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Kayle Build Guide by Dark Gilbert

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dark Gilbert

Hybrid Kayle - Crazy Dps

Dark Gilbert Last updated on December 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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When i first started playing this champ, I did not know any good ways to play or to build. Then as i looked for some builds i noticed that a lot of them were AP or support or tank. I really really liked righteous fury though, so i though to myself, "hmmm, how can i build?"

As i was playing a game with Kayle, i noticed my cooldowns took a while, and i loved my abilities, so there was one focus. I definitely needed AP as it stacks well with her, and then lastly i decided...hey why not speed up her attack speed to see if she shreds through enemy health? (also added a bit of ad and mana for good measure) and voila! The build worked like a charm. She is really a viable hybrid dps option! I had a lot of fun playing Kayle with this build so i just kept playing and playing and having more and more fun! I do not think it is the best or nearly close to that, but for what it is, it works very very well and is a whole bunch of fun to play!

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Intro this is my first build and it is kind of rushed so forgive me if it is lackluster. Anyway, this is how I like to play Kayle. She ends up an insane source of dps from stacking AS, AP and CDR with a bit of mana and AD as well. I find these stats to be quite critical to her playstyle. If you cannot tell, it is a purely offensive build and she is meant to be played as a carry, with support elements.

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The masteries on this build are fairly flexible. The one listed is just the one I prefer, as it suits my style of play a bit better. Either is strictly offensive. You'll notice I only put down 26 points and this is for good reason. The rest is up to you. You can put it into further AP, crit, or in the utility tree, more mana per level. It is very flexible, as long as a offensive focus stays, well, the focus.

EDIT: I put the extra 4 into crit :)

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Straight up, I just build pure hp for everything. It gives me a little extra survivability early game to really get things going. Though a full set of those new combination mpen and arm pen runes would be nice to really go all out offense.

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As for the skills, righteous fury is your bread and butter. The AP buffs it up, and the AS lets you tear through anything in your way. Reckoning is the initator as far as skills go, just to let you get some more swings in b/c of the slow. Honestly, the heal is only used to speed you up for a chase or to get away...only seldom is it used to actually heal. As for the ulti, it is nice to put on someone about to die, so the enemies focus is wasted, or if you are being focused just drop it right on yourself for that extra sustain. :)

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As far as items go, these are simply the best for this build. The kages pick is for some righteous fury boost right off the bat, as the main items of the build are kind of expensive. Then pick up some berz greaves for the essential attack speed boost. Next malady will buff our two main stats, AP and AS. Next is where it gets a bit strange. Kayle is so mana dependent, that extra mana is a necessity. So pick up the glacial shroud for some much needed CDR and some mana, as well as a bit of armor for survivability. After this we build manamune, for some AD and mana, and then turn glacial shroud into frozen heart to make manamune give some awesome AD boost, as well as further reducing cooldowns and adding some more armor. Then Nashor's razor comes. Basically the same stat boosts as malady but with some added CDR. AWESOME!! Lastly, (the pick should have been sold at some point near manamune or frozen heart) i choose Tiamat for a low cost AD option with added SPLASH for righteous fury. This spot is purely customizable though. Fill it with Wits end, Warmogs, Frozen Mallet, or Guardian Angel for a bit of a defensive twinge. Or abyssal scepter for some extra magic resists AND ap

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Basically, the early stage is most important. Small harassment on enemy champs from righteous fury's splash but not too much else. Mainly work on killing creeps and getting the lane pushed, until your mana pool is big enough to branch out. (I repeat...kill creeps. Since the items are pretty expensive, work on getting a lot of gold in lane, and keep enemy champs at bay with your splash.) By then, your items should make you and unstoppable offensive force and just see how the game plays out.

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Really, this guide is not that intensive, so I am sorry about that but that is actually okay because the build is very flexible. You can do what you want with it, but it works out for me the way I have it down. Not claiming it is the best, but it is definitely not mainstream and it is a hell of a lot of fun to play!

Tell me what you think and have fun playing it!

ps...I would really really really like some feedback and would appreciate it if you would comment to say if you like it or dont like it and what you liked or didnt like. Im new to making builds so im sorry if the format is ****py, and i would rather no mean comments be made if that is possible. Thank you very much for reading this and i really hope you like it!!