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Aatrox General Guide by Marodox1

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Marodox1

How to play Aatrox like a champ

Marodox1 Last updated on June 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, my name is Marodox1, I am a bronze III hero and in this guide I will teach you how to play the newest champion, Aatrox like a pro. This guide will mainly focus on the most important aspect of 5v5's, dueling 1v1 at baron or dragon. You may not trust me since I am in Bronze, but trust assured, when you see the picture below, you will surely be assured this is the guide for you, the new aatrox player.

The Picture

As you can see, in the first game, I went 38/0/0. Ignore the second game as my whole team afk'd other than me and I had to fight them 1v5 for the whole game. I hope now that you see the higher level of Aatrox play I produce, you will finish this guide, and maybe one day you will be as good as me (prob not though). So take a seat and continue reading.

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Pros and Cons

Little to be known there are NO cons to Aatrox (that are really significant) if you use the build given in this guide. So here we go:

-Most damage in the game
-Can 1v1 anyone
-Makes him look badass when you swing

Cons:(Note: These cons aren't important and really don't matter so feel free to skip them)
-Gets bursted down instantly
-Useless in team fights
-Will lose duel to bruiser (if not skilled)

As you can see, the pros heavily outweigh the cons.

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Skills explained

Aatrox has the most op skills in the game currently. If you want to take full advantage of them before they get nerfed, keep reading.

Q: Dark Flight

Basically your skill to engage into the fight. NEVER use it to run away, because Aatrox doesn't run. Use it during your duel to add extra damage, and DO NOT save it. Knocks up if you get them in the small circle, but that isn't important so don't worry about it since the knockup is really short.

W: Blood Thirst/Blood Price

The best ability in the game currently, but there is one secret that most pros haven't caught onto yet that always makes aatrox come out the winner. The tip is ALWAYS keep the damage one toggled on, don't even touch your W all game when the damage one is toggled. Just remember to get 5 pots whenever you back, and it is pointless to ever turn on the heal one. the damage one does SO much more and makes you win 100% of the time.

E: Blades Of Torment

Useless ability, does no damage, only get it if you have too, worst part of his kit.

R: Massacre

The tip to using his ult right is to always use it BEFORE you engage in a 1v1. The damage it does is not even worth it, and if you activate it before hand, you will go into the fight with the attack speed already on, and you will definetely win.

I hope you now see how to level Aatrox's abilities.

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Summoner spells/Masteries/Runes

This is easy, always take barrier and ignite, the best abilities to have in a fight. Flash is USELESS on aatrox since you always have his q up.

Masteries and runes:

Don't worry about the defense tree or any defensive runes, full flat attack damage for both runes and masteries. AD per level isn't worth it because early game is when most of your duels are going to happen. Defense isn't worth it either, because you are going to burst down the enemy so quickly they aren't going to have time to attack, making defense useless on Aatrox

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Item build explained

Pretty simple item build for Aatrox, ALWAYS get attack speed boots and make a combination of phantom dancers and bloodthirsters for the remaining five spots, it doesn't matter how many you take of each, you will still win the duel. Also, some people say the sixth item should be a defensive item, don't listen to the baboons, as I said before, you will burst down the enemy too quickly for them to get any attacks on you off, making a defensive item a waste of space.

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Example of a duel

Ok, now the part where I can show my skill of Aatrox in words, this is how an example duel at dragon would work out.

1) Wait in the small river bush for your opponent, when you see them, use your q and jump somewhere near them.
2) They will be very scared because aatrox has a large model and sounds scary so press your taunt a few times to make them even more scared.
3) they will probably start panicing and not move so now is the time start auto attacking them. Remember to pop ignite right off the bat and pop your barrier at the beginning as well so if you accidentally aggro dragon it wont do any damage.
4)They should be dead in 2 shots, congratulations, you won the duel.

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If your team is yelling at you for not buying wards, mute them immediately. Aatrox needs all the gold for the 5 pots he buys every back and his core build, that wards aren't even worth it. No one ganks aatrox because they are too scared and if they do just turn it into a double kill. But under any circumstance NEVER buy wards.

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I hope by now you have picked up on my skill, and you have learned how to play Aatrox like a champ. Don't send your good games as Aatrox to me because I don't care as I know I am probably the best NA aatrox player yet.

Thank you



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