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Miss Fortune Humor Guide by DuffTime

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DuffTime


DuffTime Last updated on January 17, 2012
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Hi I'm Hybrid Offtank MF~

Sooo a buddy of mine was trollin me and the guy says to me, he says, "Hey Duff, yer a regular wise guy y'know? Why, you make an Offtank outta anything, you build a Warmogg's on whatever you damn well please eh? Where do ya get off doin' that?"

Well I looks to him and I says to the guy, I says, "You start talkin' like that and I'm gonna have to prove you right bub."

And he looks to me with these big 'ole eyes and the guy says to me he says, "Duff, you 'ole rascal, next thing you know you're gonna be tellin me that Warmogg's MF is OP Duff, I know you, you're a crazy 'ole waffle head you are!"

Well long story short I carried that 'ole bub I did, put him right onto MF's wide back and carried him I did.

50/1/0, an' the only time I died was becos I stole Baron and got a penta kill I did. Revive Karthus unfortunately... Not even Hybrid MF can win. :(

True story wise guy~

Aaaaanyway wise guy, I'ma show YOU, why Hybrid MF is the real deal BUB, the REAL DEAL~

Guide Top

You want ults? I got ya ults right here bub...

Yeah wise guy, Hybrid MF Offtank, each wave of ult will deal 277 potential damage~ 8 waves total~ For a total of 2216 Damage~

Now I'm no genius but if you take 2216 and do that on 5 bad guys, then you're a wise guy!

That's 11080 damage bub! 11080 damage! Obviously if you don't average 2 penta kills a game, you're probably not cut out for this stuff bub!

True story!

Guide Top

Now listen close bub.

You've got a rageblade. You know what that is?

That's a one way ticket to a killing spree, absolutely free of Charge. What you say, you don't believe me? Look at the facts wise guy...

Impure shot's, 14+19 from your AP, you've got a nice little 33 damage right there.

Oh, look at that, we have 4k HP, did I forgot to mention that you've got Atma's bub? That's gonna be 229 AD in the bag. Now when you have that Green pot on, don't come cryin' to ME when you get an ace pentakill and you wanna tell me yer sorry wise guy.

Guide Top

Okay Wise guy?

Do ya GET IT now?

11080 damage ultimates! 33 free Damage per attack! 4k HP! Attack speed all over the place! 613 damage Make it rain! Those kinda numbers'd make the gentleman's club look like hurricane Katarina!

... To mess this one up you'd have to be a grade A knuckle head bub...

Anyway, so I says to the guy, I says, "Listen up bubba... You better learn to show some respect. If I ever find you on the other team I'm gonna lock in MF and I'm gonna show you the Hybrid Offtank MF bub... Just you wait."

Needless to say, wiseguy wised up and went on his own way.

True story!

Guide Top

True story.

All of it, really happened, I can guarantee none of that was fabricated bub.

Wait, what? You don't believe me..?

Oh brother... If you don't learn to show some respect I'm gonna replace that Rabadon's with my foot in yer mouth and show you what a REAL OffTank Hybrid MF feels like wiseguy...

Now go on~ Get outta here bub...


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