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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by animorte

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League of Legends Build Guide Author animorte

Hp needs a nerf

animorte Last updated on July 16, 2012
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Hi, I am Animorte! :)

This was inspired by a thread I recently came across. It was a rather amusing statement to make. Thank you, cooper56.

I hope you enjoy the statistics I have set up for you. I had fun experimenting and writing this. You could also try it in an actual game (surprisingly, it actually works), though this is not even a remotely serious idea (or is it?). If you do, let me know how it went! :P

If you are looking for a jungle route, tips on how to play this champion, counter-picks for/against him, or solo laning, I do not provide that here (though one day I might). You can find all of those things and more right here. :)

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The purpose

The point of this is to show you how powerful I suppose health can be. I have chosen a champion that can utilize the health while still achieving what most people go for with Dr. Mundo.

I have focused on getting as much effective health with all of the mastery, rune, summoner's, and items while still having his well-known utility. He still has magic resistance, armor, and attack speed while getting as much health as possible.

Before we get started, light green refers to flat health and dark green refers to any kind of healing/regeneration.

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Level 1

Mundo has some of the best passive sustain in the entire game. This is because of his passive, Adrenaline Rush.

Let's begin

with everything that gives him health. Prepare to be amazed.

1st: his base health is 433 (+89/level) = 522
That is a high base health compared to most champions as it is.

2nd: masteries have Durability (+6 health), Veteran's Scars (+30 health), Juggernaut (+3% health) = 36 + 3%

3rd: flat health runes give us quite a lot Greater Glyph of Health (+24.03 health), Greater Mark of Health (+31.23), Greater Seal of Health (+48.15 health), Greater Quintessence of Health (+78 health) = 181.41

4th: our starting item Ruby Crystal (+180 health) = 180

5th: we have summoner Heal (+100 health returned) and Summoner's Resolve (+10% to heal) = 110

6th: finally, the passive Adrenaline Rush (+.3% health each second) = 1.5% Hp5

Let's add

all this together to receive our health stats at level one.

522 + 36 + 181.41 + 180 = 919.41 * 3% (.03) = 946.9923

Now we can use his passive to figure out exactly how much health he regenerates each second.

946.9923 * .3% (.003) = 2.8409769 health each second + 110 flat hp = 14.2048845 Hp5 + 110


these are just his level one stats. Now imagine going in your lane against somebody that has twice your health at level one. The regeneration makes harrassing seem almost useless. Or imagine somebody charging out of the jungle at you for an early gank with twice your health. "Hide under your turret? Fine by me."

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Level 18

Here I am going to do the same math, just at max level, max stacks.

1st: your base health is 433 (+89/level) = 2035

2nd: masteries give you Durability (+108 health), Veteran's Scars (+30 health), Juggernaut (+3% health) = 138 + 3%

3rd: same thing from runes = 181.41
You could have all vitality runes (Hp/level), but the focus here in this guide is level one scariness.

4th: your items Leviathan (+820 health), Warmog's Armor (+1270 health) (+40 Hp5), Spirit Visage (+250 health) (+15% heal/regen) = 2340 + 40 Hp5

5th: we have summoner Heal (+570 health returned) and Summoner's Resolve (+10% to heal) = 627

6th: is your passive Adrenaline Rush (+.3% health each second) = 1.5% Hp5

7th: is your ultimate Sadism (+60% maximum health) = 2816.646

Let's add

everything together to receive our health stats at level eighteen.

2035 + 138 + 181.41 + 2340 = 4694.41 * 3% (.03) = 4835.2423

Now we can use his passive to figure out exactly how much health he regenerates each second. This includes summoner heal, his ultimate, and the passive from Spirit Visage to increase it all.

4835.2423 * .3% (.003) = 14.5057269 health each second + 40 Hp5 + 627 flat hp + 2816.646 = (112.5286345 Hp5 + 3443.646) * 15% = 129.407929675 Hp5 + 3960.1929

If you would like to add Elixir of Fortitude, you get this included = 257.5 + 12.9375 Hp5

Does that look overpowered to you? I don't really think so, but being able to regenerate that much makes poking and kiting tactics seem somewhat invaluable. HP is OP. "Got true damage? Bring it."

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If you have come this far, I now know that you have as much of a life as I do or genuinely care about me. Either way, I thank you so very much! :'D

You can take this seriously or as a joke. Either way, in reality, it can be useful in certain situations. Just keep in mind that health is the only thing that actually counters true damage (and shields, I suppose). The build is effective on other champions that utilize health effectively, such as Volibear and Shen. I can do the statisics for them as well, if you would like...? The main reason I chose Dr. Mundo is because of his passive Adrenaline Rush

Continue at your own risk!

Though this is not recommended, you can try the build out in a few games. Witnessing peoples' reactions when you have twice their health from the start is priceless. If you look around, you might actually notice a lot of the top rated guides using some of the same ideas, just not quite as dedicated to the level one.

I dare you to try this and just see how it goes. It can be quite amusing as a troll idea, until you find that it can actually be effective. All of a sudden, you get a new perspective on life. Enjoy!

Again, I thank cooper56 for this unintentional idea. Have a nice day. :)