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League of Legends Build Guide Author nannostreaming

How to play with a jungler

nannostreaming Last updated on April 7, 2014
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im nanno, a decently ranked jungle player (D1 S3, D3 atm) and would like to tell you guys how i think lanes should play to synergize with the jungler.

I see the strangest reactions to jungle ganks and the most unrealistic accusations to jungler play and i get the feeling that people who do not play in the jungle proficiently have no idea what is going on in there while you play on your lane.

In this guide i will attempt to teach you about the basics of playing with your jungler!

these strategies will apply most of the time. They can be outplayed or changed, but usually the game will happen somewhat like i will explain. Do not turn off your brain while playing and don't blame me if it did not work in that one game.

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Jungle types

Know what type of jungler you have and play accordingly!

There are a few types of junglers that you should be aware of:

  • Early gankers
  • Midgame gankers (starting lvl 6 and up, yes ik thats not technically midgame)
  • Farmers
  • Supporting junglers
  • Carry junglers

    The early ganker:
    • great at ganking early and need cash quick
    • deal a lot of damage
    • need setup from lanes to function
    • Allow the enemy to push the lane, play passively and react when the gank is called
    • Examples: shaco, pantheon, AD udyr
    • Try to make ganks possible ASAP

    The Midgame ganker:

    • (mostly) rely on their lvl 6 skills and/or a certain base of items to gank well
    • Examples: Warwick, Skarner, Vi
    • Give them early breathing room
    • take a matchup that you can hold until 6, don't both lanes through ignorance

    The farmers:

    • great at clearing the jungle
    • need a certain item base to function well
    • Examples: Olaf, Shyvana
    • Be prepared to play w/o Jungle help early on.

    The supporting junglers:
    • bring cc to a lane to kill the enemy
    • less damage than other junglers
    • Examples: Sejuani, rammus
    • REACT! These junglers do not work without your damage. They need your initiative!

    Carry junglers:
    • Junglers with a good kit to carry, who usually require the gank kills to function well.
    • Examples: Yi, Kha
    • Let them take kills on ganks
    • Don't pressure them into bad ganks because of your situation

    These categories are not set in stone and their playstyle can greatly be altered depending upon the game situation. A Warwick will not be doing great ganks before level 6 most of the times.

    (the used examples were chosen because of their obvious roles, not necessarily because they work well in the current meta/ are FotM)

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When a jungler calls a gank on your lane:

  • back the lane up so he can do a proper gank/ push it so he can do a dive
  • call out wards (and know where they are to do so!)
  • tell him to leave before he gets there if you do not want the gank
  • don't make the jungler initiate the fight if you can. This makes ganking incredibly difficult. Start fighting and let him join.

    Some junglers are better at starting a fight than others, but most will still be far more efficient if they can join later.
    A good example is vi. She can use her into to initiate a fight. But that usually means that vault breaker will do no dmg, since its used as a gapcloser.

    If you can't do some or all of these things, let the jungler know, and don't endanger yourself! A failed gank is better than dying in a failed gank ;P

    Note: i will try to add a video explaining these things as well, as it feels a bit difficult to describe in words.

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Jungle rotation

Many people complain that their jungler is "never ganking" and that they are always camped by the enemy jungler! After the game, they will say "gg junglers won the game", and go on to play the next, without ever thinking about how they themselves brought down the wrath of the enemy jungler upon their lane.

In my opinion, there are only a few criterias that make a lane gankable or not. they are:


does the enemy see me coming, can i close the gap fast enough?
kill potential

Is the enemy low enough, or do we have enough burst/ cc to take him down?
threat level

Do i need to keep this champion from snowballing?
time and location

is it worth it for me to go to this lane and attempt a gank, or can i help my team more doing something else?



Jungle Rotation starts at one of the big camps, usually where the allied botlane is located (red buff for blue, blue buff for purple). The jungler will go through their jungle to reach level 3.

If you know that the enemy jungler started at his redbuff (blue side) and will be coming top as he reaches level 3 (assessing his general jungle type), look at your map. Where are you standing on your lane? You do not want to die to this gank.


he can now continue on to do camps, or back and start a new gank/farm a bit.


7:10 is the first respawn of the big camp. Both junglers are close to the botlane at this time, and can gank, or pick up the other buff and roam top.

First drake attempts start at ~10:00.

Keep these times in the back of your head and adjust them to your games.
Soon you will just smell the reeking jungler crawling up to your lane without any vision at all.

Threat level

This is something you must judge on your own. Are you doing well in lane? Do you have a strong snowballing champion? How many escapes do you have?

Kill potential

Do you know that feeling, when you really want that laast wave, but you know you shouldnt stay? Thats exactly the one i mean.
Don't stay. Buy something else. If you can already feel that your crying to get ganked, the jungler will have seen it 2 minutes ago and is rushing towards your lane... if hes good ;)

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Last words

My original posts on reddit can be found here and here

As i said in the 2. post, i will most likely extend this guide with a section on warding, as well as a couple of videos to clarify some aspects. Please be patient with me until then :)

If you enjoyed the read, feel free to check out my stream and tell me how i can continue to improve this guide. I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.




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