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Kassadin Build Guide by Durpy Durp Durp

Hybrid Kass: Don't try this at home

Hybrid Kass: Don't try this at home

Updated on September 26, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Durpy Durp Durp Build Guide By Durpy Durp Durp 1,985 Views 0 Comments
1,985 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Durpy Durp Durp Kassadin Build Guide By Durpy Durp Durp Updated on September 26, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite



Hello everyone I am Durpy Durp Durp, and I am an alcoholic... Kidding... Hey, welcome to my sexy hybrid Kass build, before you use this I need to warn you this is a build for people that play Kass a lot and are good at moving around team fights and whatnot with him. This is a way to build Kass to make him impossible to 1v1, IMPOSSIBLE.
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Amazing Silence
Great slow
Best ulti ever(Non-stop flashes)
Impossibly hard to kill
Juking to the max
Very High dmg
An AP Assassin
Dat Passive
Sick Pre-void skin
Sounds like a boss
Rage Central

Super Mana heavy(Get blue at all times)
not that tanky
More or less a learning curve
Stuns hurt, a lot
Banshees veil can be annoying, hybrid counters that well
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Yes, I go double stackables, no, I am not a noob for recommending them. The reason I go double stackables is because they are cheap and if you know how to play kass, which you should to be using this guide, then getting 20 stacks should be easy peasy. I normally roll with the hp pot amplifying tome at the start, quickly moving into a mejais. After mejais I get my level 1 boots and then a sword of the occult. Once finished move into sorc shoes then quickly into a hextech. After you complete a gunblade you will do tons of damage, have 2 insane slows, and never die.

You will not need attack speed items other then your quinsoos seeing that your passive will max out your attack speed(lol)

Do not sell your mejais or sword of the occult seeing you will have full stacks with them making your AP and AD massive, the reason I have a ton of items at the end is because you can go many different ways with your items. The deathcap will give you a sick boost in damage overall but will leave you squishy, the triforce is expensive but will give you more of everything good, and a nice proc, the lich bane is a cheaper and just as awesome version of the lich, however you will be less tanky with it, have less move, an no phage procs. the Double hextech will just give you a massive increas in base stats, but not as much o a nuke, choose it if you just want that increased damage over an extensive time.

you could get other items depending on the game, banshees is always good, Rod of Ages can always help, and more, your discretion.
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I am not going to go to in-depth seeing this is for more of a veteran Kass player, but I will add a video once I get it onto my youtube channel here

Thanks for reading my build, have fun, I did.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Durpy Durp Durp
Durpy Durp Durp Kassadin Guide
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Hybrid Kass: Don't try this at home

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