tooth. It stands to reason that, after you obtain the most important item in your build, that you would get another item which complements that item and your build. Nashor's Tooth is that item. It grants +50% Attack Speed, +55 Ability Power, +10 mana regeneration per 5 seconds, and 25% cooldown reduction. While these stats are pretty straightforward, it is worth pointing out why the mana regeneration and cooldown reduction complement Guinsoo's Godblade. The mana regeneration ensures that you have the mana to use abilities, thereby adding stacks, while cooldown reduction allows you to use those abilities to gain stacks more often. Pretty self-explanatory, but I figured I may as well point it out.

Okay. You now have your core build. From here on out, you can get whatever item you really want. If there's a Mordekaiser, consider Quicksilver Sash. If there's a Jax, maybe a Sword of the Divine. Mundo or Warwick, maybe a Executioner's Calling. Perhaps you want some survivability, so you get Banshee's Veil, Randuin's Omen, or Guardian Angel. That's up to you. Personally, I like to get even more damage, but there happens to be an item out there which can give me a large damage boost as well as help my survivability: Hextech Gunblade. The Hextech Gunblade gives +60 Attack Damage, +75 Ability Power, +20% Lifesteal, and +20% Spell Vampirism. Additionally, Hextech Gunblade has an Active which deals 300 Magic damage to an enemy champion and slows his movement speed by 50% for 3 seconds. This item is fantastic because it not only grants a massive amount of both Attack Damage and Ability Power, it also cause you to heal for 20% of the damage you deal, which should quite a bit by this point. And if that healing isn't enough survivability for a Kayle, it also has an Active which will deal a small amount of damage to an enemy and slow them to allow you to catch them or escape them.

By now, you should be tearing anything apart in a 1v1, but even more so in a team fight. As a bit of icing on the carry cake, sell your Doran's Ring (if you haven't already) and grab Madred's Bloodrazor. This handy little piece of work will give you +30 Attack Damage, +40% Attack Speed, and most importantly, deal 4% of the target MAXIMUM HEALTH in Magic damage on each hit. This item will ensure that even the enemy tank can't escape your Righteous Fury. If the game has progressed this far, there should be nothing to stop you. You can kill any one enemy and, in a team fight, almost single-handedly turn the tides in your favor. Each hit is now increasing Ability Power (and therefore Attack Damage), Attack Speed, reducing enemy Magic resistance, dealing a small amount of Magic damage, and dealing up to 4% of the target's maximum health merely due to items. It should also be noted that, since Madred's Bloodrazor deals Magic damage, the percent of health dealt is reduced by magic resistance, which is reduced by Malady.

If you make it this far, dont forget to always get all 4 potions, since there is nothing else to spend your money on. Because of the nature of Kayle, all 3 stat enhancing potions benefit her. Make us of that. The Oracle's Potion will allow you to spot stealthed enemy champions and wards.

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The general rules of playing Kayle are similar to those of any other champion, but not necessarily the same. During the laning phase, you should ALWAYS have a laning partner. If at all possible, DO NOT SOLO LANE. Perhaps the best laning partner is someone like Shen or Soraka. Anyone who can baby you and keep you alive while you farm is perfect. Otherwise, someone who can keep the enemy scared to get too close is a good choice as well.

Make sure to communicate so that your partner knows when to attack and when to let them push. This brings up an important point about Kayle during the laning phase: DO NOT PUSH YOUR LANE!!! This is extremely important. Tell your laning partner this as well, so he doesn't push the lane for you. You are vulnerable early game. You need to stay close to the comfort of your tower for safety. If you are new or unsure how to avoid pushing your lane while still farming gold from minions, the method do so is simpy this: stay back from the minions a short ways. Let them wear each other down. DO NOT AUTOATTACK MINIONS! When a minion gets low on health, fly on over, smack him once for the last hit, and fly away. This will keep you behind you minion line and therefore safer from enemy champions while ensuring that you get gold without having to move into potentially dangerous territory unecessarily.

Another very important aspect of the laning phase is harassing. If you don't know what this is or how to go about it, simply hit an enemy champion with Righteous Fury a few times, assuming you can safely, or hit them with Reckoning. The goal is to slowly (or if possible, quickly) wear down the enemy champion in the hopes of getting First Blood or forcing him to Recall, thereby falling behind on experience and gold.

Manage your mana intelligently, and use Divine Blessing and Health Potions to keep yourself from having to Recall or getting killed. Be smart early. You're a very hard carry, maybe one of the hardest. You are very weak until mid-game, when you get your carry items.

It is important to know that, even after getting your carry items, YOU ARE NOT A GANKER. You help gank some, but that shouldn't be what you do all the time after you get Guinsoo's Rageblade. You are a team fighter, a carry, and with this build, relatively squishy. Your survival is contigent upon team communication, map awareness, intelligent playing, and team coordination. As a support, you should heal teammates if they need a heal more than you, as well as save them with a quick Intervention.

Late game, as a carry your job is to take out the enemy's squishy, high DPS champion, the enemy's support champion, or the opposing carry. As a support, you should toss out heals and your shield when possible to keep your team on top. Do your best to always have Blue buff once the game progresses into mid-game. Red is also nice, but not as needed as Blue.

As a side note, if you can get your main support to get Stark's Fervor and/or Will of the Ancients, you will benefit greatly from both.

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Pros / Cons


    Incredibly strong late game
    Movement speed buff
    Strong AoE
    Great farmer
    Can make a teammate or self invulnerable

    Very weak early game
    If prevented from farming efficiently, is almost completely shut down
    Relatively squishy

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If I have made any errors or you find some room for improvement, please comment and I will look into it. I'll be happy to fix any mistakes and improve this guide any way possible. Thanks a lot guys, and good luck.