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League of Legends Build Guide Author Armatir

How to jungle using jungle king warwick guide!

Armatir Last updated on March 25, 2011
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Warwick Build

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What this is

this is a guide to a really good setup for jungling warwick as long as you are following The Jungle king guide. He hasn't updated the jungling path sections so i thought id release my own.

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difference start up

I start by getting blue buff first so i grab cloth armor and and 2 health pots. also a major change is i pick up hungering strike first because to kill blue you will need it your life steal isnt up to par when using speed boost at lvl so use hungering as soon as its up and also smite if you choose to bring ignite then its even more easy to take blue down. note it may seem like u might die but use your pots as soon as he hits u then just spam your hungering when its up and u should be about 1 and a half hp when he dies.

-after taking blue kill its two minions then go to the wolves.
-then to wraiths if needed use pot
-then proceed to golems
-after golems teleport back and purchase the longsword or madreds if possible
-go straight to red buff smite and beat him down popping hunters call after u lose 1 hp bar this maximizes the life steal potential.
-then rinse and repeat but note that if you are doing this efficiently there wont be any more monsters to kill so head to enemies red buff jungle kill the golems wolves and red buff by then you should hit 6.

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Side tips

-make sure to level hungering first
-when jumping characters with your ult watch out for characters with cc they will cancel it
-when using ult take out any enemy shields such as banshees veil first or it will completely void the damage part of your ult even though it attacks several times it will just hold tem doing no damage.
-when taking out towers use hunters call it will make you attack hella lot faster and also your teamates.