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Humor Guide by President KJU

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League of Legends Build Guide Author President KJU

How to win at LoL by KJU

President KJU Last updated on April 16, 2014
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1. Champion Pool

2. Mechanics

3. Matchups

4. Summoner Spells

5. Gameplay

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Hi guys! Today I will be teaching you how to win at this game!
My name is President KJU, AKA: Prophet, AKA: Jerry
Here is my Lolking: Name might be different, is a glitch
I am currently Challenger 567LP, and I think I have mechanically become perfect.
I main TF, Akali, and other troll champions, but even though I feed every game, I am still pro.
If you want to "increase your skill with money" I recommend sponsored by Daniel Kwon

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1. Champion Pool

The most important part of winning in league of legends is picking the right champions.
Now I know the game is all about variety and interchangebility, but if you only play 1 or 2 champs
you get good at those right?
You must select carefully from the great pool that League of Legends has to offer, but there are only 2
that will guarantee you challenger
Now all other champions are trash except TF and Akali, and they are the only champions you should ever play,
should you want to win and beat trash noobs.
You know why? Just cause
TF is a op mutha****a in everylane, and Akali is a nigga *****
I cannot stress enough that you have to only play TF or Akali or you will 100% feed so don't try
anything silly ******s.
That being said, I endorse all other champions being played cause I need someone else to **** on with TF and Akali
otherwise it would be ****.

Pros and Cons



+ His Wild Cards is a long range skill that can be used to poke targets from long range.

+ Pick A Card He have more than 1 CC in a single skill AoE or Single target.

+ Great in Lane because of his Mana Sustain with Blue Card.

+ Can control the map with his ultimate Destiny.

+ Has the rarest skin in the League (Pax TF).

+ Best Champion in the League


- Starts with low base movement speed.

- Needs a lot of farm to be affective.

- Squishy in the first 8 minutes.

- Noob ****s are **** at him


+ Burst Damage

+ Can escape easily with Twilight Shroud & Shadow Dance.

+ Can be picked when somone else gets TF

+ Attack animations allow you to farm easily.

+ High sustain.

+ Snowballs if doing well.

+ Uses energy instead of mana.

- Easy to learn, hard to master.

- Many counters.

- Item dependent.

- Crowd control rapes Akali.

- Undoubtedly squishy.

- Weak lane phase before 6.

- Items such as Vision Wards cripple her.

Summary: Akali good TF good, everyone else ****, but there has to be some trash to kill

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Mechanics are extremely important when it comes to learning how to play Twisted Fate and Akali.
I personally believe they are the two hardest champions in the League, which makes them so good.
TF can be played in every lane, and I make a point of this by only playing TF
When I can't play TF, I play Akali cause Akali is like Jews to the Nazis with TF as Hitler.
Their skill sets are impossible to master, unless you are me, but you can learn them very well.

First Mechanic you need to learn as TF is that of last hitting
You must spam your keys to get last hits, but since you are TF you just spam Q and rape minions

Second Mechanic is being trash, you bait the team into theinking you will feed, then actually feed to outplay them

Third Mechanic is very hard to master, the art of AFK. When you are feeding and your team is abusing just say
"*** u im afk" and do not touch League of Legends for the rest of the game.
Feel free to move your champion every few minutes to stop afk buster and outplay the noob Riot system.


Akali is a very mechanically hard champion and has 3 main mechanics you need to master

Firstly, you must remember to use your abilities when hitting someone they help a lot
Secondly, your ult has a cooldown so remember that
Thirdly, you have to remember everyone else is trash so you must dive their tower at level 1 because they are
too trash to do anything to respond as a result of the aforementioned trashness.

If your teammates rage at you any of the following:
"*** u noob akali"
"bronze wtf"
"stop feeding"

or any other variations, don't worry, this is actually code to tell you, you are doing very well

FINALLY, don't forget that if you kill people you get gold, and you can buy items

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3. Lane Matchups

Now when you are playing Twisted Fate, there are certain times you must understand your limits and don't
do stupid ****, regardless of how op TF is.

Here is the what you should do if you are against:


Fizz: AFK
Diana: AFK
Ahri: AFK
Leblanc: AFK
Kassadin: AFK
Akali: AFK
Zed: AFK
Kha'zix: AFK

Pretty much anything else just tower dive at level 1 and secure cash and the *****es


Even though you shouldn't be picking Akali in the first place unless TF is taken away here is the matchups:

Lee Sin: AFK

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4. Summoner Spells

This doesn't need to be discussed only viable spells are:

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5. Gameplay

Some people may tell you these champs are noob champs but as long as you don't feed its all g


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