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Tristana Build Guide by Keroc

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Keroc

Hybrid Destruction

Keroc Last updated on August 26, 2011
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In all honesty I love playing Tristana, but I always found it difficult to get a real AD build going and would lack major damage early game and have a tough time getting kills. While AP on the other hand is also nice but it starts to lose damage as late game starts and the cooldowns on Tristanas abilities are a bit too long. So I figured it would be a good idea to build hybrid to get good damage early and mid game and also while lasting late game as well.

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I went took utility because it gives a lot of cooldown reduction and a speed buff since we all know Tristana needs, considering she only walks a sluggish 300. I also take a few points into offensive for more cooldown reduction and some ability power plus the exhaust buff.

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I went and got some straight up Magic Penetration marks to help you get more damage out of your spells which is more focused than attack damage. Then I built seals of clarity to help with the mana issues Tristana has since she has a very small mana pool. The seals should help out with harassing and keep you in lane longer. For my glyphs I built Glyphs of Celerity for late game cooldowns which gets your spells out sooner since Tristana has some long cooldowns.

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Summoner Spells

I went for Exhaust and Ignite as my main two spells. The reason for Ignite is to not only help get first blood but to stop those major healers like Dr.Mundo, Soraka, Vlad, and etc. from healing. It also guarantees kills to ignite then Buster Shot when they are almost dead. I got Exhaust to help me escape and get even farther from those pesky melee attackers like Tryndamere and Xin Zhao. It also keeps them from killing you as quickly if you plan on playing one on one against them.

Other Summoner Spells can be Ghost, Flash, or Teleport. Ghost can be useful to get away most of the time, but against melee attackers like tryndamere you can't really counter them and when they catch up you just get hacked to pieces. I wouldn't take Flash either but I can't say it hasn't saved me after a buster shot rocket jump and flash over walls for those persistent chasers like Akali. Personally I would leave Teleport to the tanks because you shouldnt be defending any towers at all, but it could be useful for backdooring turrets when the coast is clear.

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Basic playstyle.

Early Game you want to pick up your doran's blade and just farm as much as possible to get your next few items. Always feel free to harass with your explosive shot whenever someone gets close. It's also really useful to use it on someone healing up using a health potion or maybe just a passive because explosive shot also reduces healing done so don't forget to use it!

Around mid game you should have your Guinsoo's and should be using your Rapid Fire to get the procs off quicker during fights, you should still farm when you can but always try to stay somewhat in the back during team fights. It's also important to get in as many explosive shots on their carry to get them moderately low before the actual fight starts which will give you a serious advantage.

Late game you should be finishing up your Trinity Force and everyone is pretty much terrified and might have had some surrender votes already. All you need left is your Infinity Edge and you will be eating everything in your path 1v1.

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Never initiate, even if no one else will. It isn't your job, it is the tanks job. If you jump in squishy as you are you will get eaten in no time. Just chill back and wait for the action to start and just shoot off your explosive shot and flip on rapid fire.

It's usually best to wait to use rocket jump for those narrow escapes. I don't normally start a combo with rocket jump because when I do I usually end up finding I could have gotten away if I hadn't used it earlier.

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Good job you are probably destroyed the other team. Sorry if I may have been vague on a few things, This is my first ever build or guide but I may make more unless this fails miserably. Please leave your comments and suggestions below and I will make sure to add any other useful tidbits of information.