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Malphite Build Guide by angelreborn

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author angelreborn

How to Rock The Jungle~Malphite

angelreborn Last updated on January 22, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction to Jungle Malphite

alright as i said before not the best at making these, but i am tired of seeing bad junglers and bad malphites so here is a fast and easy guide to a malphite sure to carry and defend your team.

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Why Jungle with malphite?

since the jungle has changed champions with aoe have been dominating the jungles, along with malphites 2 aoe (one passive and one skill) he has awesome ganking abilities and a passive to insure you last long in your jungle and fights.
- has a passive aoe on each of your attacks to clear jungle groups faster
- has a aoe skill that has damage based on his defence, alot of other junglers are ad and your ability to jungle fast off of high defence makes you a very good counter jungler if a fight arrises
- his ult lunges you forward onto an area knocking all targets in the area around you up
- has a long ranged slow
- by resetting his passive between groups you can clear your whole jungle with ease before having to go back to heal
*CON! he is somewhat mana dependent. you will not always notice and if you ever have blue buff this will not be a problem, but early game into mid you might notice your mana running low.

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Runes and Masteries

For runes i run flat def and magic resist for obvious reasons as the tank, why flat magic? in early game you will be ganking all lanes that need your assistance and you might be ganking an ap champ. i am running attack speed for my quints and reds but life quints are also another good option (dont have any at the moment).
my masteries are focused on the tanky side with life and any form of defence i could grab (along with mana rep, a personal choice, what you wish to do with the remaining 9 is up to you)

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why the dorans shield?
it gives you defence (to last longer against jungle) and gives your E added damage.
it gives you life (which your passive feeds off of) allowing you to last longer.
it gives life rep, which fills in for the potions most junglers get as the groups will eat your passive shield and and the life you have regained will be saved.
after your first jungle clear, from one side to the other, you will have enough gold to buy your second shield. with the second one you will be able to last away from base untill a gank goes bad (adding damage, passive, and your rep)
after shield i grab merc treds for the tenac and the magic res as your next 2 items will be focused on your defence for damage and.. well defence...
i choose to grab omens first as it will slow down the enemy team allowing easy ganks and kills (starting it with heart of gold as soon as you have the gold for it) to benifit off of the 5gp.
frozen heart is almost in the same boat as omen where it will slow down the enemy team when you are in the middle of them all playing the tank and cc role you so greatly forfill.
after these you should be set on your defence items and your enemy hate and its time to pick up a nature for the magic res (if your enemys are mostly ap or have an ap carrying you may grab this before omen or frozen heart).
i like to top off your items with a guardian angel for its passive and to have a nice spread of magic resist and defence. the last item is optional but i prefer warmogs just to pack on the life for passive.

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Skill order?

i have been at a toss latly on maxing W before E but your first 4 should be
E-W-Q-E, after this you may change E and W around. but i feel maxing E first helps clear jungle faster and help in team fights more.
another option is grabbing your Q level 4 or 5 but i find that by level 3 i am ready with both buffs to gank and your q is a must for ganks
*remember to pop your W before you use E as it will give you a large def increase adding more damage.
once you hit level 6 you should be ready to gank any side at any time

Smite? if your questioning this as a jungler then stop reading now
flash? this is what i prefer, either to escape through walls or to surprise through a wall or catch up to someone to pop your Q to slow

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how to jungle and gank

My starting order is
Blue Buff, Wolves, Wraiths, Red buff, golums. (you may choose to do red after golums).
With a leash on blue you will have no problem doing all of these without having to heal.
AT THE START give your passive time to reset between groups (this may require waiting 1-3 seconds but is well worth it).
*any time blue is up grab it, anytime you see the enemy jungler ganking away from there blue or you are near theres grab it if it is there (warding the enemy blue never hurts)
malphite can be mana dependent so watch how much you have.
after your first run through the jungle and your item you have the choice to gank or continue through your jungle. either ask your team or look and see if any of them are pushed to there turret. if they are smart and last hitting you are usually open for a gank.
once level 6 hits you are open to gank most champions that are mid way between your turret and there own. W to increase damage, R onto them, E to damage them, than Q to slow them down. if this is done fast enough you should be Q'ing them when they land from knockup and be slow to run. if you are new to ganking it will not always seem the easiest or your timing may be off, but if you keep aware of the map you should be fine.

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Some what of a Summary

things to remember on malphite~ blue buff is your friend, watch your mana at start. if you are the tank roll remember this for late game when you will be filling in this roll and be front and center in team fights.

i am 100% sure i missed some things and will update or change as time goes on. but this is my malphite carry jungler tank ( ;) ) in a nut shell. if you have either not used malphite or not jungled and your interested in either, i suggest giving this a try!